War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens Chapter 1419

“How shabby Look at that tattered bow! I think it’s not even a Human Rank Primitive Saint Weapon. Looks like you’re not valued by Junior Uncle Fang Hui at all.” Zhou Qi smirked mockingly when his gaze landed on the Sun Shooting Bow in Duan Ling Tian’s hand.

He smirked and glanced at Duan Ling Tian disdainfully. After that, he no longer had the mood to bother with Duan Ling Tian and the other three. He turned around and looked at Su Qi instead. “Su Qi, have you thought about it?”

Duan Ling Tian sighed in relief inwardly.

For a moment, he thought Zhou Qi had seen through the Sun Shooting Bow in his hand and wanted to snatch it away from him. His heart at that moment was beating rapidly. It was only now that it was finally relaxed.

“A Martial Cultivator at the Mastery Saint Rudiment Stage is actually this strong? I feel like a powerless kid in front of him Even if I activate the Strange Pupil, I’m still no match for him at all.” Duan Ling Tian felt bitter. This Zhou Qi was absolutely the strongest enemy he had encountered thus far.

However, his gaze quickly shifted toward Su Qi again.

He was not the only one. Even Xiong Hu, Jin Yuan Bao, Ling Yun, and Fang Hui, the City Governor of Mound Hill City, had their eyes trained on Su Qi as well. It was apparent they wanted to see what kind of decision Su Qi would make.

“Su Qi, as the saying goes, ‘A man who can recognize the realities of a situation is a paragon of men’. I believe you’re a wise man.” As though he could sense Su Qi’s hesitation, Zhou Qi continued to say, “Besides, water flows downward while men endeavor to rise. This is a famous dictum that’s applicable to almost everything. If you follow Fang Hui, you won’t have a bright future! Fang Hui’s cultivation base is not even comparable to me, let alone my Master, Elder Liu Huan! My master, Elder Liu Huan, is someone at the Paramount Saint Rudiment Stage! He’s merely half a step away from entering the Saint Stage!”

Zhou Qi finished speaking in one breath.

Paramount Saint Rudiment Stage!

The moment these words left Zhou Qi’s mouth, Duan Ling Tian, Xiong Hu, Ling Yun, and Jin Yuan Bao were completely shocked. It did not cross their minds that Zhou Qi’s master would actually be at the Paramount Saint Rudiment Stage.

Such a powerful elder would most likely have a high position in the Moon Illumination Sect.

The fact was although the Moon Illumination Sect was a seventh-rate force, there were only a few Saint Stage powerhouses in the sect.

Zhou Qi’s master, Liu Huan, could be considered as being in the second echelon in Moon Illumination Sect.

As for those in the first echelon, there was no doubt they were the few Saint Stage powerhouses in Moon Illumination Sect.

“I agree!” Su Qi finally came to a decision.

“Haha Good! Good! From now on, I’ll call you Junior Brother Su Qi then!” Upon hearing Su Qi’s assent, Zhou Qi laughed out loud. His laughter was filled with delight. “Junior Brother Su Qi, congratulations! You’ve made the best decision!”

“Senior Brother Zhou Qi.” Su Qi bowed politely to pay his respect to Zhou Qi.

“Su Qi, you ungrateful bastard! You’re so treacherous!” Xiong Hu growled. He was infuriated when he saw how Su Qi had agreed to it.

“Oh?” Upon hearing that, the smile on Zhou Qi’s face disappeared immediately as he glared at Xiong Hu murderously. True Energy could be faintly seen on his body.

“He’s just like an ant. Why do you bother with him, Senior Brother Zhou Qi?” Su Qi smiled at Zhou Qi after he cast an indifferent glance at Xiong Hu.

“That’s right! He’s just an ant.” Zhou Qi smiled as well.

“You” Upon hearing Su Qi’s words, Xiong Hu became even more enraged. He was going to continue with his insults when his mouth was covered by Jin Yuan Bao who was next to him.

“Xiong Hu, don’t drag us down if you want to seek death!” Jin Yuan Bao growled in his deep voice as he glared at Xiong Hu.

Duan Ling Tian’s face had also turned glum when he looked at Su Qi.

He was very clear how his teacher, the City Governor of Mound Hill City, doted on this Su Qi For Su Qi’s sake, he even secretly look for Duan Ling Tian to ask him to not fight with Su Qi.

However, this Su Qi actually chose to betray his own master at this moment.

Duan Ling Tian could only feel rage creeping up in his chest.

“Senior Brother Zhou Qi, let’s go back to the sect I wish to pay respect to my Master as soon as I can,” Su Qi said to Zhou Qi. His tone was polite and respectful. It was very pleasing to Zhou Qi’s ears.

“There’s no rush.” Zhou Qi shook his head and smiled before turning to look at Fang Hui, the City Governor of Mound Hill City.

Fang Hui was now staring at Su Qi in disbelief as though it did not cross his mind that he would betray him. A hint of rage was beginning to appear on his face.

However, his rage quickly dissipated before he sighed. His entire person seemed to have become older by several years.

“Fang Hui, if I were you, I would’ve killed myself long ago.” Zhou Qi glanced coldly at Fang Hui with a mocking smile on his face. “Not only is your innate talent bad, but you can’t even protect your own woman! Now, the disciple that you’ve wholeheartedly trained has also betrayed you.”

Zhou Qi’s words stabbed his heart one by one.

When he finished speaking, Fang Hui was angered to the point that his body began to tremble violently, and his eyes were so wide it was almost bulging out. He could not help but throw up a few mouthfuls of blood, looking extremely wretched.

“However, I still need to thank you on behalf of my Master, Elder Liu Huan who’s also your Senior Brother Thank you for finding such an outstanding disciple for him,” Zhou Qi continued to add.

Fang Hui was so angry that his eyes turned white. As it turned out, he had passed out.

“Trash!” Zhou Qi spat out before he looked at Su Qi with a smile. “Junior Brother Su Qi, let’s go Let’s go back to the sect so you can meet and pay respect to Master.”

“Sure, I’ll do as you say, Senior Brother Zhou Qi,” Su Qi answered politely after he glanced at Fang Hui who had fainted.

“Let’s go!” Zhou Qi said in a deep voice. With a raise of his hand, he took hold of Su Qi’s shoulder and brought him flying to the distance before disappearing in the horizon back to the Moon Illumination Sect.

“Lord City Governor!”

“Big Brother!”

“Elder Huang!”

After Zhou Qi left, many people appeared immediately. They were the members of the 36 Guardians of the City Governor’s Estate of Mound Hill City, some of them were Revered Elders.

As for the maids and servants who came after hearing the news, they were stopped outside.

This was not a glorious occasion after all.

At this moment, the medicinal efficacy of the Healing Medicinal Pill demonstrated its effectiveness. Duan Ling Tian, Xiong Hu, Ling Yun, and Jin Yuan Bao were finally able to stand again. After they stood up, they immediately ran toward Fang Hui who had passed out.

Worries were clearly etched on their faces.

More than ten of the 36 Guardians and several Revered Elders had come. Each of them was looking at Duan Ling Tian with a horrified expression as they asked, “What happened actually?”

The moment they heard the commotion, they instantly made their way here. However, when they entered the gate, they saw the City Governor of their Mound Hill City, the Heavenly Leader Guardian, and another Revered Elder lying on the ground.

This scene shocked them so much, and they were frightened out of their wits.

These three people were all at the Saint Rudiment Stage!

In fact, their City Governor of Mound Hill City was at the Intermediate Saint Rudiment Stage Just one more step and he would be able to break through to the Mastery Saint Rudiment Stage. At that time, he would be able to master True Energy Consolidated Weapon’s technique.

The True Energy Consolidated Weapon was a technique that could only be mastered when one entered the Mastery Saint Rudiment Stage.

One would be able to yield an amazing result when consolidating True Energy into a Relic Phenomenon and attacking the enemy by taking them by surprise.

It was similar to the technique Zhou Qi had used to defeat Fang Hui, the City Governor of Mound Hill City. It was called the True Energy Consolidated Weapon. His Relic Phenomenon was a gigantic hammer.

When the hammer slammed down, it was with the force of a mountain.

“That ungrateful bastard Su Qi!” Xiong Hu gnashed his teeth furiously. The moment he recalled Su Qi’s betrayal, he was instantly filled with rage.

Jin Yuan Bao recounted the incident with a bitter expression on his face.

Upon hearing about Zhou Qi’s strength and how powerful Zhou Qi described Elder Liu Huan from the Moon Illumination Sect was, everybody turned silent right away.

Whether it was those tens of people from the 36 Guardians or the several Revered Elders, all of their rage was turned into a bitter smile They knew very well it was destined they would be unable to seek revenge.

The other party was an inner court disciple of the Moon Illumination Sect, the seventh-rate force above the City Governor’s Estate of Mound Hill City.

Casting aside the fact that the inner court disciple was already much stronger than their City Governor, just the elder behind that inner court disciple alone was enough to stop them from revolting.

Soon after, Fang Hui, the City Governor of Mound Hill City, finally woke up.

HIs face was horribly pale. After he had consumed a Healing Medicinal Pill and recovered a little, he ordered, “Bury the Heavenly Leader Guardian and Elder Huang properly. Other than Duan Ling Tian, Xiong Hu, Ling Yun, and Jin Yuan Bao, the rest of you can retreat.”

After Fang Hui had given out his order, only four of them were left in the huge courtyard.

“I think all of you must have a lot of questions right?” Fang Hui sighed.

Duan Ling Tian and the other three nodded.

They did indeed have questions in their heart.

Based on Zhou Qi’s tone, it seemed like he deliberately looked for trouble with Fang Hui as though he had some deep enmity between them.

“What do you think?” Fang Hui asked again.

“Master, that Zhou Qi must have some enmity with you right?” Jin Yuan Bao asked.

“Zhou Qi?” Fang Hui shook his head as his eyes gleamed coldly. “I have no enmity with Zhou Qi. He’s merely a dog Liu Han feeds that goes around randomly biting people. The person I have bad blood with is Liu Huan.”

Liu Huan!

Prior to Zhou Qi’s arrival, Duan Ling Tian and the other three would not have recognized this name even if they heard it.

Liu Huan was an elder in the Moon Illumination Sect. His cultivation base was very powerful and had entered the Paramount Saint Rudiment Stage.

“Master, that Liu Huan is at the Paramount Saint Rudiment Stage. Why is there enmity between both of you?” Xiong Hu asked.

“About this matter, I’ll have to start from when I was young” Fang Hui gradually opened his mouth and recounted the story of when he was young to Duan Ling Tian and the three others.

As it turned out, Fang Hui and Liu Huan had entered the Moon Illumination Sect in the same year. Initially, they did not bother with each other. However, they became mortal enemies in the end!

The reason they became mortal enemies was due to Fang Hui’s wife.

Fang Hui’s wife entered the Moon Illumination Sect a few years later, and both Fang Hui and Liu Huan had instantly fallen for her. In the end, Fang Hui was the one who managed to win her heart.

At that time, Liu Huan who was already an inner court disciple became furious over the matter. Relying on the fact that he was a disciple of an elder in the sect, he kidnapped Fang Hui’s wife on the night of their wedding.

After Fang Hui’s wife was raped by him, she had chosen to commit suicide.

Ever since then, Fang Hui and Liu Huan became sworn enemies and swore their enmity would not disappear until the day they died.

Unfortunately, Fang Hui’s innate talent was not as good as Liu Huan, and he did not have a powerful patron like Liu Huan Due to despair, a ‘demon’ formed in his heart and caused the progress in his cultivation to slow down.

Although Liu Huan itched to kill Fang Hui, he preferred to humiliate Fang Hui and let him live under his shadow forever.

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