Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 653


Liu Jingning’s face filled with a charming and attractive smile.

She knew Xu Que and Buttface’s personalities very well. Their resolute denial meant they must have found a way into the mountain. She also saw the two of them whispering together before breaking into sinister smiles. Therefore, she guessed Xu Que might have discovered a way to enter, so she went over to see what was going on.

“Little Queque, you’re not being honest! Are you going to cheat your sister?” Liu Jingning started to speak in a coquettish and attractive voice. This, combined with her extremely beautiful appearance, made all the men in the world crazy about her.

Xu Que almost jumped in surprise. “Sister, wake up! Don’t do that! Please restrain yourself!” This she devil was very good at flirting.

Buttface patted Xu Que’s shoulder. “Little brat, you also need to wake up!” he shouted. “Don’t be seduced by her!”

“Ah! This she devil is poisonous!” Xu Que shouted as he tried to keep a distance from Liu Jingning by quickening his steps.

It was not because his self-restraint was not enough, it was that Liu Jingning’s glamour was awful! Nobody could resist her except those who were not interested in women.

“Little Queque, don’t walk so quickly, please wait for me . . . ” Liu Jingning’s attractive and coquettish voice reached his ears again!

Xu Que felt his blood freeze, so he started to run.

“Little brat, ask your Taoist Body to fly us there!” Buttface shouted. His words reminded Xu Que, who had wanted to summon it anyways.


Just at this moment, Liu Jingning’s fragrant figure landed directly in front of Xu Que.

“A Taoist Body?” Liu Jingning looked at Xu Que skeptically. “Little brat, is the one who flew out just now your Taoist Body?”

“Don’t trust Buttface’s nonsense. That is my cousin Li Xiaoyao, who came here to see me from Yuhang County!” Xu Que replied seriously.

As a smart woman, Liu Jingning could tell Xu Que was talking nonsense.

However, she was quite shocked. The formation of a Taoist Body was only mentioned in some of the ancient books, and almost nobody trusted they could be formed at all for cultivators could never make one out of their real body. Only celestials could realize that!

But Xu Que might have a Taoist Body now. Moreover, the aura of that white-haired man was quite familiar and similar to the aura of Xu Que.

“Little Queque, you’re so naughty! I didn’t expect you to tell so many lies to me in half a year!”

Liu Jingning looked at Xu Que as she blinked her beautiful eyes like a newlywed who had been wronged.

“Ah! That’s enough, stop! Be serious! I do have a Taoist Body and also have a method to enter that mountain!” Xu Que said through clenched teeth.

He couldn’t stand the flirtation of that she-devil anymore. If an ordinary woman flirted like that, Xu Que would have immediately walked away.

However, Liu Jingning was different. She was born with a coquettish temperament, and after many years of cultivation, she had become more and more attractive. As a Holy Virgin, she flirted coquettishly in front of him, which was as destructive as an atomic bomb!

The reason that Liu Jingning dared to act like this was Xu Que had become an ordinary person! If Liu Jingning had dared to do this when Xu Que still had his cultivation achievements, he would have seduced her.

“You really have a Taoist Body?” Liu Jingning was shocked by his words for she didn’t expect Xu Que could form a Taoist Body as an ordinary person. Now she realized that he had transferred all his cultivation achievements to his Taoist Body, which was not the self-destruction of his cultivation.

He was so sinister! No wonder nobody could hurt him!

“You are so mean! You’ve fooled everyone!” Liu Jingning said as she looked at Xu Que.

Xu Que rolled his eyes. “That’s enough, let’s get moving” The most urgent thing now was to arrive at the rear part of that mountain. It would be too late if the old bast*rd Duan Jiude broke the restrictive spells!

“Little Queque, are you angry at me?”

Suddenly, Liu Jingning leaned on Xu Que. Her long legs, which were slim and white, pressed onto him. She even raised one leg slightly to rub Xu Que’s thigh, blinking her watery beautiful eyes at him.

“I was wrong! Just don’t be angry at me, please . . . ”

Holy sh*t!

Xu Que felt his instinctive drives start to grow out of his control like an erupting volcano.

If he still tried to hold back his desire, he wouldn’t be deemed a man!

“You are done!” Xu Que said seriously as he was about to order his Taoist Body to capture Liu Jingning and take her in the grassland beside him.

Liu Jingning smiled shrewdly. She drifted away before Xu Que had time to capture her. Then, she sniggered, “Little Queque, I’m just kidding. Don’t be so serious! Let’s enter the mountain now. I really need something in that mountain!”

“You teased me just because you want me to help you, right?” Xu Que asked sullenly.

“No!” Liu Jingning replied with a smile.

She was quite calm. It was trueshe knew that Xu Que would definitely help her if she asked.

“Okay, that’s enough! Lead the way. Let’s go to the rear part of the mountain! Don’t get spotted by the others!” Xu Que nodded, not wanting to waste more time with Liu Jingning.

His original plan was to rob something from the mountain to infuriate Duan Jiude. Since Liu Jingning needed help now, he would definitely help her. After all, she was beautiful and elegant . . . No, she had helped him before. She had worried about his safety after the self-destruction of his cultivation, so she sent someone to protect him. He would never forget her kindness.

“Okay, let’s go!”

Liu Jingning nodded. This time she didn’t tease Xu Que but waved her hand. Then, her magnificent True Core Strength turned into a cloud of black fog under her feet, which carried her into the sky.

Xu Que and Buttface also stepped on the black fog. Then, the three of them flew up and dashed toward the mountain.

On the way, Xu Que told Liu Jingning the method to enter the mountain earlier mentioned by Buttface. As an ordinary person, he was the only one who could enter.

His words shocked Liu Jingning for she didn’t know the restrictive spells could be bypassed this way.

“The thing I need is a Humanoid Fruit, which is a major ingredient to refine the Form Synthesis Pill. This pill could help me break the bottleneck and reach the Form Synthesis Stage in a short time!” Liu Jingning named the thing she most needed, the only purpose for her entering the Mystery Land!

Xu Que was surprised by Liu Jingning’s ambition and foresight. When the other Holy Sons and Holy Virgins had been striving to be number one, she had looked to some place further. She planned to refine the Form Synthesis Pill with the Humanoid Fruit, which could accelerate her breakthrough to reach the Form Synthesis Stage.

This way, she would be as prestigious as the patriarchs of the big families and sects.

However, Xu Que was still confused by something. Shaking his head, he asked, “How could you know there are Humanoid Fruits in this mountain before going in?”

“A Patriarch of our faction left us a torn map for some places in the first floor of the Tai Yuan Mystery Land. This mountain was also marked on the map, and it said there was an elixir plantation here that has the Humanoid Fruits!”

“So, what made those large noises just now? The old beggar mentioned something about blossoming and fruit bearing. Could celestial elixirs be planted in this mountain?”

Liu Jingning shook her head. “I don’t know about this! After absorbing enough Spiritual Qi for many years, elixirs could be turned into celestial elixirs!”

“Okay! I will check it out after entering this mountain, and I’ll find the Humanoid Fruit for you first!” Xu Que nodded his head and stopped asking more questions. Since he had promised to help, he would help her without too much hassle.

Soon, they circled around the mountain and arrived at its rear part after two hours. Then, they landed on the ground.

“Remember, little brat,” Buttface said seriously, “when you find precious items, you should come back immediately. Don’t start your cultivation in there. Otherwise, once you have gained cultivation achievements, you won’t be able to come out even when you are just a cultivator at the Qi Refining Stage!”

“I know! I won’t be as stupid as you!” Xu Que waved his hand and started to walk toward the mountain.

He ignored the dazzling golden restrictive spell and passed through it successfully. Then, he started to go up the path along the mountain.

When he passed through the restrictive spell, the Spiritual Qi around him became intense immediately. The scenery also changed drastically compared to what he had seen from the outside.

The mountain had disappeared. A boundless elixir plantation was now in front of him.

Xu Que’s eyes widened. He couldn’t believe what he saw.

This elixir plantation was too big! He could see all kinds of elixirs. The air was filled with the refreshing elixir fragrance. The flowers, leaves and branches of the elixirs glittered in the sunshine like jewels.

Even more staggering, he saw a small stone house at the center of the elixir plantation. A shack was set up outside the stone house, and a lot of wooden shelves lined the shack. It seemed the shack was used to dry the elixirs!

“Why is this place so creepy?” Xu Que murmured as he hesitantly walked toward the stone house.

However, when he approached the stone house, he found something was wrong. A lot of elixirs were placed on the wooden shelves in the shack outside the stone house, and some of them were quite fresh as if they had just been picked.

“Holy shi*! Don’t tell me someone is living in this stone house!” he said in surprise. The restrictive spells around this area had never been broken before. Those who could enter this area could be ordinary people, or celestials . . .

Out of curiosity, Xu Que continued moving forward.

He stepped forward carefully to avoid trampling the elixirs. Meanwhile, he tried to find the Humanoid Fruit Liu Jingning needed as he observed the stone house.

Also, he became more and more nervous.

This mountain used to vibrate and created big bangs before. Apparently, this should be the source of the vibration and noise. However, he could find nothing blossoming or bearing fruit except for the boundless elixir fields!

Just at this moment, he saw a wisp of smoke coming out from the chimney of the stone house!

Xu Que stopped and was stunned on the spot.

Someone is really living here!

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