Mystical Journey Chapter 896

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“Damn it! This guy is cunning to the point he’s still alive!” the assassin threw away the Deadlight Cannon that was on the verge of melting due to the high temperature. It was an inferior product as it could only be fired twice and could no longer be used.

“That was a one-time-use explosion instrument. It’s pure momentum and possesses no lethality! Go after him!” Linda walked forward as she activated her Mech to chase after him.

What had been thought to be a foolproof siege had failed. If they were to let their opponent escape, then they could no longer remain in the assassination business. This was especially true towards both of the Level Five assassins as they had only done so little before being pushed back by their opponent’s instrument. They were practically useless!

The intense battle had raised some attention from the other side as Windling looked at the other side through the building’s gap and was stunned as she saw Garen’s Mech flying off at immense speed. At that crucial moment, Anda executed his killing moves twice in a row as the superimposed Endless Beam was now doubled. Even though his original killing move had low lethality, it would be greatly enhanced if its strength were doubled.

Pew pew pew!!

A huge amount of white beams had densely covered the whole street. This gave Windling and the other person a run for their money. Who knew that Anda, who was on the verge of death, could still release such a horrifying skill.

An electric mist spread about around Anda’s body similar to the blood mist that could be seen when a person exploded. Although his Mech looked similar to a standard model from the outside, the inner section of his Mech had been modified so many times that it was practically one of the best in the region.

However, his Body had suffered major damage as he had used Endless consecutively in such a short amount of time. 80% of the systems were down and the body had lost its combat capability as only the engine was still functional.

Anda took this opportunity to fly up in the sky under the cover of the endless white beams towards Garen and the killers.

It only took Windling two seconds to neutralize all the white beams with her Endless Neutralization. She looked up at the sky as she stared at Anda who was getting further away with a gloomy face. He was already out of the range of her Endless long range attack.

“Chase after him! He can’t run that far!!”


Garen sat inside the cockpit without any change in expression while the Body was slicing through the air at high speed. He had been chased so many times that he had gotten used to it.

Although the Body was able to enhance a person’s capability, it could only be a burden if it didn’t have any energy.

All four assassins behind him were Elites from the Inner Courtyard. He could still easily solve the situation if he were in his usual condition. After all, a pilot was only slightly stronger than a commoner under normal circumstances. If there were only three people, he could kill them directly since he had a higher quality Willpower and combat skills that far surpassed theirs. He could have easily dealt with them with his skills.

However, with the fourth person in the field, Garen’s lack of power and where his limits were were apparent to himself.

With his current strength, it would be the top news if it were to spread that he had taken care of three elites of the same level without Resonance. One had to realize that even the strongest young elite within the Blackboard Region, Blackstar, could only fight against two people when he had been at his level.

These Level Five Pilots were no ordinary pilots from common households. Those Pilots’ martial arts were filled with flaws. Excluding Garen, any same Level Pilot from the Inner Courtyard or even the Level Four could easily handle them.

Any of the four assassins behind Garen could easily kill two normal Level Five Pilots. This was the clear difference between elites and non-elites.

Take the Red-White Mech that Garen had killed as an example. If he were to encounter these four back then, he would be killed in an instant as these four people were equivalent to at least five Red-White Mechs when they teamed up. The Red-White back then had been a product of Leveling up at an incredible rate so all he could rely on was the strength of his Mech.

“How embarrassing I can only run for my life since the Mech doesn’t have enough energy,” Garen wasn’t anxious at all. Even if he had lost his Body, he wouldn’t be infected by the radiation sickness when exposed to the external environment, unlike other Pilots. He would at most escape from his cockpit and hide.

Although he was being chased, his opponent’s energy sources were finite. They had at least exhausted half of their energy from all of the chasing, including this flight. Even if they had brought along their backup energy packs, they would still require time to stop and recharge their energy sources.

This was especially the case for Linda as her energy should be similar to his, where it was on the verge of depletion.

Garen smirked.

Although the Instantaneous Box had been exhausted, he still had more items up his sleeves

The engine in Garen’s Mech would occasionally release a burst to avoid the long range attacks that came from behind with great precision. At the same time, he managed to reduce the air drag so he was always slightly faster than the Mechs behind chasing him at full speed.

He rushed into the forest of radioactive stone pillars the instant he landed on the ground and quickly flew out from an unimaginable angle as he escaped once more.

“This bastard!!” Linda gritted her teeth as she chased from behind.

Warnings of energy depletion were constantly sent out to the Body. She was almost out of energy and yet the Black Mech in front of her could still fly about freely.

Rumor had it that technically skilled Pilots were able to reduce the air drag to the extent that they were able to increase their speed and reduce energy consumption at the same time. The key to achieving this was the minor adjustment of one’s Willpower. She had seen this technique before from the powerhouses within the organization but she didn’t expect Garen to know this technique as well.

“Even if you can reduce your energy consumption while flying, you’ll still have to deal with them even when I’m out of energy! You can’t possibly escape from us!” she muttered angrily. She had been so confident in this mission that she believed she could easily earn the hundred million Units bounty. However, she didn’t expect her target to be so cunning.

“Fuck!!!” one of the assassin pilots shouted through the communication device out of the blue.

“Rainstorm, what are you doing!” Linda saw the Mech behind her jolted.

“The high energy fan has run out of juice!” Rainstorm cried in frustration. “We wouldn’t have let him slip through our fingers this easily if we knew that he was a Level Five Pilot!”

“I’d done a background check on this kid. He’s a normal Pilot that came from the Outer Courtyard, but how could he possesses such a powerful and high-quality Willpower training method?! Furthermore, he possessed the quality of a normal Pilot when he was in his first year and yet he has suddenly become a Level Five Pilot whose skill has risen so quickly recently with this training method. One could dismiss him as a talent who went unnoticed if he were a Level Four, or perhaps the Level Five Crouched Eagle Talon is not a big deal. However, this high-quality Level Five training method is definitely something! He’s only in his third year too! There are only a few others in this year with a high-quality Level Five Willpower and each of them has a very powerful background! He’s definitely hiding something big from everyone!” the other Pilot said in a deep tone.

“Our employer has sent his men to that bastard’s home in hopes of finding some clue. If he can’t find anything there, the least we can do is to kidnap his family and threaten him. Hehe, if we are able to reveal the secret to boost the Level of Willpower within a short amount of time to the public, do you think the Blackboard’s higher-ups will let him off the hook?” the last Pilot started smirking.

“Only us here know that this bastard possesses a unique Level Five Willpower. Since our employer isn’t afraid of breaking the rules, why should we be!” Rainstorm smirked. “Perhaps the reason why our employer is willing to go this far is to get his hands on this bastard’s unique training method!”

As these people mused with one another, they soon followed Garen to a huge crack in the ground. It was pitch black inside and was filled with teeth-like spikes as they crossed over one another. From afar, it looked like the ground had opened up its big jagged mouth.

Garen took a few turns as he went into the crevice and disappeared.

“Fuck! Chase after him!”

Linda was the first to react as she was also the only one who possessed resonance among the others. Although she wasn’t operating her own Exclusive Mech, she was still very fast in responding to situations.

The rest tried to catch up but they started to lose track of Garen’s Willpower. It seemed that the crevice possessed a strong radioactive disruption field.

Radiation came in many forms in the radiation belt. According to the existing records, scientists have identified at least six hundred types of radiation and there were at least a thousands of them that could be detected but were unknown to them. As for those that were unable to be detected but had palpable effects, there were so many that the scientists had lost count. This was the reason why humans were very afraid of the radiation belt.

They went inside without hesitation as they flew through the gaps in pitch black condition at high speed.

Within these crevices, a few radioactive people in mini Mechs could be seen by the walls as they seemed to be harvesting something from the wall.

“Who’s there!!?” a few eagle shaped Mechs started levitating beside these group of radioactive people as it rumbled.

“This is the Nottingham Household’s Mineral Zone. Outsiders shall leave immediately!!” one of the Eagle Mechs shouted.

The other two Eagle Mechs started to levitate and attempted to block the four Blackboard Mechs. They were a Level Three and Level Two respectively. It seemed that the Nottingham Household was not an ordinary household as they were able to deploy Pilots of such levels even in these places.

If it were a typical Mineral Zone, an employer would typically deploy a Level One Pilot to monitor these radioactive people in Mini Mechs instead of deploying a Level Two or Three.


One of the Blackboard assassins increased his speed and clashed against two of the Eagles.

Pew pew! Boom!!

Two of the Eagles turned into fireballs instantly as they shattered into pieces. These pieces then crashed into the stone walls, causing deaths and serious injuries among the radioactive people.

The fiery fireball had lit up the whole crevice.

Linda and the rest didn’t stop as they continued chasing after Garen who was just in front of them.

“Hold on just a bit more! He should be running out of energy soon! He can last ten minutes at most!” Linda shouted.

The group of four could see Garen flying gracefully between the crevices far away. When they were about to catch up to him, he immediately took a few turns and wriggled out of their grasps.

Soon they encountered another group of Eagle Mechs. However, they seemed to have received advance intel and started attacking them without any hesitation.

Two Level Fives led the team of at least ten Level Two Mechs as they approached them. They possessed tremendous power and these two Level Five Pilots seemed to be the top dogs in this Mineral Mine.

One could obviously see that this mineral mine was unusually important as a deploying a Level Five in this zone wasn’t something a typical household could do. No one had heard of the Nottingham Household before and these four assassins didn’t care in the least. If they could deal with a Level Five elite from the Inner Courtyard, a Level Five from the Outer Courtyard meant nothing to them.

Within seconds, these four had taken care of the group of Mechs without much difficulty.

The four assassins moved forwards as explosions reverberated behind them.

They were at a loss as they couldn’t understand why these people were attacking them instead of Garen.

The whole area had become quiet after two of the Level Five Pilots had been taken care of and no more Pilots dared to attack them. Afterall, a Level Five Pilot was a household’s strongest soldier and if they were disposed of this easily This would be considered a huge loss for any Household.

However, these four assassins didn’t expect something right after they had flown away from the scene.

The old Level Five Pilot was still alive as he struggled with all his might to send a distress signal while retching up blood in the Cockpit.

“Emergency! Emergency Unknown Blackboard Mech intruders have appeared. Their strength is above Level Five Requesting Annihilation” the old Pilot shut his eyes after muttering his last word as his Mech which had its cockpit pierced through fell into the endless abyss.

Garen and the assassins whom he had lured over did not realize that a storm was slowly brewing because of their chase.

Far away in one of the bases of White Light.

As countless Mechs kept taking off and landing at the base, a pure white Great Light Mech slowly opened its eyes.

A transparent monitor appeared in front of him, showing clearly the torment that had been done by the four Blackboard Mechs towards the Nottingham Household’s Pilots.

“My Mastery Energy Mine!! Someone dared to lay their hands on my Mineral Mine!! Looks like I have yet to kill enough people”

A horrifying white aura slowly appeared around her body as it formed into a poisonous snake which resembled a ribbon. The ten-kilometer square base started to tremble from her Willpower alone.

“What are you doing, Nottingham! Our Lord has sent you here to defend the base, not to kill people!” a melodious female tone came from his side. It was from a red slender looking Female Mech which was holding a blade and shield.

“What am I planning to do? Hahaha Unlike that useless Danfur, I am not a coward who ran away after being beaten by Red-Whale!” Nottingham moved as her Body turned into a streak of white light before flying far away out of the base.

“Everything finally calmed down and some idiot decides to agitate this madman! Damn it! This is going to be troublesome!” The Red Mech was very annoyed as she immediately turned around and flew towards the communication tower.

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