Realms In The Firmament Chapter 1357


[Master Master gave up her life Master died for me!]

Wenren Chuchu would never do such thing.

How could she be with the man her master loved while her master was dead?

[If I do that, do I even deserve living?]

[No! I can’t do that!]

[I will never do such ignoble thing!]

However, she was struggling in pain.

With the pain in her heart, she became more furious about Saint Starlight Sect. Her eagerness of destroying Saint Starlight Sect was rising!

[You killed my master!]

[You ruined my life!]

[You deserve to die!]

[You must die!]

[All of you! Die!]

Standing on the ground in Saint Starlight Sect, she saw Ye Xiao and his handsome face, which she had been charmed with

She couldn’t hold the hate and killing intent in her heart anymore. She was actually desperate for destroying the enemy!

At the moment, some clear sound of sword moves sounded. A group of ladies wearing simple clothes were approaching as if there was a white cloud descending to the world.

The ladies quietly landed behind the others, solemn and full of killing intent.

“Why are you here?” Jun Yinglian was surprised and happy to see the ladies.

They were exactly ladies of Sky Ice Palace.

The leader of the group was the prime elder of Sky Ice Palace. She looked calm, but her eyes looked happy. She looked at Jun Yinglian and tried to stay expressionless on the face but failed. She finally smiled and said, “You are willing to sacrifice your life to support your husband. Do you think we will just stand aside? We are your family!”

“Family!” Jun Yinglian felt warm in the heart, and her eyes turned red. Tears filled her eyelids, and she hurriedly controlled her emotion, smiled and said, “I appreciate it”

“Of course you do! Hahaha”

The three ladies from Sky Ice Palace spoke together, “We, disciples of Sky Ice Palace, will stand with our prime master forever! We fight together! We face the world together!”

“Prime Master’s business is our business! Prime Master’s enemy is our enemy!”

“Who dares to mess with our Prime Master, we won’t let them!”

“Not even Xiao Monarch!”

The three ladies spoke at the same time. Their voice wasn’t strong enough to shake the world, but it was pretty shocking. As Jun Yinglian’s family, they all came to support her.

At the same time, they were here to warn Ye Xiao!

[Be nice to our Prime Master, or you will have to prepare for our roar!]

Ye Xiao started to smile bitterly.

Li Wuliang and Han Bingxue looked at each other and found a hilarious smile in each other’s eyes.

They had a simple thought. [Do you think you know everything between the couple? They won’t tell others everything that happens after the bedroom was closed! Not to mess with her? Is it even possible? The battle in a couple’s bedroom is always the most terrible one! They definitely will have some tough fights in their room!]

The two of them kept exchanged looks and felt utterly amused.

Ye Xiao hurriedly expressed his loyalty to Jun Yinglian, “I never want to start a fight against you all How dare I I will be nice I promise”

The prime elder humphed and said, “Don’t forget what you just said Xiao Monarch. If you dare to break your word You will know how sharp my sword is!”

Li Wuliang couldn’t hold it anymore, so he laughed and said, “Come on, ladies. You are being too harsh on him Can’t you just keep it simple? Really? Swords? That rude? Come on What do you think they will do after they close the door of their bedroom? Do you think they will let you know? Besides We all know the lady’s terrible temper Who dares to mess with her? I think, honestly, our brother will be the one who takes disadvantages. Listen to him. ‘I will be nice’ How humble! How sincere! He expressed the true feeling in his heart!”

“From what just happened, I realized that the ladies in Sky Ice Palace are all” Li Wuliang didn’t finish it because the ladies all stared at him with sharp eyes.

Jun Yinglian blushed and stared at Li Wuliang angrily.

[He did this because of what I said!]

[Listen to what he just said I should beat him up really hard!]

However, she couldn’t be rude because she didn’t want to look like a bully!

Han Bingxue was impressed. [People think that Li Wuliang is a straightforward man who will never make schemes. However, I now have seen how he is a narrow-hearted man! Look at him, he didn’t show mercy as he seized the chance to tease Jun Yinglian! I guess I am never going to be the most shameless brother among us all!]

The prime elder of Sky Ice Palace was speechless too. She knew Li Wuliang, who was a big-mouth and simple-minded tough guy. She said, “You are right at some point, but I will only let the monarch decide what they will do. If our prime master feels sad, we don’t care whose fault it is We just can’t let her feel bullied.”

That was overwhelming, wasn’t it?

Very overwhelming!

Super f*cking overwhelming!

People all laughed.

Han Bingxue thought, [You? Really You are weak Boss can defeat you all with a fart, I am afraid]

[You should know your limits, ladies.]

Ye Xiao had used his spiritual mind to cover the entire place. Saint Starlight Sect people didn’t all flee. Many of them were hiding around the place and just didn’t show up. He didn’t understand why.

[We have marched deep into their place, yet they still don’t want to show themselves. I guess they must be planning something sneaky. We shouldn’t stay too long.]

Ye Xiao made up his mind and shouted, “Ye Xiao and Li Wuliang come for a visit! Whoever in charge of Saint Starlight Sect, are you here?”

Ye Xiao’s people had already gathered up, but Ye Xiao and Li Wuliang were the leading figures in this battle, so he only mentioned Li Wuliang and himself.

However, he didn’t speak Wenren Chuchu’s name.

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