Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1177

Shen Guanqing said, “It’s because of the pill fountain, it’s real but it was found earlier and trapped. When martial brother Yue was finding enlightenment there, he was ambushed because someone put a Spirit Corroding Flower there”
“Level nine spirit herb Spirit Corroding Flower? The legendary flower that can only have one in every ten million kilometers?” Ye Mo asked in shock.
Ye Mo knew it all too well, a level nine spirit herb, colourless and odourless.It’s greatest use was to corrode essence spirit.
This corrosion was subtle, if a cultivator sat in a place in meditation trying to gain enlightenment, it would be even easier.
Thinking about this Ye Mo suddenly got up. “Silver Moon Pill King”
Shen Guanqing nodded, “You thought right, martial brother Yue is indeed poisoned with the Spirit Corroding Flower and his essence spirit is being rapidly corroded.”
Qian bei came to Mo Yue City to see if there’s any way to treat it?” Ye Mo finally understood why Shen Guanqing came to Mo Yue City and not somewhere else.
Shen Guanqing sighed. “Yes and no. Martial brother Yue reached level eight pill king at the pill fountain but he realized he was poisoned with the Spirit Corroding Flower. He didn’t think it was someone from Pill City at first, so we took him back to Pill City quickly.
There, we realized something happened to you. Martial brother Yue was furious and when Lightning Cloud Sect got news of this, they immediately announced to seal their sect, but martial brother Yue asked Infinity Sect to hand out the cultivator who killed brother Ji. However, Infinity Sect’s sect was adamant and denied it. There were nearly 20 truth realisation state cultivators in Pill City and more disaster transformation state cultivators. We didn’t expect the Infinity Sect to be this tough.”
Ye Mo didn’t say anything but he was very grateful. Silver Moon Pill King was poisoned but still thought of getting revenge for him.
Seeing Ye Mo’s expression, Shen Guanqing knew what Ye Mo was thinking and said, “You don’t need to feel guilty, martial brother Yue has great hopes for you. He believes you’re the only one with hope of reaching level nine pill king. He could tolerate people assassinating him, but you’re the hope of the cultivation realm. He doesn’t want something to happen to you. He wanted to annihilate Infinity Sect before the Spirit Corrosion Flower ruined him.”
Ye Mo knew that in the cultivation realm if a sect sealed itself off, one wasn’t usually allowed to attack it if there wasn’t an extreme extent of conflict. Lightning Cloud Sect sealed the sect, so they only spoke of Infinity Sect, but that was for them. If it was him, when his power reached a certain state, even if Lightning Cloud Sect ran out of South Peace State, he would chase them and annihilate them.
Shen Guanqing continued, “But at this moment, grand city lord said that we, Pill City, can’t oppress people with power. And that no one showed their faces when they stopped Lu qian bei and you, how can we be sure it was Infinity Sect? We immediately knew that it was the grand city lord who ambushed us.”
Speaking of this, Shen Guanqing’s tone was sad. “Martial brother Yue and I were very respectful of grand city lord and gave him 70% of the resources of our own accord. We never objected to anything he said, yet he treats us like this. Martial brother Yue was extremely disappointed and the Spirit Corroding Flower came into effect. I no longer wanted to stay in the Pill City so I brought martial brother Yue here. I wanted to come back and protect you, but after seeing this place I liked it so I decided to stay here.”
“That grand city lord” Ye Mo asked worriedly.
Shen Guanqing waved his hand. “Don’t worry about that, he doesn’t intend to attack this place, otherwise, he wouldn’t be ambushing martial brother Yue. Plus, he doesn’t need to do that. After we left, only he can make decisions there. He reached his goal and martial brother Yue won’t be able to live so he doesn’t need to worry. After we left, some truth realisation state cultivators who knew about the situation also left. Three came with me to Mo Yue City, and seven or eight left elsewhere. Although Pill City is still the number one powerful place, it isn’t the same Pill City as before.
Shen Guanqing sighed, Pill City’s glorious past was gone. A jealous pill king city lord wouldn’t be able to bring prosperity to Pill City no matter what. From now on, Pill City would only slowly weaken.
Ye Mo calmed down a little, with Guan Tian pill king and three truth realisation state cultivators here, no matter how tough the Infinity Sect was, they wouldn’t dare to come here for trouble. After the Lightning Cloud Sect announced they were sealing the sect, they wouldn’t come here as well. This meant that Mo Yue City was very safe. After he set up the defense formation, even if Infinity Sect came, they wouldn’t be able to return.
Even though Guan Tian pill king and Silver Moon Pill King left Pill City, there was no way they would help Infinity Sect attack here.
Suddenly, Ye Mo thought of something and asked, “Qian bei, who is the person who told you about the appearance of pill fountain?”
“You’ve seen that person and you’ve asked about him. He’s level four pill king Zhao Shuntian, he probably serves the grand city lord and that’s why he betrayed us,” Shen Guanqing said sadly.
It was indeed him, that Mo Youshen had quite the background and could even connect with the grand city lord. At this moment, Ye Mo realized how noble and respectable Silver Moon Pill King was; even though he knew who ambushed him, he just left Pill City without saying anything.
If it was someone else, he would fight with the grand city lord. With Silver Moon Pill King and Guan Tian’s respect, it would be the entire South Peace State cultivation realm’s disaster if the Pill City had a internal war. Tens of truth realisation state cultivators and more disaster transformation states would split into two factions and fight.
If there were 10 level nine spirit herbs found in the South Peace State each year then at least 8 would flow to Pill City. Level nine spirit herbs were like a cultivator’s guarantee for immortal ascension. Yet Silver Moon Pill King and Guan Tian Pill King gave this Pill City away which meant giving up the spirit herbs resources, reducing their chances of immortal ascension. They did all this to stop internal conflict. A cultivator could do all this, how was it not worthy of respect?
He should think of all ways to save Silver Moon Pill King.
Spirit Corroding Flower, it was almost incurable. Ye Mo frowned and after a long while, he sighed. “Guan Tian pill king qian bei, is there a cure for the Spirit Corroding Flower?”
Shen Guanqing shook his head, “Spirit Corroding Flower corrodes the essence spirit, the longer it’s been in effect, the more incurable it is. After a year, even if an immortal comes, he wouldn’t be able to do anything. But within the first year, there’re two spirit herbs that can cure it. But both are extremely rare, one is level nine spirit herb Immortal Curl Flower. It can rebuild a cultivator’s essence spirit before it dissipated but I’ve never seen it. Another is level nine spirit herb Ice Carrot that can stop the corrosion but I’ve also never seen it”
“Ice Carrot?” Ye Mo suddenly got up. He had one, it was something to concoct Truth Carrot Pill, why didn’t he think of it?
Shen Guanqing seemed surprised and Ye Mo took out the Ice Carrot before Shen Guanqing said anything. “Guan Tian Pill King, this is Ice Carrot.”
“You have Ice Carrot?” Shen Guanqing grabbed the jade box and was shook.
Ye Mo nodded, “I got it when it when I went to Ice God forbidden grounds this time. You can use it to help Silver Moon Pill King qian bei first.”
Shen Guanqing opened the box, it was indeed a mature level nine spirit herb Ice Carrot. At this moment, Shen Guanqing seemed to feel his body was full of vitality again. It could be said that he and Silver Moon Pill King used all their efforts of the Pill City and yet Silver Moon Pill King fell to this predicament. There was no way he wasn’t disappointed and sad. But now that they had the Ice Carrot, it meant that Silver Moon Pill King could recover.
“Brother Ye Mo, thank you, don’t call us qian bei anymore, just call me and Silver Moon brother. We didn’t see you wrong, you’re a real person indeed,” Shen Guanqing said shakily.
Ye Mo knew what Shen Guanqing meant, Ice Carrot was an extreme treasure that almost never appeared. It could increase chances of disaster transformation states reaching truth realisation state.
He waved his hand. “Guan Tian Pill King qian bei, you and Silver Moon Pill King will always be my qian beis. Let’s go treat Silver Moon Pill King first, the earlier the better.”
In Ye Mo’s heart, both the pill kings were extremely nice to him. Even if he had to take out his extreme grade spirit range, he wouldn’t hesitate at all.
Shen Guanqing put the Ice Carrot in Yue Qichao’s mouth and used his cultivation essence to help Yue Qichao digest it. In seven minutes, Silver Moon Pill King’s face started to turn red and he opened his eyes.
Shen Guanqing took his hand away and said desperately, “Martial brother Yue, hurry up and use your cultivation essence to digest the Ice Carrot.”
Yue Qichao’s eyes were wide with disbelief, but he soon realized what was going on and closed his eyes again. This time, he didn’t need Shen Guanqing’s help and digested the Ice Carrot himself. Soon, the Ice Carrot shrunk and disappeared.

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