Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 208


Lin Qiao showed up on the roof of a tall building and sat on the edge, her legs swaying in the air. A few people were standing behind her.

Xie Dong, Lu Tianyi, Kong Qingming and Huang Shou were all let out of her space.

She was reading a map while glancing down at the road signs. The group of people had also been searching for the Planning Bureau on a map.

“We’ve searched this area, but didn’t find it,” Kong Qingming crossed the area that they had passed just now.Then, the group of people raised their heads to look at Lin Qiao and asked, “Where do we go next?”

Lin Qiao turned back and glanced at them, then reached out a hand to point at the area on the map which was next to the cross and near Lower City District.

That was their next destination.

“This way? There’s a park.”

“What park? There’re quite a few parks along this road.”

“Whatever it is, just stay away from it.”

Lin Qiao turned back to look at her own map. Some mutant creatures might exist in the West Lake, not to mention the fact that the lake was surrounded by parks.

‘Maybe I can find some mutant plants and get Viney a few plant energy nuclei,’ she thought.

Right at that moment, she suddenly raised her head and stood up, facing the Upper City District.

“What happened?” Seeing that, one of the others asked with surprise.

Lin Qiao had her back toward them. She took off her sunglasses and slightly narrowed her eyes as she kept gazing in that direction.Then, she saw two spheres of purple energy moving toward her one after another, at a rather high speed.

Then, she opened her eyes and put on the sunglasses.

Lu Tianyi, Kong Qingming and Huang Shou had been staring at the lower part of the back of Lin Qiao’s head, and found that the area was bald. The hat covered the top of her head, but not where they were looking.

‘Why doesn’t she have hair?’ They wondered.

Before noticing that bald area, Lu Tianyi and Kong Qingming thought that Lin Qiao’s hair was hiding in her hat. However, after some observation, they found no hair from the edge of Lin Qiao’s hat. If she had covered her hair with the hat, at least some hair would be seen from the edge.

But now, they found that Lin Qiao seemed to be bald. Did she cut her hair short? Did she shave the lower part of her head?

At that moment, Lin Qiao suddenly turned back and leaped off the handrail. After that, she grabbed Lu Tianyi with a hand and Kong Qingming with the other. Next, the three of them disappeared together.

A moment later, Lin Qiao showed up alone.

“What happened?” Huang Shou, who was left outside, asked with confusion.

“It’shere” Lin Qiao glanced back at the Upper City District and said.Then, she grabbed Huang Shou and Xie Dong, bringing them into her space as well.

“What’s here?” In the space, Huang Shou asked.The others were looking at Lin Qiao with curiosity as well.

Lin Qiao picked up the clipboard and wrote’The zombie king from Upper City District.’

“No way! How did it find out that we’re in the West Lake!” Reading that, the others were all shocked.Lin Qiao continued writing’I don’t know if it’s here for us. But, it’s coming this way indeed.’

She didn’t tell the group of people that apart from the zombie king, another creature was coming toward this area as well.

What was that? Its energy was also purple in color, and seemed to be even stronger than the zombie king’s.

Moreover, Lin Qiao found the slightly stronger energy a little familiar; she should have had sensed it before.

She turned back to glance at the group of people. After she lured them to eat the strawberries, they picked some potatoes and pumpkins, and boiled them with the pot on the stove by the lake.

Then, they all stuffed their stomachs.

It seemed that they all intended to fill their stomachs even if they had to die.Lin Qiao believed that they were all thinking that way.

They were afraid that they might be infected by the virus contained in the strawberry and turn into zombies, but couldn’t beat the hunger and the desire of eating.

She closed her eyes and flashed out of the space in the invisible state. Then, she stood on the same spot on the roof and opened her eyes to look in that direction.

Soon, she saw a dark and tall figure rushing over.

It was the zombie king, but looked not quite the same as before. Earlier on, it was covered in sticky blood with its muscles exposed; but now, its color had become dark-red, and it had the smell of burnt food around it.

It didn’t look good; it seemed to be running in haste, focusing on the creature behind it.

Lin Qiao squatted on the roof and put her arms around her knees while looking at the approaching zombie king with curiosity, who was followed by a great number of ordinary zombies.

Lin Qiao saw a few level-five zombies swiftly hop onto the nearby buildings and launch attacks with superpowers, along with a lot of level-four zombies.They were all attacking the powerful being which was chasing behind the zombie king.

Lin Qiao had a familiar feeling from this creature, but she just couldn’t pinpoint it.

“Roar!” The zombie king uttered a great roar, following which, the surrounding ordinary zombies immediately crowded toward that man.

Yes, Lin Qiao had already sensed that the creature was a man, a very powerful man. She also sensed his familiar power, and the familiar lightning bolts.

‘Isn’t that the little one’s father? No wonder I felt familiar when he was still far away. I’ve suffered his lightning, so how can I forget?’ She thought.

No wonder the zombie king was running. There was indeed a power difference between a level-seven superpowered human being and a level-six zombie king.

Wu Chengyue easily defended himself from the attacks of those level-four and five zombies. He wasn’t slowed down by those lower level zombies at all, and soon caught up with the zombie king.

“Roar!” As Wu Chengyue got closer and closer, the zombie king was agitated.Meanwhile, three level-five zombies were following behind the zombie king. As their attacks had failed to harm Wu Chengyue, they suddenly climbed onto a roof and dove down toward him under the orders of the zombie king.

Their superpowers didn’t work, so they were prepared to start a close combat against him.

On the other side, Lin Qiao watched these zombies quickly hop onto the building and risk their own lives to charge at Wu Chengyue with great interest.

Wu Chengyue released a series of lightning balls which each hit a zombie. However, more and more zombies emerged constantly.

While leaping onto one roof from another, Wu Chengyue glanced down at the zombie crowd, then carelessly swung an arm toward the zombie king which was hundreds of meters away. With that, a giant bolt of lightning struck right at the zombie king.

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