Pursuit Of The Truth Chapter 1015

At the same time, the three people with the Masks of Anger, Grief, and Resentment took a step forward at the same time. Their clones also appeared. Wind, rain, and thunderbolts immediately erupted from their clones. They split into three directions and charged towards Su Ming.
Su Ming still had his eyes closed and was still meditating. A glint appeared in Zhu You Cai's eyes. He took a swift step forward and walked towards the three people who were coming towards them.
At that moment, the Reng Wus' Progenitor had a dark smile on his lips. With one move, he turned into the distortions in space and took a step towards the place where Su Ming was. Behind him, the Virtue Rooters' Progenitor and the three Almighties in Mastery Realm and the large number of Reng Wus also took a step forward.
At the edge of the fifth ocean was the galactic beach formed by shattered stones. It shuddered abruptly, and as it trembled, the Reng Wus approached en masse. It was especially so for the Reng Wus' Progenitor. He was so quick that he reached Su Ming's side in the blink of an eye.
At that moment, the Flame Fiends' Progenitor was being held back by the clone of the person with the Mask of Happiness from the fifth ocean. Zhu You Cai was fighting against the remaining three clones. When he turned his back around, a brilliant light shone in his eyes. He brought his right hand up, and a piercing purple light immediately erupted swiftly from the Life Inequity Spear in front of Su Ming.
This light swept through the area swiftly. Booming sounds instantly echoed in space. That Reng Wus' Progenitor tumbled backwards. When he was touched by that purple light, he coughed up a mouthful of blood. Behind him, most of the Virtue Rooters' Progenitor instantly had most of his body disintegrate. As he was reduced to a bloody mess, his Nascent Divinity was separated from him, and with a loud scream, he retreated swiftly.
The three of his kind who were Almighties in Mastery Realm and who had followed behind the Reng Wus' Progenitor also looked as if their bodies were about to evaporate during that instant. They looked as if they were about to be destroyed and disappear. The Reng Wus' Progenitor pounced on them, and a large amount of blood fog erupted from his body with a bang before he swept them up and retreated ten thousand feet away. When he reappeared, he coughed up blood again. As for the other three, they were covered head to toe in wounds.
The four of them had clearly activated their full power to resist Zhu You Cai's attack, but they still could not fight against it. They had only managed to barely resist that attack after the Reng Wus' Progenitor had that blood fog erupt from him and after he infused some of that strange power from his race, but they were all still heavily injured.
As for the Virtue Rooters' Progenitor, he retreated swiftly and appeared thousands of feet away. Then, his entire body trembled before he was torn into shreds, and his body as well as his soul were destroyed!
With one strike, the sky and earth were shocked. This was the power of the War Immortal.
The three clones fighting against Zhu You Cai also disappeared instantly from before Zhu You Cai under the purple light from the Life Inequity Spear, as if they were dust that was blown away by the wind.
With a buzz, the Life Inequity Spear was held by Zhu You Cai. He stood in front of Su Ming and swept his spear sideways.
"I am here. Who dares to come forth?" Zhu You Cai asked flatly. His voice echoed in the area, causing the entire region to fall incredibly quiet during that instant.
"As expected of an Almighty in Life Realm!" The Reng Wus' Progenitor wiped off the blood at the corners of his lips. A surprised glint shone in his eyes. As he mumbled to himself, the four real masked people of happiness, anger, grief, and resentment from the fifth ocean had their eyes sparkle at the same time before they instantly took a step forward and charged to towards Zhu You Cai simultaneously.
"Happiness!" the person with the Mask of Happiness immediately spoke while he moved forward. His voice was ancient, but had a force akin to thunder roaring. As booming sounds shook the area, his mask instantly melted. As it melted, it started spreading out swiftly until it covered his entire body. Then, his body started abruptly twisting before he turned into a large runic symbol in the middle of space.
An ancient, prehistoric presence spread out from that runic symbol. If there was anyone who could understand the ancient alphabet, then they would be able to recognize that the meaning of the runic symbol was the source of all joy in the universe.
This was an ancient runic symbol that would cause all who saw it to be unable to help themselves but feel happiness immediately rise within the depths of their hearts!
When that runic symbol appeared, a thick wave of happiness surrounded the entire galaxy. As that presence spread out, a happy smile immediately appeared on the Flame Fiends' Progenitor, but the look in his eyes was clearly that of fear.
At the same time, those Reng Wus also came to a stop, and fear appeared on their faces. In fact, the three heavily injured Almighties in Mastery Realm all reacted in the same manner.
Only three people did not react the same way.
One of them was Zhu You Cai. His expression remained the same and there was not a hint of change on him. The second was the Reng Wus' Progenitor. His expression was dark. The space around him distorted, a telling sign that he had activated the laws of fate's power to fight against the Runic Symbol of Happiness that hailed from a time long past.
The last was Su Ming.
The gray-haired Su Ming was the master over all administrations regarding death. In his mind, which was dominated by complete rationality, not a single hint of emotion would appear. Even that Runic Symbol of Happiness from ancient times would find it difficult to fuse even a single bit into his heart.
He closed his eyes and still did not take any action towards everything happening around him.
However, at the instant the Runic Symbol of Happiness appeared, the person with the Mask of Anger immediately had his mask melt, and as it covered his entire body and twisted his figure, he turned swiftly into the second runic symbol.
This was the Runic Symbol of Anger!
When that runic symbol appeared, the presence in the galaxy was forcefully changed. Once it changed from happiness to anger, the emotions of the Flame Fiends' Progenitor changed and he coughed up a mouthful of blood. When he fell backwards, his entire body was filled with rage. However, this rage formed an indefinable, bizarre air when it was compared to the even greater fear in his eyes.
He was not the only one. The three Almighties in Mastery Realm from the Reng Wu Race and all the other Reng Wus were the same.
This change in their emotion was not due to their will, but was a forceful change in them brought by the power of the world, and it was the most damaging of all attacks.
At the same time, the third runic symbol appeared with a bang. At the instant the Runic Symbol of Grief appeared, the presence in the universe changed again. This time, almost at the moment the change occurred, the fourth runic symbol immediately appeared with a bang.
That was the Runic Symbol of Resentment. It caused the entire galaxy to immediately be filled with a strong resentment, and as it occurred, the Flame Fiends' Progenitor let out a shrill scream of pain. With a bang, his body tumbled backwards until he fell on a shattered rock not too far away from Su Ming. When blood trickled out of the corners of his mouth, confusion appeared in his eyes, and he looked as if he had lost consciousness. Occasionally, joy would appear on his face, and sometimes, it would be anger, and every now and then, it would be grief, and at other times, it would be resentment.
It was the same for the Reng Wus. In fact, even the Reng Wus' Progenitor was also shivering. The distortions around him were twisting and changing nonstop because he had exerted the powers of the laws of fate to their absolute limit.
However, slight changes had still appeared on his face. The corners of his lips curled up. That was the appearance of joy.
At that moment, it could be seen that mighty pressure from the full appearance of the Runic Symbols of Happiness, Anger, Grief, and Resentment in the area at that moment had already surpassed that of an Almighty in Fate Realm!
At the same time, a grim expression that had never appeared before showed up on Zhu You Cai's face as he confronted the four runic symbols. He tightened his grip over the Life Inequity Spear, and the four runic symbols let out a loud bang to charge towards him. As they spun around continuously around him, the four of them turned into a spinning whirlwind.
As the whirlwind spun, those people dressed in black leather armor from the fifth ocean immediately sat down cross-legged, and their bodies instantly vanished into the fog within the fifth ocean.
When all of them disappeared and as the whirlwind spun even faster, a loud bang that surged into the heavens immediately rose in the fifth ocean. The entire fifth ocean started spinning during that instant to form a gigantic whirlpool that swept through the entire area with loud booming sounds. Its waves shook the entire universe.
At that moment, as the whirlpool rotated and as the fog in the ocean gathered together, a gigantic face immediately formed in the fifth ocean. There was a smile on that face, and when it rose up from the fifth ocean, it said one single word towards the cosmos, the universe, and the galaxy.
When this word appeared, a shocking bang immediately travelled out of the whirlwind that surrounded Zhu You Cai.
"Anger!" That voice appeared again.
"Resentment!" At the instant that gigantic face formed of seawater said each word each time, its face would also change, and the whirlwind which surrounded Zhu You Cai would also let out a loud bang that shook the sky and earth.
Zhu You Cai's face while he was in the whirlwind was sullen but pale. As his entire body distorted, he lifted the Life Inequity Spear in his right hand and thrust it downwards swiftly.
"Impermanence of Life and Death [1]."
As he mumbled these words, the long spear at his feet let out a loud bang, and black light erupted from it. This light swept through the entire area and crashed into the whirlwind as well as the four runic symbols. As the world roared, the whirlwind stopped spinning for a moment right under everyone's eyes before it swiftly disintegrated into its surroundings. The impact that stirred up swept through the fifth ocean, and as the whirlwind collapsed, a ray of black light shot out swiftly to turn into a long arc that charged towards the face in the fifth ocean.
Booming sounds rose again.
At the instant the face from the fifth ocean collided against the long spear, it was torn to shreds. At the same time, when the disintegrating whirlwind scattered in all directions, the four runic symbols were flung out and turned into four figures in the middle of space. They coughed up a mouthful of blood and raised their heads swiftly to look at Zhu You Cai coldly.
Zhu You Cai's face was pale as he stood in space. When blood trickled out of the corners of his mouth, he staggered and plunged to a shattered stone beside Su Ming. At the instant his body landed, he swiftly gained his footing, and when he lifted his right hand, black light shone in the fifth ocean before it returned to his hand to turn into the Life Inequity Spear. He stabbed it into the shattered stone to support himself so that he would not fall.
"Endless Cycles of Life!" A brilliant light shone in Zhu You Cai's eyes, and he lifted his left hand to swiftly point at the center of his brows.
However, at the instant the tip of his finger touched the center of his brows, the Reng Wus' Progenitor in the distance suddenly laughed loudly. He had been waiting for a long time, and this Almighty in Life Realm had finally executed the Endless Cycles of Life Art.
At the instant his laughter echoed in space, an ordinary looking Reng Wu behind him immediately lifted his head swiftly and took a step towards Zhu You Cai. He was so quick that he moved like a flash of lightning. When he moved over, his body withered swiftly, and he became so emaciated that he looked like a skeleton in the span of a breath. At the instant he appeared beside Zhu You Cai, his body immediately turned into powder under this speed.
However, that powder turned into a huge hand that seized Zhu You Cai's head. A power that surpassed Life Realm also spread out from that hand, and it was the power of Death Realm!
Translator's Notes:
1. Impermanence of Life and Death: Impermanence itself is related to one of the three existences in Buddhism, and it is also known as Anicca or Anitya. The basic gist here is that life and death is unpredictable.

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