The Nine Cauldrons Chapter 586

"Mhmm," Teng Qingshan agreed, nodding his head.

Xing Yi Sect took in a great number of Internal Martial Art professionals from different places in the Land of Nine Prefectures. Indeed, the entire Land of the Nine Prefectures was a source of recruitment for Xing Yi Sect. When Xing Yi Sect was just founded, many sects in the Land of the Nine Prefectures did not consider the Internal Martial Art as special. And so, no one attempted to obstruct those who were heading to the Great Yan Mountain to become disciples of Xing Yi Sect.

When they realized how special Internal Martial Art was, each and every sect tried to used all kinds of ways to recruit the Internal Martial Art cultivators in their territories. However, it was already too late. By that time, Xing Yi Sect had built its foundation.

Xing Yi Sect was formed by the elites from all places in the whole Land of Nine Prefectures, and so, its recruitment pool was naturally much better than that of Gui Yuan Sect.

"Qingshan, I will go back now. I will let you know everything when this case is settled." After Zhuge Yuanhong had calmed Teng Qingshan's heart, he left immediately.

Teng Qingshan watched as his teacher exited the building.

A moment later, Li Jun walked in from the side door of the living room and said, "Qingshan, what did teacher say before he left?"

"Teacher was just worried that I am angry," said Teng Qingshan with a smile.

"You might not be angry, but I am"

A hint of rage showed on Li Jun's face. "That group of disciples stormed to the headquarters of Qingshan Enterprise and created a commotion. Gui Yuan Sect is being unreasonable. They are returning our kindness with hatred!"

Teng Qingshan stretched his hands and held onto Li Jun's hand. He then stared deeply at her as he responded, "In this world, there are many confused people. After all, a rare number of people can see the truth. You won't be able to eat well if you are angry at them. It's not worth it. We need to uncover the truth and the identity of the mastermind! And then, eliminate all at once!"

"Oh yeah, Little Jun, where's Hongwu?" asked Teng Qingshan.

"He is practicing his fist arts in the backcourt." Upon the mention of Hongwu, a smile appeared on Li Jun's face.

"Practicing?" Teng Qingshan was slightly surprised, "Let's go and take a look."

Teng Qingshan then walked towards the backcourt with his wife.


In the backcourt, Hongwu showed a glimpse of anger as well. He had also heard the noises made by the disciples of Gui Yuan Sect who came protesting outside the headquarters of Qingshan Enterprise.

"They said that my father is independent? Did they call my father a traitor? Did they say that he has forgotten about the old relationship?" Hongwu gnashed his teeth. He had always been proud of his father. In his opinion, his father was the supreme figure unmatched in his generation. But now, his father is bombarded by insults and slanders. Those people are trying to destroy his father's reputation.

Teng Qingshan could remain calm, but Hongwu was extremely furious with what had happened!

He felt so angry for his father!

"It's all my fault. I didn't train properly. There are countless people who want to be taught by my father himself. Even in the sect, it was rare for those who have reached the Grandmaster Realm to receive teachings and cultivating instructions from my father. I had all the opportunities to be taught by my father, yet I had no intention of learning. Instead, I just wanted to go into business," Hongwu thought to himself. He couldn't help but regret his life choices.

"If I have trained properly from the beginning and invested more time in the daily cultivation of martial arts, I would have reached the Grandmaster Realm. By then, I would have been able to control my blood and Qi. I wouldn't be affected by the poison. As a matter of fact, the knife would not be able to wound me."

Hongwu had seen everything clearly.

He had been living under the care and protection of his father. Therefore, he could do what he wanted to do, which was business. There are countless heroes fighting with all their strength. Without enough strength and power, it was impossible to do business.

"I am going to be more independent!"

"I mustn't make father and mother worry. I need to be a truly powerful cultivator, just like my father."

"When I become a truly powerful cultivator, it's still not too late to do business." Hongwu thought to himself. Indeed, he finally found the motivation to become an exceptionally powerful cultivator.

And so, Hongwu continued practicing his fist arts in the backcourt.

"Phew." After a long time, Hongwu finally stopped.

"Father! Mother!" shouted Hongwu towards his parents, who had been watching for quite some time.

"Hongwu, it is rare for you to train in the afternoon,"Teng Qingshan said while laughing surprisingly.

"Father," Hongwu took a deep breath. He looked at Teng Qingshan and said, "I want to train properly. I want to devote my heart and soul in the art of cultivation."

Teng Qingshan froze and revealed an expression of disbelief as he exchanged glances with his wife Li Jun. Both Teng Qingshan and Li Jun were astonished. Since the day Hongwu was born, Teng Qingshan had placed high expectations. He had helped his son stretch his bones and muscles and forced his son to cultivate martial arts.

However, Teng Qingshan had a rule of thumbHis son will decide for himself what he wants to do when he grows up!

In Teng Qingshan's opinion, his son wouldn't have the ability to distinguish between right and wrong at such a young age. As the father, he could force his child to practice and cultivate. However, when the child is old enough to make his own judgment, it would not be beneficial to force his son to cultivate.

In order to truly achieve great success, one has to first have the desire.

When Hongwu wanted to do business, Teng Qingshan was disappointed, but he did not stop his son. He knew that if he had forced his son to practice martial arts, his son would not be able to achieve great success. Without the desire to learn and practice martial arts, the result of the cultivation would just be average. If he had the desire and talents, if he could work hard enough, and if Teng Qingshan himself instructed and taught him, it would be to not achieve great success.

"Hongwu, do you wholehearted wish to cultivate martial arts? Are you sure it is not just a whim?" Teng Qingshan in a serious tone.


Hongwu looked at Teng Qingshan and his eyes shone, "I have thought this through. This is the Land of Nine Prefectures, where countless powerful people roamed. Without powerful skills, I won't be able to succeed in anything. Furthermore...Father, I would hate for you to suffer and be insulted just because of me.

Teng Qingshan felt a sense of warmth deep down his heart. His son's words were much more effective than any Spiritual pills and marvelous herbs. The words just made him feel so comfortable.

"Good! Hongwu!"

Teng Qingshan's eyes gleamed as he said, "As long as you train wholeheartedly, I will teach you with all my heart. However, it's still up to you to achieve success! I will provide you with the best teacher, the best opponent, and the best fist techniques. Still, you are the one who will decide how high you will reach in the future!"

"Father, I won't let you down," A sense of pride rose in Hongwu's heart.

Hearing this, Teng Qingshan was delighted.

If he had to compare his son and daughter, his son clearly had a better temperament. Although his daughter was very talented in the cultivation of fist arts and although his daughter loved cultivating, she lacks perseverance and a good temperament.

In Teng Qingshan's opinion, the temperament was much more important than the talents.

According to the tradition, Gui Yuan Sect had two days of recruitment, one was on the 6th of December and the other one on the 12th of June. However, this time on the 6th of December, even though many cultivators were gathering in the Yong'an County or some parents brought their children there, the Gui Yuan Sect had postponed it to one month later.

The entrance exam and recruitment date would be held on the 6th of January.


Late night of the 8th of December:

In the eerie dungeon of the Gui Yuan Sect:

In the dungeon, the torches lined the sides of the tunnel. The dim light of the torches danced as it occasionally illuminated the dirty prisoners and rendering the dried blood stains on the wall visible.

"Ah!" The mournful groans echoed in the dungeon.

"Psss!" It sounded like meat being burned by fire.

This place was where the Gui Yuan Sect kept their prisoners.

Zhuge Yuanhong stood in the hall of punishment. An old man at the side said respectfully, "Sovereign, these are the information acquired after the interrogation." As the old man spoke, he handed a stack of papers; Zhuge Yuanhong took it and read it carefully under the dim light of the torch.

Silence filled the hall of punishment.

The only sounds were the screams, which came from the punishing room at the side.

After a while

"Mhmm, well done," Zhuge Yuanhong nodded his head.

"Tell Elder Ni the actual cause of his son's death," ordered Zhuge Yuanhong.

"Yes, Lord." The old man at the side said

Elder Ni's son, Elder Ni Hanshan, did not die out of anger.

One should be aware that Elder Ni Hanshan was an inner strength expert. Furthermore, Ni Hanshan was at his prime age. He had a beautiful and young wife and he could have sons again. Why would he die out of anger? Ni Hanshan wasn't someone to die for something like that As expected, the result of the investigation explained everything.

"Such a good strategy." A glint of coldness flashed in Zhuge Yuanhong's eyes as he said to himself.

On the 9th of December, when the sky was just dimly lit, many disciples had already gathered at the square in front of the hall.

"Sovereign said that all truths will be revealed today. Martial brother, what do you think the truth is?

"Who knows, I am only worried that our Sovereign will speak for Teng Qingshan."

A portion of the disciples of Gui Yuan Sect already resented the fact that Gui Yuan Sect was kicked out of Jiangning County and moved into Yong'an County as well as the dispossession of the Fiery Gilt Battle Armor and Fiery Feather Battle Armor. In addition, the forces of Xing Yi Sect had become stronger than Gui Yuan Sect in Yangzhou; this made them even angrier.

In their opinion, Teng Qingshan was merely a traitor that established the Xing Yi Sect. But now, the traitor overpowered them.


The disciples of Gui Yuan Sect felt mistreated by Teng Qingshan's actions! They thought that Teng Qingshan was a tyrant.


As time passed by, an increasing number of people arrived. Among this great number of disciples, there were the ones who resented Teng Qingshan and the ones who supported Teng Qingshan. Indeed, many among the few hundred thousand disciples of Gui Yuan Sect still thought that Teng Qingshan had done the right thing and considered Teng Qingshan as someone who had shown great kindness to Gui Yuan Sect.

The dispossession of the Fiery Gilt Battle Armor and Fiery Feather Battle Armor was just a trivial matter.

"Stop talking. Let's see what Sovereign says later."

"I am just afraid that Sovereign will side with Teng Qingshan's side."

The clamor and noises made by the people at the square in front of the great hall boiled up. The loud noises were incessant. When Zhuge Yuanhong, who wore a green cloak, appeared at the entrance of the great hall of Gui Yuan Sect with eight purple-cloaked Law Enforcing Elders, silence immediately fell upon the crowds.

A dead silence!

It was so quiet that even the sounds of the bone-chilling wind in this cold winter were audible. Countless disciples looked up and stared at Zhuge Yuanhong, who stood at the entrance of the hall.

"Disciples of Gui Yuan Sect," the voice of Zhuge Yuanhong resounded loudly in the heavens and earth.

"Because of the recent incident at Sanchong Restaurant, you all have been resenting Teng Qingshan. Many even stirred up a commotion in front of the headquarters of the Qingshan Enterprise. When I found about it, I felt so ashamed!" After Zhuge Yuanhong said these words, the crowd responded with clamor. "Did the Sovereign say he felt ashamed?" None of the disciples could believe what they had just heard.

"I was Teng Qingshan's teacher. I know many things that you guys do not know!"

"When Qingshan wanted to establish his own sect, the elders of my Gui Yuan Sect came together to discuss. They were worried that Teng Qingshan's sect would devour Gui Yuan Sect in the end. I am sure you all have seen how powerful Xing Yi Sect has become" These words of Zhuge Yuanhong were right on point.

Xing Yi Sect was strong. In fact, it might be too powerful.

All of the two hundred thousand soldiers in the Blood Wolf Army were Second Rated Warrior. The sergeants of the Blood Wolf Army had to be First Rated Warriors. An army like this was strong enough to rule the world.

"Under the consideration of something like this happening, Qingshan declared that Xing Yi Sect would never contend for hegemony. He swore to never expand the territory of his sect to beyond a land of five counties." Zhuge Yuanhong's voice echoed in the ears of the disciples, "As Xing Yi Sect would never contend for hegemony, there was nothing to worry about."

A lot of disciples were shocked when they heard this.

"Do you remember the incident that happened at the Great Yan Mountain years ago?"

Tears welled up in Zhuge Yuanhong's eyes, "My daughter Qingqing died that day. Because Gui Yuan Sect wanted to protect Teng Qingshan, our sect was targeted by many other sects. Gui Yuan Sect was just a sect that ruled over one county. It was impossible for us to fight against the forces of Mani Temple, Ying Family, and other sects? And so, Qingshan declared that he had betrayed the sect and that Gui Yuan Sect was never involved. Teng Qingshan had to flee for his life as he was hunted by Qinghu Island!Gui Yuan Sect did not help him at all. Even so, he gave us the Elixir of the North Sea."

The few hundred thousand disciples burst into an uproar.

The Elixir of the North Sea?

The Elixir of the North Sea which could enable people to become First Rated Warrior with just a single drop?

Because of the Longgang Army, the sects in the Land of the Nine Prefectures knew that Gui Yuan Sect had obtained the Elixir of the North Sea. This was no longer a secret, and so, it could be revealed to the public.

"Indeed. It is the Elixir of the North Sea. Just a single drop of this Elixir, one would become a First Rated Warrior. Because Teng Qingshan gave us the Elixir of the North Sea, we were able to form the Longgang Army, an army comprised of only First Rated Warriors. Because of what he gave us, we were able to destroy Qing Hu Island."

"It was all thanks to the Elixir of the North Sea that Qingshan had left for us. However, during that time, Qingshan was escaping for his life. As the teacher, I was so ashamed of myself!"

The words of Zhuge Yuanhong silenced everyone.

This was not a secret to many supreme sects. However, only a few disciples know about this.

"That's just one of the things he had done for us."

Zhuge Yuanhong sighed while shaking his head, "Several years later, Qingshan returned as an Emptiness Realm Expert. Once again, he risked his life and fought for Gui Yuan Sect. The fight happened in Jiangning County City and you all know about it."

The numerous disciples no longer made any sounds.

Those who criticized Teng Qingshan were reminded of how Teng Qingshan fought repeatedly against the other Emptiness Realm Experts for the sake of Gui Yuan Sect.

"Qingshan risked his life to protect Gui Yuan Sect. I, Zhuge Yuanhong, have always been grateful but there is one thing I am most ashamed of"

"All these years, rumors spread around Gui Yuan Sect, saying that Teng Qingshan had taken away the Fiery Gilt Battle Armor and Fiery Feather Battle Armor of Gui Yuan Sect," Zhuge Yuanhong looked up and gave out a long sigh, "When I heard these rumors..."

For a moment, Zhuge Yuanhong felt speechless. He could only laugh bitterly.

"Why is the Fiery Gilt Steel exclusively owned by only Gui Yuan Sect? Why is it not found in any other sects in the entire Land of the Nine Prefectures? Why?"

"During that time, Gui Yuan Sect was just a sect that governed one county. Why was Gui Yuan Sect able to possess the Fiery Gilt Steel when the supreme sects like the Heavenly God Palace and Emperor Yu's Hall do not even possess any" Zhuge Yuanhong said as he stared at the multitude standing down below.

When the disciples heard this, they were dumbfounded.

Zhuge Yuanhong was right. Back then, Gui Yuan Sect had only a land of one county. Yet, Gui Yuan Sect was able to exclusively possess the Fiery Gilt Metal.

"This Fiery Gilt Steel was a valuable material that could only be found in the living place of the Phoenix. When Qingshan was fleeing for his life, he coincidentally met the Undying Phoenix." Zhuge Yuanhong's voice resounded in every disciples' ears, "The Undying Phoenix gifted the Fiery Gilt Steel to Qingshan. When Qingshan returned to Gui Yuan Sect, he gave us the Fiery Gilt Steel so that Gui Yuan Sect could forge good armors."


"This Fiery Gilt Metal was given by Teng Qingshan" All the disciples were dumbfounded.

Zhuge Yuanhong looked at the multitude of disciples as he spoke, "Gui Yuan Sect still possessed most of the Fiery Gilt Battle Armors and Fiery Feather Battle Armors. Xing Yi Sect only possessed a small portion of the Fiery Battle Armors. Throughout the years that we have had these battle armors, I have always been thankful to Teng Qingshan. However, there are many disciples who said that Teng Qingshan stole the Fiery Gilt Battle Armor and Fiery Feather Battle Armor of Gui Yuan Sect. How could I not be ashamed..."

"Because of Gui Yuan Sect, he declared that Xing Yi Sect would never contend for hegemony."

"He risked his life as he fought for Gui Yuan Sect."

"He gave Gui Yuan Sect the Elixir of the North Sea so that Gui Yuan Sect can create the Longgang Army."

"Furthermore, he gave us the Fiery Gilt Steel. The Fiery Gilt Steel belonged to him, but you all kept saying that he took what belongs to Gui Yuan Sect." Zhuge Yuanhong sighed and shook his head as he explained.

The numerous disciples froze.

Everyone had a reputation to uphold...

They have been saying that Teng Qingshan stole the Fiery Gilt Steel. Yet, in the end, it was revealed that Gui Yuan Sect had been taking what belongs to Teng Qingshan. Furthermore, he had done so much for them

"I can't believe I have been criticizing Teng Qingshan."

As they thought about how they have been criticizing Teng Qingshan loudly and calling him a tyrant, the few hundred thousand disciples felt stupefied.
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