Red Envelope Group Of The Three Realms Chapter 944


Clearly, Yap Tianlin's men did not know who Chen Xiaobei was.

At Yap Tianlin's decree, they rushed zealously toward Chen Xiaobei.

These men were not your ordinary bodyguards; they were really good at fighting.

As they ran, swords in their hands, the ground beneath them quivered under their unrelenting stampede. There were only ten of them but it was as if there was an entire troop of soldiers! Swords came in every direction toward Chen Xiaobei, shrouding him. And every strike delivered was lethal! A force like that was enough to reduce an ordinary person into a pile of minced meat!

However, to Chen Xiaobei, it was nothing!

"Since you want to kill me so badly, then I won't hold anything back!"

Using his will, a silver sword rune glinted in his palm.

He then shouted, "Sword! Rise!"


The pen that Lan Mengcheng dropped earlier had risen from the floor and was hovering in the air. Then a silver sword appeared within the pen, looming and emanating a sword will.

"What! What kind of black technology is that? How is the pen flying on its own?"

"Why do you care why it can fly? Just finish off that idiot then all our problems will be gone!"

"That's right! He's just another twenty-year-old greenhorn! I doubt he has any more tricks beyond that!"

"Let's take him out! For the sake of Master Yap's reward, we must kill this kid!"


All that was in their minds was the bounty. They did not even blink before storming toward Chen Xiaobie. What they did not know was that the pen was not being controlled by some black technology. It was actually the Lu Dongbin's sword, transforming into a unique divine rune.

"The one that uses the sword will rule the world!"

Chen Xiaobei did not even flinch. It was as if the ten bloodthirsty men surrounding him were nonexistent. He said calmly, "Ancestral Sword Divine Rune allows me to gather all kind of things as swords to kill my enemies!"

"Hey idiot! Are you so scared that you lost your mind? What are you blabbering about? Have a taste of my sword first!" One of the men in the front raised both his arm and charged toward Chen Xiaobei and aimed at his head!


The sword came down drawing a vigorous wind with it. The force was definitely no lesser than a thousand pounds of forcepowerful enough to slice any kind of metal like a piece of butter.


Just then, that ordinary little pen flew forward and met the sword's blade!


Came a crisp sound. The sword was split into two clean halves, as if it had been slit by an extremely sharp object!

"What What the f*ck How is that possible"

The pen broke the sword!

This incredible scene defied logic!

The other men stopped in their tracks. Their mouths ajar. Some of were already questioning life!

"You bunch of idiots! What are you doing standing there? Kill him! Kill Chen Xiaobei for me!" Yap Tianlin snarled.

After he had ordered his men to attack Chen Xiaobei, he ran towards the car, intending to make a quick escape.

Yap Tianlin was aware of how powerful Chen Xiaobei was. He used his men to stall Chen Xiaobei so that he could slip away. Considering that he was willing to sacrifice ten lives for his own, Yap Tianlin was could be considered ruthless and resolute! Unfortunately, he had underestimated Chen Xiaobei!

"If you want to distract me, you'll need ten times the number of men!" Chen Xiaobei ordered, "Kill!"

The ten were still stuck in a state of shock.

Before they could recover, the grim ripper arrived!


With a piercing scream, the pen sliced through the air like the grim reaper's scythe. It went around in an arc, and swept across all the men's throat!

Fast! Accurate! Ruthless!

The silver of fleeting arc was followed by ten heads plummeting to the ground! And the cut was so sharp that it in one sweep, the ten bodies were not yanked down. Instead, they remained where they were, spurting fresh blood.


Chen Xiaobei did not slow down. He took a step forward and came face to face with Yap Tianlin.

"My god"

Yap Tianlin had not expected the dozen men he had handpicked to die so quickly!

He had not yet reached the car door.

"Mr Chen Big brother Chen Please Spare my life"

Tears streamed down Yap Tianlin's face as he went down on his knees.

He was very much informed of Chen Xiaobei's strength. Even if there were a thousand Yap Tianlin, he still could not be Chen Xiaobei's match. Rendered with no other choice, Yap Tianlin had to beg for mercy!

"Save your breath. Today, you must die!" said Chen Xiaobei. His expression icier than ever.

Yap Tianlin turned a shade of green and said, "Mr. Chen, if you let me go, I will call my father now and tell him to withdraw from the Zhuang family's plan. From today onward, we will have nothing to do with the Zhuangs! Also, don't forget that my father is the richest man in China! You may be powerful but you will not be able to beat my father when it comes to wealth! If you kill me, my father will buy Lan Organization at all costs! He will kick all of the Lans from the board. Kick them out of Lan Organization then mess with them until they die off slowly!"

Chen Xiaobei's glare was icy but he said nothing.

Yap Tianlin thought he had managed to fool Chen Xiaobei so he relaxed a little and said haughtily, "If you let me go, I guarantee that the Yap Family will never interfere with Lan Organization! If you don't, there will be terrible consequences!"

"Consequences? Do you really think that I would be threatened by you?" Chen Xiaobei said coldly, "The one who should be worried about consequences is not me but the Yap Family!"


Yap Tianlin was distressed. But before he could speak, the pen that had just annihilated the dozen of men pierced right through his forehead!


Yan Tianlin's body seized and fell to the ground. Dead!


[You have eliminated a fourth generation villain! You have been awarded 40,000 merit points!]

It was followed by about a dozen messages. They were also from killing all those powerful goons. It seemed like the dozen of strong men were not good men after all!


[You have eliminated a villain! You have been awarded 10,000 merit points!]


[You have eliminated a villain]


[You have eliminated a villain]


[Your current merit points is 2,700,000. You need another 300,000 merit points to go to the next level. (Charm: 270,000. Luck: 270,000)!]
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