Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 654

What the hell? Has someone already entered?

Xu Que was greatly surprised.

He knew that this Mystery Land opened every 100 years. Each time it only stayed open for three years. After three years, the Mystery Land would disappear with everyone inside it. However, someone was apparently in that stone house!


Xu Que summoned his Taoist Body without any hesitation!

He guessed the one in the stone house had managed to enter by bypassing the restrictive spells with certain methods. If not, this place might be haunted!


As Xu Que was considering how to get close the stone house, someone suddenly opened the wooden door!

The next moment, a woman in a Taoist robe stepped out and walked toward the wood shelf to dry the elixirs as if she didn’t sense the existence of Xu Que.

Xu Que gasped and was instantly freaked out.

This woman was too beautiful to be real. Even her baggy Taoist robe couldn’t cover her perfect hour-glass figure!

Even more shockingly, her face was extremely pretty like an illusionary image. Her skin was creamy as if she were from another world!

She reached out her jade-like hand and picked up a medicinal herb. Then, she frowned as if unsatisfied with it. When she leaned over to pick up other medicinal herbs, her baggy Taoist robe fell away from her shoulder and exposed her white skin. Faintly, Xu Que could see part of her towering bosom and the deep cleavagethey were suffocatingly attractive!

Holy sh*t! Who is this woman?

Xu Que was shocked for he had never even heard of such an amazing woman!

Only Jiang Hongyan could rival her temperament. However, Jiang Hongyan was a woman who was peaceful on the surface but quite stern in her heart. This woman was as attractive as Liu Jingning on the surface and as stern as Jiang Hongyan in her heart.

Xu Que couldn’t help but be absentminded for a while. If Jiang Hongyan was a woman that only a celestial could compare to, this woman in Taoist robes was even greater than celestials . . .

This is horrible! Xu Que thought. Women in this world are remarkableas expected. Many of them are so tempting and seductive for men. Luckily, I have a strong concentration. Others might jerk off on the spot and then lose interest in everything! He felt proud of himself.

It seemed the woman in Taoist robes had collected all the elixirs she needed. She turned around and walked toward the stone house without even a glance at Xu Que as if she didn’t know Xu Que was there.

Xu Que was shocked immediately. He was standing in a quite conspicuous position surrounded by elixirs. How could she miss a person who was standing very close to the stone house?

Could she be blind? Xu Que wondered, and then he shook his head.

This didn’t make sense. Even if he hadn’t started his cultivation, he could still sense that the woman in Taoist robes was not an ordinary person but someone with extraordinarily strong cultivation.

Therefore, even without using her eyes, she should have sensed his existence with her Soul Strength and the five senses when she was in the stone house.

Creepy! This is so creepy!

Xu Que was quite suspicious and he decided to take a closer look at the stone house.

He ordered the Taoist Body to walk in front of him. Meanwhile, he took out a Divine Escape Spell in his hand. If something went wrong, he would escape immediately.

After being in the World of Cultivators for so long, he knew he should never let his guard down no matter how beautiful a woman was!

However, when Xu Que approached the stone house, he found the wooden door, which was covered by dust, was closed tightly as if it hadn’t been opened for many years.

“Wait! What the hell?” Xu Que was stunned.

He remembered the woman in Taoist robes hadn’t closed the door when she’d entered the stone house. Moreover, the dust on the door was intact, which meant the door really hadn’t been opened for many years.

“Sh*t! Did I see a ghost just now?” Xu Que’s lips twitched slightly. He looked around suspiciously. After confirming no danger was around, he asked the Taoist Body to step toward the door.

Squeak! Without any obstruction, the Taoist Body opened the wooden door easily.

However, the next moment, a cloud of murky air gushed out from the stone house.

Xu Que was dumbfounded.

The stone house was a mess. All the furniture, which included a table and chairs, lied shattered on the ground. It seemed a fierce fight had happened in this house. An ancient pill-refining furnace was inside, which was also covered by dust like its surroundings.

This was absolutely a stone house which had been abandoned for many years. It hardly seemed someone was living in it. Also, Xu Que could see clearly that the stone house was empty. That woman in Taoist robes had just vanished.

“My Gosh! I really saw a ghost in broad daylight!” Xu Que said in surprise, but he felt an inexplicable sense of loss in his heart.

A glimpse of the woman in Taoist robes had created an indelible memory in his heart.

Her sexy curves, extremely beautiful facethe white skin exposed after her Taoist robe fell from her shoulder when she leaned down to pick up elixirs . . .

In front of this empty and shabby stone house, Xu Que came to and realized what had just happened could not have been real. According to Chuang Tzu’s dream theory, all was vanity!

“That’s why it seems so creepy. I guess I was set up by some kind of illusory art!” Xu Que felt suspicious and became more vigilant.

However, nothing happened. The stone house and the limitless elixir fields were still very quiet.

Xu Que smiled regretfully. “Forget it. Let me find the Humanoid Fruit first! It’s just a pity that amazing woman was an illusion. I really need to flirt with such a beautiful woman, one who surpasses celestials!”

But he didn’t have a lot of regret in his heart. Anyway, flirting with a girl was not something which could be forced.

After all, if the girl didn’t exist, how could the flirtation exist?

However, when Xu Que finished his exclamation and was about to leave, a magnificent pressure swept out abruptly.

The next moment, an angry but attractive voice came in, “How dare you!”


A violent gust of wind gushed out of the stone house and blew toward Xu Que with a cloud of murky dust.

“Holy shIt!”

Xu Que was shocked. He immediately ordered the Taoist Body to take him back hurriedly. Meanwhile, the Taoist Body used its hand to create a Heavenly Thunder Seal, which was then placed in front of them as a shield.


The violent wind bumped into the Heavenly Thunder Seal and caused a big bang. The entire Heavenly Thunder Seal shattered.

“How could this be?”

Xu Que was so shocked that his eyes almost popped out. This was crazy! A violent gust of wind smashed his most powerful Heavenly Thunder Seal!

Although the wind disappeared when the Heavenly Thunder Seal was smashed, the result was still unacceptable for Xu Que.

“This guy must be an extremely powerful cultivator!”

Xu Que realized he’d kicked an iron plate. This woman might even be more powerful than a cultivator at the Form Synthesis Stage!

“Senior, I mean no harm. I entered this place by mistake. I just want to ask for some Humanoid Fruit!” Xu Que explained hurriedly. He guessed that attractive voice had come from the woman in Taoist robes.

Maybe his disrespectful words had annoyed her, so she’d attacked Xu Que suddenly.

“Get out!” the voice screamed from the stone house again. This time Xu Que couldn’t feel anger in her words. He could feel only chilliness.

Xu Que raised his eyebrows for he was a little bit unhappy.

However, he realized he made a mistake first, so he had to concede. “Okay, I’ll get out as soon as I find some Humanoid Fruit!” he said, nodding his head.

“This is not a place you should remain,” the voice said, full of murderous intent. “And you can’t take away anything from this place. Get out immediately. Otherwise, you will stay here with your Taoist Body and become fertilizer for the soil in the elixir field.” The voice souned quite formidable!


Xu Que was totally terrified. This woman in Taoist robes had awesome power if she knew he had a Taoist Body!

But she was too unpleasant! She’d refused to give him a Humanoid Fruit and had even threatened him. This was outrageous!

Fine! You’re threatening me? You’ll see!

Xu Que’s face shifted as he started to smile. Then, he folded his hands. “If you say so, I’ll take leave now, senior!”

After saying that, the Taoist Body flew into the sky above the elixir field.

The next moment, the Taoist Body waved its hand. A magnificent suction force gushed out and uprooted elixir in more than half of the elixir field.


Countless precious antique elixirs were sucked into Xu Que’s System Package. Among them, Xu Que found the Humanoid Fruit, which he also bluntly took into the System.

After that, Xu Que laughed loudly and started to utter ruthless words. “Screw you, f*cking senior! How dare you pretend to be a ghost and threaten me? I’ll take the elixirs from half your field as interest first. Next time, I’ll have you get laid!”

It’s so exciting to run after acting tough!

Xu Que was very excited when his Taoist Body ignited the Divine Escape Spell.

Chi! The Divine Escape Spell was ignited, which distorted the space.

However, after a moment, Xu Que’s smile froze on his face.

The spell turned to ashes in his hand, but he was still surrounded by those familiar elixir fields! Xu Que was dumbfounded immediately.

The Divine Escape Spell . . .failed!

This spell, which is always functional, failed this time!

Now I am done! I can’t escape after acting tough . . .

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