Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 207


Wu Chengyue only had the time to take one peek before stepping back and swinging an arm down. Following his movement, a thigh-thick purple lightning bolt fell from the sky.

Wu Chengyue only brought down one bolt of lightning, but it accurately and suddenly fell toward the head of the zombie king, which was charging at him.

The zombie king raised its head to find the lightning bolt coming at its head, so it uttered a raging roar, flipped in the air, then magically moved toward another direction.


The zombie king landed on a nearby building, its claws leaving deep scratches on the building. Then, it suddenly thrust its legs against the building and pounced on Wu Chengyue again.


The zombie king was so swift that it darted up behind Wu Chengyue within a moment and swung its claws at him along with a wave of lightning.Following its movement, the lightning bolts released from its arms coiled into a giant claw, striking at him.

Wu Chengyue swung his arms toward the zombie king while drawing back, and threw a lightning bolt at it.The zombie king didn’t dodge, but let his lightning land on its body as it insisted on attacking him with the lightning claw.

A series of thunder was heard as the zombie king brought down a massive wave of thunderbolts that struck out destructively; both Wu Chengyue and the zombie king were in the coverage of this wave of thigh-thick lightning bolts.

Wu Chengyue’s face turned dark. He hurriedly flipped in the air and landed on the zombie crowd, then stepped on zombie heads as he leaped to the side.

The ordinary zombies under his feet sensed his vibe and raised their hands to reach at him, but before that, he was already on another spot.

He hopped like that into a balcony and quickly hid in that building.

The zombie king suffered Wu Chengyue’s lightning bolt, but still, it darted out of the dense smoke while seeming perfectly unharmed.

However, its bloody body had turned black.

That barely affected the zombie king, only making it uglier.

At that time, Wu Chengyue suddenly showed up on the roof of another building and swung both arms. Following his moves, a few thick bolts of lightning descended toward the zombie king.

They had the same type of power. Even as a level-seven, Wu Chengyue seemed to be falling into a disadvantage as the zombie king was chasing behind him and attacking endlessly.

But in fact, he could always easily dodge the zombie king’s attack.

At the moment, a series of lightning bolts fell onto the zombie king one after another. It slightly raised its head to glance at them, then carelessly charged at Wu Chengyue.

But soon, a lightning bolt slightly turned in the air and continued striking at the zombie king.And following the first lightning bolt, the second and third turned as well.

The zombie king which suddenly sensed danger turned back and swung its arms to send out a few lighting claws, colliding against Wu Chengyue’s lightning.

Crack! Boom! Rumble!

Soon enough, the lightning claws were dissipated by Wu Chengyue’s series of lightning bolts.

Wu Chengyue now realized that the zombie king’s attacks were powerful, but were launched randomly without any plan.Fighting this way was highly energy-consuming, and this fighting style was rather easy to deal with.

As the zombie king turned back to defend itself from Wu Chengyue’s lightning bolts, he suddenly raised both hands toward it with his fingers crooked and palms facing each other, as if holding the zombie king in his hands.

After that, a lightning sphere slowly emerged around the zombie king and wrapped it up.

“Roar!” The zombie king’s lightning claws only affected the first bolt of lightning, but failed to hold off the rest.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

After the zombie king suffered the series of lightning bolts, Wu Chengyue’s lightning sphere was done.

The series of lightning bolts made the zombie king pause a little. It thought that those lightning bolts of Wu Chengyue were as powerful as the first one, and could scarcely hurt it. But to its surprise, the series of lightning bolts were more powerful than the first one by multiple times.

Because of the zombie king’s carelessness, Wu Chengyue’s lightning bolts struck right on its head.

Watching the smoky zombie king falling off the building, Wu Chengyue raised both hands once again. Following his move, the lightning sphere shrank and fell along with it.


The zombie king smashed into the zombie crowd along with the lightning sphere and black smoke, killing a few ordinary zombies.

“RoarRoaroar” However, it soon struggled back up, then roared thunderously towards the sky.

“Roarrrrrr!” Following its rumbling roars, the zombie crowd was instantly agitated, and burst in roars as well.Next, all of them began rushing toward Wu Chengyue’s building, climbing up.

“Roar! Roar! Roar!” The zombie king struggled and screamed within the lightning sphere while the surrounding ordinary zombies went crazy. They stepped on each other’s shoulders and heads, climbing up as fast as they could.

Wu Chengyue glanced at those zombies which were climbing up like ants, then turned and disappeared.At that moment, the zombie king suddenly uttered a raging growl.

In the next moment, the lightning sphere which had already wrapped around its body was suddenly shattered by it with pure energy, and it sprung out swiftly. This time, it wasn’t darting toward Wu Chengyue, but toward another direction and at a higher speed.

Just like that, it disappeared within a blink of an eye.

Wu Chengyue smilingly narrowed his eyes, then quickly followed it.

‘Run? How can that be easy? I’m here for you.’

The zombie king was fleeing toward the West Lake District.

At that point, Lin Qiao had arrived at West Lake District, and was searching for the maps she needed in all bookstores she could find. She had to at least find a map of West Lake District. Otherwise, she wouldn’t know which way to go even though she had learned that the Planning Bureau was located in this district.

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