Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 206


The group of people immediately turned their eyes from Huang Shou to Lu Tianyi.

Lu Tianyi puzzled at first, then gave a faint smile and said, “These are delicious, sweet, and refreshing. If you don’t mind that they’re mutant, you can just eat.”

At that moment, Huang Shou had already taken a bite of the strawberry and carefully chewed it. He found that it really tasted not bad, so after finishing the first bite quickly, he took another bite.

As Huang Shou started eating, the others each took a strawberry and put in their mouths.Seeing that, Lin Qiao walked to Xie Dong and took over the clipboard from his hands, then wrote down a line.

‘Does any one of you know which district the Planning Bureau of Hangzhou City is located in?’

She first showed it to Xie Dong, but the latter shook his head.

Lin Qiao sighed, thinking if only she could still search online with a cellphone or a computer. Without internet, a detailed map, or GPS, what could she do?

She turned to face the clipboard to the group of people who were eating strawberries, then knocked it with the pen to make some noise.Hearing the noise, the others instantly turned to her.

“Planning Bureau? Why are you going there?”

‘Does anyone know?’Lin Qiao wrote.

The group of people shook their heads. None of them were from Hangzhou City, so they didn’t know about the locations of the government departments.

Lin Qiao sighed disappointedly, then threw the clipboard toward Xie Dong.

At that point, Kong Qingming who had been staring at her the whole time said, “West Lake DistrictBut, you’ll have to find out the specific location yourself.”

Lin Qiao turned and looked at him.West Lake District? Didn’t they come from that area?

“I remember hearing that from a friend,” said Kong Qingming.

Lin Qiao rubbed her chin. So, they needed to return to the West Lake District to find the Planning Bureau. She wondered if she could still find the files she needed. Hopefully, those files weren’t damaged.

With these thoughts, she turned to Xie Dong and nodded, who understood her meaning and wrote, ‘We’re heading to West Lake District now. By the time we have found what we need, you’ll have recovered. You should wait until your powers are back before leaving.’

Lu Tianyi glanced at Lin Qiao. In fact, he still had so many questions to ask her.However, she didn’t give him any time but turned and left. Then, she stood on the roof, looking down at the zombie crowd. She now had no choice but to make another trip to the West Lake District.

She knew that Kong Qingming wasn’t lying, because she could sense it.

At that moment, Wu Chengyue and his people found something strange once they entered the Binjiang District from Qiaoshan District.

The surrounding ordinary zombies were all moving toward the Upper City District. And strangely, those zombies all ignored their motorcade. Their vehicles were firmly armed, but they should still have attracted the attention of lots of zombies.

However, this time, all those zombies neglected them, only shambling toward the Upper City District.

Wu Chengyue was going to that area as well.

He ordered the motorcade to stop on a road between Binjing District and Upper City Distract, then began heading to the Upper City District alone.

Xiao Yunlong and Meng Yue stayed in Binjing District, taking care of Wu Yueling while waiting for him to return.Wu Chengyue planned to kill the zombie king in the Upper City District, then come back to lead his people in and collect the supplies.

However, after entering the Upper City District, Wu Chengyue had a very strange feeling. He climbed onto a building, then looked down at the surrounding zombie crowd and found them all moving toward one direction.

Focusing his sensations toward that direction, Wu Chengyue sensed a faint thunder power, and noticed that the sky in that area was dark.Then, Wu Chengyue realized that it was what he was here for.

In the next moment, his tall and slim body flashed across the air and disappeared.When he showed up again, he was less than five-hundred meters away from the zombie king. He restrained his vibe and stood on the edge of a roof while looking down.

‘What’s going on?’ He wondered as he saw a massive crowd of zombies, and waves of thunderbolts falling from the sky five-hundred meters away.

“Roar! Roar! Roarrrr!” Zombie roars were heard from everywhere.

Wu Chengyue’s handsome face wore a confused look while he moved forward for about two-hundred meters.He was confused because all those ordinary zombies seemed to be summoned, and he couldn’t figure out why the zombie king would suddenly summon so many ordinary zombies.

The closer he got, the denser the zombie crowd got, and the lower the zombie roars turned.

He had sensed the violent vibe of the zombie king and faintly felt a great pressure. Even as a level-seven superpowered human being, he felt a little oppressed.He was sure that the zombie king was under the falling lightning bolts. However, he didn’t understand why it was so angry.

‘I really shouldn’t be here now. I guess the zombie king is pissed off by someone or something.’ While thinking, he continued approaching the zombie king.

At the distance of about two hundred meters, he stopped on the roof of a tall building, took out a telescope, and looked at the area with lightning bolts through it.

At that moment, he was surprised by what he sawan over two-meters-tall figure was dashing about on that road. Its body was covered in blood, as if its skin had been peeled off. He saw its dark-purple muscles and the bones on its back.

Its head was bloody too, such that Wu Chengyue couldn’t see its face clearly, save for a pair of purple eyes filled with ferocity. Its teeth were bared, and it was roaring ragingly.

The zombie king seemed to be in a fury.

Whoever offended it now would either be struck into ashes by lightning bolts or torn into pieces by it.

Wu Chengyue watched the zombie king bump into buildings like a mad bull. It rushed into a store, then broke out of the window and darted into the building next door; after that, it leaped down from a balcony. It seemed that it was searching for something.

Sometimes, it would leap through the roofs.

‘Is the zombie king on drugs? Why is it so furious?’ Wu Chengyue thought.

As he was observing the zombie king through the telescope, the zombie king suddenly paused. In the next moment, it turned back and looked at him straight in the eyes.

‘No! He found me!’

Wu Chengyue put down the telescope as he glanced at the zombie king with a serious look, then turned back and fled hurriedly.

As he landed on the roof of a building twenty meters away, the first building was flattened by a few thigh-thick lightning bolts, along with a series of rumbling sound.

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