Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1178

Half an hour later, Yue Qichao suddenly got up and spat a mouthful of black blood. Before it landed on the ground, he burned it with his flame to nothing.
Then, he opened his eyes. “Spirit Corroding Flower, such a powerful thing!”
Shen Guanqing quickly said, “Luckily Ye Mo brought back an Ice Carrot, otherwise I don’t dare to imagine the result.”
Yue Qichao got up and saluted with his fists, “Thank you brother Ye Mo, otherwise I would’ve lost my life.”
Ye Mo quickly returned the gesture. “I brought trouble to you two this time, I’m truly sorry.”
Yue Qichao laughed in self scorn, “It has nothing to do with you. Even without you, it would be the same result after I reached level eight pill king. That Infinity Sect is quite well connected, they could even contact Pill City’s grand city lord.”
Ye Mo knew what was going on, without question it was Mo Youshen’s master Chang Shun Pill King. He decided to ask later about the origin of that Zhao Shuntian. Why was he so nice to Mo Youshen?
But Ye Mo knew now wasn’t the time. He smiled and said, “Congratulations on reaching level eight pill king, Silver Moon Pill King qian bei. Now if you go back to Pill City you will be grand city lord.”
Silver Moon Pill King smiled, “I don’t really desire to become the city lord, I won’t go back to Pill City. I hope city lord Ye won’t mind us staying here.”
Ye Mo was right, if he went back to Pill City, he would be grand city lord indeed, but Yue Qichao wasn’t interested in that at all. It was also that he was disappointed. He knew that the first city lord of Pill City was too idealistic when he created Pill City.
With the resources in the cultivation realm growing scarcer and scarcer, the number one person of the Pill City had the most cultivation resources. Even if conflict didn’t occur by his hands it would occur later. It was unavoidable, this was human nature.
Ye Mo looked surprised and joyful and quickly said, “It’s wan bei’s honor to have two city lords stay at Mo Yue City.”
Although he was a level seven pill king now, his foundation was a far cry compared to Silver Moon Pill King and Guan Tian Pill King. If he could discuss pill dao more with them, his pill dao would definitely increase a few levels.
“You can even take out the Ice Carrot, we indeed saw you right,” Silver Moon Pill King said and suddenly frowned at Ye Mo. “You’re already body condensation state level two?”
Ye Mo nodded. “Yes, wan bei had some fortunate encounters so I’ve been progressing fast.
Yue Qichao nodded and said after a moment, “I know you have great enmity with Infinity Sect and Lightning Cloud Sect, but cultivators can’t have an unstable foundation. Otherwise, no matter how fast you cultivate it would be pointless. We’re here and there’re also a few truth realisation state cultivators here – you don’t need to worry about Infinity Sect coming here, just cultivate.”
Although he respected the two a lot, it didn’t matter if they knew time formation disk or Bitter Bamboo so he didn’t say. “Wan bei understands, wan bei will set up a few defense formations in Mo Yue City. Even if Infinity Sect comes, I won’t be scared.”
Yue Qichao nodded and gave a storage ring to Ye Mo, “There’re a few spirit ranges here and some formation materials you can use. I need to discuss some things with Guan Tian Pill King, if you need help with formations I can ask the two truth realisation state friends to help.”

Ye Mo came out and breathed easy, it was best for him that Silver Moon Pill King was fine. Lightning Cloud Sect sealed the sect and Infinity Sect clearly didn’t dare to come to Mo Yue City. He didn’t expect the two pill king qian beis to help him get revenge, he would get revenge for Ji Ling qian bei himself.
He needed to set up a formation for Mo Yue City so he took out the storage ring Yue Qichao gave him. He looked at it and was dumbfounded.
The storage ring had enormous space and there were two middle grade spirit ranges and three low grade spirit ranges. Other than this, there were all sorts of formations and forgery materials stacked up like mountains. This was enough to set up level eight formations for a few cities, much less just one.
He was admiring Lu Wuhu’s wealth before, but now he knew what true wealth was.
Ye Mo was grateful to Silver Moon Pill King and put away this storage ring carefully. He was a level seven formation grand master now, but if he concentrated, he would be able to reach level eight formation grand master soon.
He focused and scanned with spirit sense. He wanted to discuss about Mo Yue City management with Qingxue but saw a crowd hustled together on the streets. Beiwei and Qingxue were all there, Ye Mo dashed over without hesitation.
“What’s going on?” Ye Mo arrived and saw a body on the ground.It was an ordinary person.
“You’re city lord master?” a bulky soldier asked in disbelief.
Ye Mo nodded, this soldier was probably Ye Wucai’s man and had seen him before.
Ning Qingxue quickly came over and said, “A foundation establishment state cultivator killed him because he blocked his way. We came over and asked what was going on, but these people said immortal masters have higher status and they are acquitted of killing ordinary people.”
Ye Mo’s face sunk immediately and suddenly said, “Call Ye Wucai here now, his bullshit solitary cultivation is no longer needed.”
“Yes city lord master,” that soldier quickly said.
Ye Wucai came very quickly but Ye Mo saw he was a foundation establishment state cultivator.
“Master, you’re back!” Ye Wucai ran over in joy.
Ye Mo’s face sunk. “Who made the rule that cultivators can kill ordinary people in Mo Yue City? What did I tell you before I left? In Mo Yue City everyone is equal, what did you do?”
Ye Wucai was dazed, he didn’t expect Ye Mo would call him out to reproach him, but he said carefully, “There were no immortal masters before, but then immortal masters came, so I made that rule.”
Ye Mo said coldly, “You don’t need to be the vice city lord anymore, Ning Qingxue will be the vice city lord and you will help her establish laws. If this thing happens again, you don’t need to be my disciple anymore.”
Although Ye Mo was scaring Ye Wucai a little, he was indeed furious. With Xu Changji here, Ye Wucai was able to set the rule of equality between cultivators and ordinary people, but because he was a cultivator himself, he began to discriminate against mortals.
“Yes, master” Ye Wucai shivered and quickly bowed before saying to Ning Qingxue, “Ye Wucai greets vice city lord Ning.” She stood right next to master, clearly the two were very close.
Ye Mo nodded. “From now on, Mo Yue City will enforce the law of equality. If cultivators dare to kill ordinary people, they will be dealt with like this person.”
Then, Ye Mo flung out a lightning bolt and that shocked foundation establishment state cultivator was blown to dust.
Everyone saw Ye Mo’s power and the streets were silent. Some cultivators started to retreat slowly, wanting to leave this city. What was the point of staying in a city in which cultivators had the same status as mortals? Even in cultivation cities, the status of chi gathering, foundation establishment states, and golden core states were greatly different.
With these cultivators leaving, more and more cultivators knew the city lord of Mo Yue City came back and had set up the law of equality. Cultivators who heard this left Mo Yue City in horror while ordinary people rejoiced, the days of cultivators abusing them were over.
Ye Wucai saw thismany cultivators leaving and said worriedly, “Master, those cultivators left,will this place become an ordinary city like before?”
Ye Mo said calmly, “Take back all the land the cultivators took for free. If they want to buy or rent,they will need to pay spirit stones. From now on, Mo Yue City’s land will be very expensive.”
Ning Qingxue knew what Ye Mo meant and said, “Beiwei and I will complete the regulations here. Do what you need to do. By the way, sister Susu went back to Mo Yue Lake, you can go later.”
He just remembered that he told Ye Wucai to set that up just like Luo Yue City’s Luo Yue Lake.
Ye Wucai looked at him and quickly said, “Yes master, Mo Yue Lake is built.” He finally breathed easy. He knew master was truly angry just then, if master was angry to the extreme and kicked him out, he would be finished.
Ye Mo breathed easy after handing city management to Ning Qingxue and Tang Beiwei. He believed the city would be managed better with their help.

Then, Ye Mo went to visit Shi Tie. When Shi Tie saw Ye Mo, he was overjoyed. He thought he would be like this for the rest of his life, but he saw his master in the South Peace State and came to this city.
Ye Mo arranged for Shi Tie and Wen Shulei to stay near Mo Yue Lake before giving him the complete Primordial Chaos Chant and some pills before leaving.
Then, Ye Mo started preparing to rebuild the city’s protection formation.

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