Swallowed Star Chapter 1235

“Primal Universe human, Yan Chun. Requirements met.”

“East Emperor Holy Land, Zi Wei Kai. Requirements met.”

Duan Dong River stood at the front of the corridor, where he had, unexpectedly, remained for a long time. The number of those who had reached the first bottleneck had entered a stage of explosive growthin the blink of an eye, it had shot past 100 and was still soaring.

Seeing how the others were passing the first bottleneck one after another, Luo Feng was not at all bothered. He continued to follow his own method of studying the Rhinoceros Emperor Game at his leisure!


Time passed. In the 3,900th year since Luo Feng had accepted the inheritance, the number of life forms breaking through the first bottleneck grew the fastest. After that, the rate gradually slowed down. At the start of the 5,200th year, there was not a single being who was able to pass the first bottleneck.

“Is this your ultimate limit?” Duan Dong River shook his head and said coldly, “Only 298 of you have managed to break through the first bottleneck?”

Luo Feng, who was being enveloped by the palace radiating red and golden light rays, opened his eyes and nodded discreetly. For the Rhinoceros Emperor Game, it did not necessarily mean that the more time spent decoding, the more stages would be decoded. Many undying godly spirits present at the corridor had limited potential; some universe knights might never be able to achieve a breakthrough in their entire lifetime. Those who just wanted to pass the first bottleneck had certainly found it to be an extremely difficult task.

At that moment, out of the 298 beings who had passed the first bottleneck, the seven universe supreme masters had all met the challenge! All the universe masters had reached the first bottleneck, while a few undying godly spirits and a handful of universe knights had met the requirements. Of course, Luo Feng was the only one who had reached the second bottleneck.

“Huh?” Duan Dong River suddenly looked in a certain direction, then smiled with a nod. “East Emperor Holy Land Blue Blood has passed the second bottleneck. It seems like this time around, the ones with the highest hopes of receiving the inheritance of the pulse of my Duan Dong River will be you and that human Milky Way. You have to try your best. Do not slack off.”

Blue Blood Knight bowed. “Understood, Lord Duan Dong River.”

At the same time, a crystal pillar emerged from the ground of the corridor right beside him. The crystal pillar was bursting with light rays, combining to form a red palace and a golden palace. The red and golden beams radiated, then moved over to enshroud Blue Blood Knight! The combination of red and golden rays was in harmony with Luo Feng’s red and golden palace in the distance.

“Hmm?” Luo Feng gave a slight frown.

“Blue Blood Knight,” Luo Feng softly chanted to himself.

“Blue Blood!”

“Blue Blood Knight East Emperor Holy Land’s fate is in your hands.”

The universe masters from East Emperor Holy Land were all overjoyed and excited. So long as one of themno matter whocould get that inheritance, that would almost be the same as the entire holy land owning it.

Blue Blood Knight also smiled at the great beings around him. This inheritance would be the greatest opportunity in his lifetime. It would change his destiny!

Prior to this, he was always considered ordinary among the countless great beings of East Emperor Holy Land; he was only a member of the group of universe masters-to-be. Because there was a limit to the number of universe masters that East Emperor Holy Land Universe could accommodate, when so many universe masters coexisted in a same holy land, those who belonged to the group of universe masters-to-be would never be able to achieve a breakthrough. They would never be able to receive provisions from the holy land universe origin to achieve a breakthrough.

From knight to universe master, the amount of godly power being consumed was alarming. Without the provision from the origin, this transition would not be possible.

He, Blue Blood Knight, had gone from an awkward universe master-to-be to a most sensational, high-positioned status within the whole East Emperor Holy Handand all of it had happened in such a short period of time. He had surpassed any other universe master or universe supreme master! Even East Emperor Ancestor had made a personal appearance to meet him to give him words of encouragement.

“The Rhinoceros Emperor Game has already proven your potential. This time around, even if you do not receive the inheritance, in the future, you will still receive the best training from my holy land. Do not feel stressed. Just try your best! If you perform well enough this time around! Your potential is boundless! I shall not hesitate to help you at all costs to help you become a universe supreme master, or even to help you transcend a reincarnation era.”

East Emperor Ancestor’s promise had long set Blue Blood Knight’s desires ablaze. The burning passion that had lain dormant for so long, was ignited once again. He felt as though he was back in his years as a youththat period where he could go on battling, filled with that fighting spirit!

“Becoming a universe supreme master? I thought only the primal universe was able to breed universe supreme masters. Could it be that Ancestor had a way, too? That must be it! Duan Dong River left an inheritance of his pulse, so naturally, he wanted his descendants to continue to cultivate and elevate his inheritance. If even a universe supreme master cannot achieve that, it would be ridiculous. If an ancient civilization could have such a technique, then if Ancestor were to pay a higher price, he could probably achieve the same thing.”

Blue Blood Knight knew that this was his greatest stroke of luck! His chance for a new life! Even if he were to fail, so long as he could prove his potentialprove how promising his potential wasEast Emperor Ancestor would be willing to reverse time and space to resurrect him, train him, and allow him to cultivate anew.

“Success! That Luo Feng means nothing at all. I have kept silent for countless years, for I am not qualified enough to enter Universe Ocean, so I have stayed insignificant and passive waiting for a chance like this! My one true chance for a new life! I will grasp onto it with dear life!”

Blue Blood Knight seemed indifferent on the surface, but in his heart, he was in a state of craziness. For such a change to appear before him, he had to hold on to it like a drowning man clinging a life preserver! All his passion would be set ablaze!

He would set his whole life ablaze! All his wisdomall his potentialwould burst out at this very moment!


In the space of the black-striped stone pillars, the towering, black-striped stone pillars pierced all the way to the topmost, deepest end of the clouds. The entire area exuded boundless oppressive willpower, as if billions of blood-stained, black-armored troops were charging forward with murderous intentions amidst loud roars.

This was the place where Luo Feng stayed to hone his willpower. His Mosha body always remained here, in the same spot. The surroundings were free from other great beings, and although the area had 16 black-striped stone pillars, almost every great being would be gathered around the Number 2 pillar. There, they could frequently listen to Bei Chi Star Master’s teachings. Luo Feng’s location was always desolated and quiet.

A single stone would sometimes leave the gigantic rock to float in midair as it slowly drifted toward the black-striped stone pillar, albeit extremely slowly.

“Kill! Kill! Kill!” Endless roars rang out. The impact of willpower was like a series of tidal waves, exerting oppression over Luo Feng’s willpower.

Usually, while studying the Rhinoceros Emperor Game and secret techniques, his Mosha body would fly over to a gigantic rock in the distance or even retreat to the borderline region of the gigantic rock. The impact of willpower was smallest there, which would help in blocking out external influences during training sessions. As for honing his willpower, he would do his best to force himself close to his ultimate limit. Under such an ultimatum, he would hone his willpower. This would enable him to be fully focused, as there was no way he could be distracted during cultivation if he was subjected to such a limit.


The stone started to wriggle and transform, changing into a naked man whose skin was covered with complex space secret engravings.

Mosha body, if killed under unique circumstances, would reveal its original form, and at this moment, the space secret engravings on the man’s skin were returning to their original form. It was the form in which Mosha body was most at ease, without any burden. At this moment, under the ultimate oppression, he had reached the critical point. Mosha body was no longer able to control himself as he regained his original form.



Luo Feng’s willpower was roaring. Roaring with rage! He had a feeling that he was going to break through that ultimate limit. He was so closeso close to a breakthrough that he had never experienced before!

“I want my breakthrough! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!”

Luo Feng’s willpower was roaring furiously.


Like thunder and lightning strikes! It was as though the endlessly chaotic world had changed into the billions of stars within the universe in an instant, countless living souls.

At that moment, Luo Feng’s willpower was cheering and jumping with joy. He was feeling delightfully satisfied, like a fish flying out of the vast ocean or a bird soaring about in the boundless sky. Or a trapped dragon god who had finally struggled its way out of the shallow shores to fly up to the celestial skies, where it could wander without restraint. This was a bout of willpower that was incomparably powerful, and it was exuded from that naked Mosha body.

“Hahaha” A black robe was quick to gather and cover the Mosha body as he laughed with great pleasure. “Advance!”


Mosha body advanced at high speed and charged toward the black-striped stone pillars as it continuously forced himself to challenge his new limit. The time velocity continuously soared by leaps and bounds, and it got faster and faster!

“12,000 times?”

When Luo Feng felt that time velocity had reached a rate of 12,000 times, he started to feel to feel the toil. He knew then that he was already quite close to his ultimate limit.

“I heard Bei Chi Star Master is strongest when it comes to honing willpower, and where he is, the time velocity rate is actually more than 130,000 times. There is always someone better out there.” Luo Feng smiled.

Thereafter, he backtracked and flew to a place where the time velocity was approximately 6,000 times before he stopped. The oppressive willpower at this place was merely like a gentle breeze blowing to Luo Feng, giving him a sense of comfort. It held no influence over his cultivation.

“My willpower is metamorphosing! With the powerful willpower in control of my consciousness, the speed of my deducing and mental abilities will be greatly increased; studying the Rhinoceros Emperor Game will definitely be much faster.”

Luo Feng was secretly rejoicing. Willpower would be the commander in chief! Consciousness would be various generals! Godly power would be the soldiers!

The metamorphosis of willpower, be it for cultivation or for battle, always produced greatly beneficial results.

At least for now, what Luo Feng felt was that if he were to receive the inheritance of the pulse of Duan Dong River. He could greatly benefit from it in two ways. One, after his willpower achieved a breakthrough, would have more clout and therefore gain more confidence in receiving the inheritance. Two, his willpower would finally make it past the level of a universe supreme master, and he would gain more confidence in getting that white pair of wingswhich had such formidable powerto recognize him as its master.

“Haha! The breakthrough of my willpower is like a dragon rising up into the sky.” Luo Feng was overjoyed.


After the breakthrough, Luo Feng shifted all his focus and energy into studying the Rhinoceros Emperor Game and secret techniques. He decided to take a break from honing his willpower for the time being!

“What satisfaction.”

It was obvious to him that now, when he was studying the Rhinoceros Emperor Game, he could analyze and comprehend from various perspectives instantly. Numerous inspirations and thoughts would surge and gush in his mind! His efficiency was greatly increased, and the more he studied, the more connections he felt he had found between the strongest secret techniques of the Ninth Deep Abyss and the Rhinoceros Emperor Game.

Everything worked in harmony to his favor. Plus, his speed of studying was consistently soaring.


In the virtual universe.

“Huh?” The man in white robes was surprised as he turned to look at Luo Feng, who was not too far away. “How long has he spent studying the Rhinoceros Emperor Game? Spending 3,000 years, he decoded the first 2,000 stages, yet it did not take him another 10,000 or even another 1,000 years, for him to decode the first 3,000 stages.”

Teacher Origin was taken aback. Because every set of 1,000 games was a new threshold, the difficulty level would soar by leaps and bounds. The first 2,000 stages, took him 3,000 years.

According to Teacher Origin’s estimation, if Luo Feng could complete studying the first 3,000 stages within 30,000 years, that would already be a great achievement and could show his limitless potential, but who knew?

“The first 3,000 stages.”

Luo Feng stood before the virtual shadow of the endgame and watched in silence. In Huge Axe’s miniature universe, his Remote Ocean body was trying his best to study and decode. For at that moment, his entire being seemed to enter the absolute peak of his comprehension state, where billions of thoughts were emerging. Various inspirations were colliding, and numerous problems were being decoded.

Even some of the takeaways he gained from studying the strongest secret techniques of the Ninth Deep Abyss could be used as reference. In fact, Luo Feng personally felt that if he were to create a secret techniquegiven his achievement pertaining to diagrams of secret engravingsif he were to create a combination of secret techniques, it should not be such a great feat. It was just that he did not have any time to spare on creating secret techniques.


Luo Feng’s eyes lit up, and then, he smiled.

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