Realms In The Firmament Chapter 1356


The Saint Starlight Sect was quiet as if none of its people had seen what was happening around them. The two men just audaciously talking over the entrance of the sect, enjoying the conversation like this was the place where they had fun chatting and drinking

The disciples of Saint Starlight Sect who were leaving didn’t dare to leave through the main entrance anymore

They kept sneaking out the sect through some narrow and devious pathways

The Grey Wolves Group and the Black Ride Alliance gathered together, became one army, set camps right at the entrance of the Saint Starlight Sect. They had occupied tens of miles long of the road!

As the camps were set, they started to beat the drum of the battlefield.

The atmosphere was immediately filled with the killing intent.

The day passed in the oppressing atmosphere.

At dawn!

In the silence.

A bolt of lightning struck the place.

The entrance of the Saint Starlight Sect was crashed. Broken rocks kept flying up to the sky as if there was an earthquake.

A slim figure of a lady rushed into the Saint Starlight Sect with the up-rising killing intent.

Then it cracked a furious shout

“Wenren Chuchu of Misty Cloud Palace will take revenge for her master! Saint Starlight Sect, die!” Sword lights started to shine everywhere.

Wenren Chuchu arrived!

Unexpectedly, nobody of the Saint Starlight Sect showed up to answer the challenge. The entire sect was in silence as if it was a world of death.

Wenren Chuchu kept rushing forward and pierced to the main square of the sect, and nobody actually showed up to stop her.

In the sky.

Ye Xiao and the others had arrived too. They didn’t make moves because they wanted to give Wenren Chuchu the time to vent the anger. However, they were also surprised.

[What is wrong? This is unexpected and unbelievable!]

Li Wuliang couldn’t endure the curiosity, so he shouted, “People of Saint Starlight Sect, where are you? Are you all dead? Have you all escaped?”

His voice was resounding among the mountains and shocked the rivers.

He was sneering the Saint Sunlight Sect people and smacking right in their faces!

However, nobody answered. It felt like their people had all gone!

Shangguan Zhuifeng was so happy to hear the voice, “Brother Li, is it you?”

Another voice casually sounded, “Wolfy, get in here.”

Cang Gulang heard the voice and felt even happier. He nearly shed tears as he was excited, “Brother Ye It is you It really is you”

Cang Gulang and Shangguan Zhuifeng didn’t hesitate to give orders. “All of you, my people, rush in! Kill Saint Starlight Sect!”

– Boom –

“Go, go, go!”


The two armies had become one. Tens of thousand people kept rushing into Saint Starlight Sect like a tide.

However, no matter how many people got through the entrance, nobody showed up to stop them.

The army rushed to the main square, and still nobody appeared.

They were all shocked.

[What is going on? Have they all given up?]

Ye Xiao and the others felt the weirdness, so they all got down and landed on the square, looking around the place.

Wenren Chuchu glanced at Ye Xiao’s face and felt sour in the heart. Her eyes looked sad for a while, and then she saw Jun Yinglian beside Ye Xiao.

She bit her lips and lowered her head, trying to cover the envy in her eyes.

[Even if anybody could replace her, it should be my master.]

[Not me.]

Jun Yinglian sensitively noticed Wenren Chuchu’s gaze, but when she looked over, Wenren Chuchu had lowered her head already.

Jun Yinglian sighed.

It reminded her the years when she kept following Ye Xiao, but Ye Xiao kept escaping She still remembered the pain in the heart. She honestly felt sorry for Wenren Chuchu.

[Silly girl!]

[I kept following him, showing my love for him, and it took me all these years to finally be with him. If you keep getting away from her true feelings you won’t get any chance!]

[This man will never stop going up. He is going to ascend Human Realm Upon Heavens. If you don’t seize it now, what is left for you will only be regrets!]

Jun Yinglian felt sorry for Wenren Chuchu, but as a woman, she wouldn’t be generous to share her man with another woman.

That was why all that she could do was to make a sigh in the heart.

However, she didn’t understand Wenren Chuchu.

Wenren Chuchu wasn’t shy. She decided not to step forward in this relationship not because Ye Xiao wouldn’t accept her.

In fact, if Bing Xinyue was still alive, Wenren Chuchu might still want to do it. She might hesitate, but she wouldn’t give it up.

She was a brave and wise woman. She knew that she had to fight for her own happiness, not to wait for it.

A pie in the sky was just a pie; she wanted a true love!

People fell in love for the first sight, but the story of spending an entire life with the love in first sight only existed in books, not in reality!

If Bing Xinyue didn’t die, Wenren Chuchu might be even more aggressive than Jun Yinglian!

However, now she had to shut the true feelings off.

Not because she was shy.

Her heart was rolling because of him, and she didn’t know what she was thinking.

After knowing the man she loved was the famous Xiao Monarch, she didn’t feel disappointed, but only felt more deeply in love.

[He turns out to be the Xiao Monarch.]

[Xiao Monarch is a hero with a cold heart. For a long time, he didn’t give an answer to the world’s most beautiful lady, Jun Yinglian’s courting for love no matter what she did]

[He has been escaping it, which makes him look weak. However, it proves him a responsible man. He is not an amorous man]

[Such man has his own persistence. Even such a gorgeous lady couldn’t shake his determination.]

[Such man is the most reliable person for a woman.]

[At least he won’t abandon the ladies he accepted.]

It was an important thing for a woman whether her man was responsible or not.

That was why Wenren Chuchu was more in love with him when she knew that he was Xiao Monarch.

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