The Idle System Chapter 167

John kept the Absorb option on while he walked through the forest, but when he came across a small village, he turned it off.

He's here to gather information, so if somebody bumps into him and it kills them by accident, then his chance of gathering information would disappear.

The village is small enough that his Scan skill could see everything inside it with room to spare. They made the houses of straw tied up in bundles with wood planks to hold them in place.

The houses weren't that large either as the biggest house John's Scan picked up is about 900 square feet.

As he walked through the village outskirts, even though he can see the "roads" through the Scan, it still surprised him when he saw them. The "roads" were only muddy paths they have walked on enough times to destroy any chance of even weeds growing.

When it rains there would be countless puddles on the path and nobody would walk on it without losing their balance or sliding everywhere.

In the Scan, John could see only women, children and elders. The children were playing with sticks, rocks and anything else they could get their hands on.

The elders were in a group together and talking, but Johns too far to hear anything. And the women were doing many things like cooking, washing clothes in a river at the other end of the village, drying clothes or cleaning.

'Is this village like in the middle ages on earth? The men should be out hunting for food or patrolling around the village then? They will not have enough money to donate it to somebody they don't know, so the only thing I can learn here is the language.'

John teleported above the largest house in the village, its roof has a big flat surface in the middle so he lied down on the surface while making sure his weight's spread out as much as possible. If the roof couldn't support his weight then he'll turn the hover option on.

Fortunately, the roof supported his weight, so he lied down with his eyes closed to concentrate on his hearing. The position on the roof he was lying down at blocked anybody's view of him from all angles.

After a few seconds John heard the language for the first time. It was completely foreign to him and did not understand what they were speaking, so with nothing like an alphabet or somebody to teach him it could take a while to learn.

Later that day John saw the men of the village come back. They were carrying many dead animals with them including the black panther and meerkats he saw on the way here. They also carried stretchers as something had severely injured two men during the hunt, but were still alive.

When they brought the men to a house, they placed the men down on the floor and the women used herbs on both of the men as fast as possible.

John saw the wounds were closing and being healed through the Scan.

'For mortals those herbs must be a valuable life saving objects, did they grow in the forest and I missed them? Or did they purchase them from another village or town?'

He was too far away and couldn't see the herbs with his Immortal Eye, but unless they have Life Power stored inside then John's only curious at best.

Since he came to this planet, he's not felt any Life Power on the surface. He concluded that the immortals didn't want to own a planet that couldn't produce Life Power to cultivate with.

It's different for him as he's got the Storage Space and can cultivate like normal on the planet. He couldn't figure out why the Guild Hall wouldn't come here, but then again they could be in the capital of this dynasty or any other dynasty, kingdom or empire as he hasn't gone there yet.

The Guild Hall could have set up a branch here then hired the locals before leaving as the planet has no communication with the rest of the universe. But that doesn't mean the Guild Halls not here, it means the Guild Hall on this planet hasn't told the people about the universe.

John heard more people talking after the men had returned and after an hour of hearing them speak, he would practise speaking the language with two parts of his mind talking to each other. It took a few days to learn the language this way.

During the few days, John had seen how this village works. There's a leader who people call village head, but they respect the people in the hunting team the most since they gather food.

The elders are mixed, if they were on the hunting team and a veteran then they're respected too, but if they were normal workers when younger, then they were borderline shunned with the women shouting the food goes to waste on them.

The women are the workers like he saw, but even then they get little say to where the food goes or how the village operates. And the children were following an old English saying of 'Children should be seen and not heard'. Even when they were playing they tried to keep the laughter down to a minimum.

He wouldn't be here for much longer, but John assumed that when the male children grow up to a certain age, then they help look after children, clean or go hunting too.

While he was learning the language for the past few days, John has been looking for an elderly person he could experiment on. The experiments needs the person to do the work by their own free will, so John figured out the perfect thing to entice an older person.

John found the perfect person for the experiments as he was an elder but shunned by everybody, had little to eat every day and even the children bullied him. From what John could tell, he lived alone in a house that had a wall and part of the roof collapsed, but nobody would waste their time fixing it for him.

On one afternoon the elderly man had gone to fetch his portion of food from the people, so John teleported inside the house and waited for him.

When the man came back home John checked him out with Immortal Eye.


Rank: 0

Level: 0

Sin: 0

The man turned around and saw John, his first instinct was not to shout for help or ask who he is, it was putting the food behind his back and guard it from John.

John laughed, "I'm not after your food, I'm here to offer a deal. What's your name?"

The man replied, "Peasant Isake."

John knitted his brows, "Peasant is your name or is that your position in the village?"

"What is position meaning?"

John signed, 'I know there's no school here so they do not educate these people, but didn't think it was this bad. Peasant must mean his position in the village, and if this man was on the hunting team then he might get called Hunter Isake then.'

'During my few days listening to these people, they never called people by a peasant, hunter, elder or leader in the name so this threw me off a little.'

John smiled, "Doesn't matter. Do you want more food?"

The man nodded.

"Do you want strength?" John lifted his arm and flexed his muscles to make sure the man understood.

The man nodded again.

John smiled and clapped his hands, then separated them as a pile of food dropped on the floor from between his hands. He had opened the Storage Space between his hands and the food drop out.

Then he pointed his finger towards the straw on the floor outside the house, made it float towards him and then fixed the collapsed wall and roof of the man's house.

The man saw it happen and drop to his knees mumbling something.

John heard the mumbling and from what he could understand, he mentioned the word "Sorcerer" a few times.

Knitting his brows, John asked "What is a sorcerer?"

"Only know rumours of them controlling fire, trees and objects."

John thought, 'More than likely these "Sorcerers" are people who can control the elements like Chris controlling the lightning element. I know mortals can control them too, but from what I've read about it they use their life expectancy to control the elements since they have no Life Power.'

'Even when using their life expectancy, the mortals can't use it any more than doing a circus show. This planet must have exaggerated their power to keep the people in line since that's what I would do.'

'This planet could be perfect for my experiments then since no immortals will come here and the sorcerers are a joke. If the Guild Hall isn't on the planet, then it's perfect. If they are here, then they will have a way to reach the headquarters which could be problematic.'

He gave the food near his feet to the man and said, "I can also extend your life, but to do this I need you to do something for me."

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