Mystical Journey Chapter 895

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Linda’s pupils shrunk as she wasn’t willing to fight Garen to death. She was an assassin, not a fighter who fought to the death. She was stunned as her opponent was able to react in time and counter. Her flawless assassination attempt was all for nothing.

At this point in time, she couldn’t do much but to feel unfortunate as all she could do now was take a step back far away from him.

Garen, who had been ambushed, couldn’t pay attention to her as the surrounding Yellow Mechs had released a series of white homing missiles aimed at him at the same time.

Lines of white smoke from the homing missiles were left in the air as they zoomed towards him from all directions.


The missiles exploded, turning the area where Garen’s Mech’s stood into a sea of fire as thick smoke kept coming out from it.

The Pilots inside the yellow Mechs frowned as they could sense that their opponent did not walk the same path as them, yet he was able to counter ambush them.

The lead Mech hesitated for a moment before raising his hand, gesturing everyone to fall back.

“It’s an assassin from the Exterminet, so don’t spread this to anyone else.”

The Yellow Mechs stopped attacking after they had fired all of their homing missiles. Their opponent had used them to his advantage when he ambushed them at the moment they attacked him. These members of the Thousand Year Tree were obviously unhappy when they were used by the Exterminet’s assassin, who was not to be trifled with.

“Big brother, why don’t we keep them in check here, since we outnumber them”

“Idiot! Why would you want to fight to the death whenever you feel like it? Don’t you think that they would fight back? And when they do, won’t people die? I didn’t bring you out to simply kill anyone! I have the responsibility to bring you all back safe and sound!” the Yellow Mech leader scoffed. “That is an elite from the inner academy. He’s not some common Pilot that we can kill!”

The Mech who recommended a massacre stopped voicing out.

Garen’s body started appearing once more. Even he couldn’t avoid being injured from all that firepower directed at him in that instant. This was especially true towards Linda’s ambush, where she had almost destroyed her body’s waist support. The waist support was a critical point of a spinal support system as the body would only lay on the ground and not move once it was destroyed.

The Willpower-powered Mech was about to form similar structures to of a living being.

He was fortunate that he was able to gather his Level Five Willpower to form a Body Field which blocked off most of the explosion and repelled the ambushed attack. However, his body had been slightly damaged and he was left with about thirty percent of his energy source.

Crack crack

Garen’s Black Mech moved slowly as he punched with all his might to the left with his fist.


Linda’s Black Mech which appeared on the left was hit and instantly pushed back.

“Why did you ambush me?” Garen, who was inside the Mech didn’t change his expression as he asked. He who had not trusted them from the beginning had nothing much to say now that he was being ambushed. However, he was rather skeptical of this ambush in this critical period. Linda’s personality was not very suspicious and he himself knew that he hadn’t offended her in any way as well.

“Someone had offered one hundred million in place of your head,” Linda laughed. Although her body was pushed back, she seemed to possess a high defense as she was not injured at all.

“Is it the Exterminet?” Garen suddenly understood the situation. However, with his personality, he didn’t care at all as she wouldn’t be a threat to her even if she, a Level Four, tried to ambush him

As this idea surfaced in his mind, a powerful Willpower slowly surged up around him.

Three similar Level Five Willpower-powered Mechs started flying up as they surrounded Garen. In addition to Linda who was a Level Four elite The powers they revealed in that instant was clearly the Resonance Skills as it wouldn’t be this powerful otherwise. It was the strength of a Level Five who knew the Resonance Skill.

In that instant, there were four elites of his caliber that had surrounded Garen.

Even the Yellow Mechs had nothing to say when such a scenario unfolded before their eyes.

“Boss, what should we do now?” a Yellow Mech whispered. “We’ve just ambushed that person. If he were to lump us together with these assassins”

“What else can we do?! We don’t interfere with other people’s business!” the lead Yellow Mech waved its hand. “Everyone retreat!”

Within a few seconds, every Yellow Mech in the scene had retreated and hidden.

They were here to assassinate Anda and were not on the same team as these assassins from the Exterminet. This person who was willing to reward a hundred million Universal Unit for a person’s head definitely had a deep background and was someone who shouldn’t be messed with. As for the ambush earlier, it would be easier to explain to the others if Anda were to survive as they were simply defending themselves from the other party’s ambush. However, if they were to be lumped together with the assassins, then it would spell trouble for both parties.

The situation was completely chaotic.

Anda was being oppressed by Windling, his body covered in injuries, on the streets between the buildings on the right. On his right over a row of buildings, Garen was being surrounded by assassins from the Exterminet.

Four Level Five Willpower had locked onto Garen’s body.

His heart sank for a moment. Even if he currently possessed the skill of a Level Five Pilot, he was still being surrounded by four powerhouses of the same caliber. Some of them were probably powerhouses from within the Inner Courtyard, who at least had a trump card or two that could at least ensure their safety. Elites who were able to enter the Inner Courtyard were at least flawless in their Combat Skills and each of them possessed unique killing moves. In comparison, they were at least on the same calibers as those Grandmasters of Combat who practiced Living Secret Techniques, where their skills were at least half of Garen’s.

Fortunately, he had taken measures against assassins from the Exterminet once he was aware of their existence.

Garen slowly took out a small and exquisite black box.

He then looked at his body’s remaining energy, which had about 28% left.

“I’ll end this battle quickly!” Linda scoffed as she was the first one to leap forward. At the same time, the other three followed along tightly as they attacked. The other two surrounded him as the last one stood behind with a Deadlight Cannon on his shoulder, with its muzzle glowing faintly red.

“Earth Shattering Slash!!” a stroke of white light in the form of a knife appeared on Linda’s dagger as it shattered the ground and slashed towards Garen at great speed.

Suddenly, the White Light Knife split into three as they arched and went towards Garen in three different directions.

Garen jumped lightly. With two black knives in his hands, Garen danced around as he took the shape of a black ball to block the incoming attacks of two Mechs from the side. The overwhelmingly powerful Level Five Willpower bypassed through Garen’s knives and clashed with his Willpower.

A buzz was heard and his Level Four Crouched Eagle Talon Willpower was instantly broken while the other two Willpowers were slightly weakened. These two Willpowers continued moving towards the body’s core. Once they reached the core of the body, the Mech would be under their control no matter how strong the Mech was.

Garen gathered his unnamed Level Five Willpower and separated them into two portions to counter them.


Three Level Five Willpowers clashed against one another at the same time and exploded from Garen’s battle knives. Those who were outside of the battle could clearly see that the knives’ bodies were twisted for a slight moment as an invisible force field was released.

Clank. Three of the Mechs were pushed back as Garen and the other two Pilots sustained light injuries.

“What training method is this!? For a Willpower to be able to possess such strong qualities and be able to counter one’s full force with only half of his strength?!” Linda was shocked but her greed started taking over after a while.

“If only I could obtain such a training method”

“Fire!” the Assassin Mech from afar finally attacked as a red beam was fired from the canon, as it vaporized everything in its trajectory and the surroundings of its beam.

With a high energy red laser cannon firing at Garen, he had no choice but to evade this bucket-thick red pillar with all his might.

Linda immediately took a step back as she gritted her teeth. A black lightning grenade appeared in her hand out of nowhere, and she immediately threw it towards Garen as her heart ached.

The black lightning grenade cracked open as it shot out a huge amount of blue plasma. This plasma was glowing intensely as electric arcs spread about and behind Garen, sealing his only route in evading the attacks.

This highly concentrated plasma grenade had cost six million each and was able to deal serious damage to a Level Five Mech.

Death awaited Garen if he moved to the front and the plasma grenade had covered his entire back. It occurred the moment Garen decided to back off from the two Level Five Mechs before him.

The assassins’ cooperation was very tacit as there were not a moment of pause in between their attacks.

Garen was in a period of delay as he was slightly numbed by the barrage of two Willpowers. Although his body reacted the moment it sensed danger, his body was still a normal standard model from the Blackboard Region. It was still acceptable when reacting to a normal condition, but his follow up actions after consecutive fine-tuned response motions couldn’t keep up to speed. There was too much Willpower information in a very short amount of time and it had been bottlenecked within the Body’s system, causing his Body to be not able to react in time.

However, it was this instance that made Garen realize that it was necessary for him to have a Mech of his own for him to unleash his full potential. It would be his demise if he were to keep using a Mech that did not suit him!!

With his Mech unable to move, Garen was unable to do anything to avoid the incoming attacks.


The thick Deadlight was shot directly at Garen and huge amounts of plasma liquid kept eroding his Energy Field, depleting his remaining energy source even further.

As the Deadlight was about to penetrate the Mech’s protective field, a sawtooth-like shockwave instantly spread outwards with Garen as the epicenter without any sound and warning.

The edge of the sawtooth shockwave kept spinning and it brought forth a powerful momentum as it pushed away and disintegrated the Deadlight and plasma at the same time.

Garen sat inside the cockpit as the black box inside his hand broke down slowly and turned into a pile of fine black dust, slipping through the gaps of his fingers.

It was an Instantaneous Paper Box, a life-saving item that he had obtained from the Honorable Noble. It was able to instantly release an Inherited Level momentum that spanned out fifteen meters. However, it did not possess any lethality and could only be used for self-protection.

The sawtooth-like shockwave had such a strong momentum that it had even sent the assassin Mechs flying. Linda was pushed back as well as she crashed into the building by the side, leaving a clear indentation.

In that instant, Garen maneuvered his Body as he leaped out of the area so that he was no longer trapped. While he wanted to kill them, it would be difficult as he had spent too much energy. His power source was insufficient to begin with, and it had plunged down to the critical point as he was continuously ambushed. In the end, he was left with 12% and it would still continue to deplete.

Garen flew up into the sky and saw that the assassin with the Deadlight Cannon was still trying to attack him as he pointed the cannon towards him. However, Garen immediately flew towards him as he shut off his main engine while he fell down from the sky. He had made use the momentum gained from the gravity and engine to change his trajectory.


The cannon missed as a red line was drawn in the sky.

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