My Youth Began With Him Chapter 744

“Yes, I’m sorry, we made a mistake. Sorry for any inconvenience we may have caused.”

The other cop was more prudent

“It’s okay.” Huo Mian smiled elegantly; then, she took back her license and got onto her car.

At this moment, Mr. Qin was sleeping like a baby on the passenger seat

“You keep saying that I lose control when I drink, but you’re no better.”

Then, Huo Mian started the car and drove all the way back to their castle on South Hill.

“Young Master, Young Madam.”

Uncle Li immediately came out to greet them when he saw their car driving up.

“Uncle Li, he’s drunk. Can you make him some hangover soup?”

“Will do, Young Madam.”

Huo Mian put Qin Chu’s arm around her shoulder and helped him up to their bedroom with great difficulty.

Then, she helped him change, shower, and pulled him onto their bed

“Get up, have some hangover soup.”

Qin Chu woke up in a daze and sipped at the bowl of soup in Huo Mian’s hand.

Then, he lied down and went back to sleep

He had a little bit too much to drink tonight alcohol made people excited and always magnified everything.

Even an aloof person like Qin Chu would do something as excessive as sticking his tongue into Huo Mian’s mouth in front of all those people.

Thank god they were at the company. If they were on the streets, who knows what would happen if photos were leaked

– Late at night –

Huo Mian took a hot shower and climbed into bed

She had a long day she went from South Side to GK, GK to Second High for ramen, and then back to GK.

Her legs were sore

She picked up a bottle of lotion and began rubbing it onto herself


Qin Chu began mumbling, but she didn’t know what he was talking about

She lowered her body next to his mouth and listened intently.

He said, “Please don’t break up with me, please.”

“Let’s go to the States, and be with each other for the rest of our lives.”

Huo Mian felt heartbroken upon hearing what he said

Seven years ago, after Uncle Jing died, she went back on her promise to go abroad with Qin Chu.

At their graduation ceremony, she publicly denied her relationship with him and one-sidedly announced that they had broken up.

Back then, she broke Qin Chu’s heart

However, he didn’t say anything or complain, and quietly left for the United States for 7 years

She thought that he lived a good life there, but now that she thought about it, he must’ve felt so insecure for those seven years.

He missed her, constantly

However, he wanted to win the bet with his father, but at the same time worried that she might marry someone else.

He was by himself, but he had to endure double the misery

No matter how powerful he was, Qin Chu was still a man. A man whose heart could be broken, a man who cried.

The only thing that ever made him sad was Huo Mian going back on her words seven years ago and breaking up with him.

“Honey I’m sorry I promise to be a good wife in the future and make up for the 7 years we already lost.”

Then, Huo Mian gently kissed him on the forehead

That night was slightly cold

Neon lights flashed outside the South Hill Manor, and the colorful fountain flowed quietly

In this castle that belonged to the prince and the princess, existed a story of a pair of young lovers who had been in love with each other for a long time, and plan to spend the rest of their lives together.

– The next morning –

Qin Chu’s head hurt when he woke up

Huo Mian passed him a glass. “Drink this, it’s my own hangover elixir, I promise it’s strong.”

“Honey how drunk was I last night?”

“You weren’t too bad all you did was stick your tongue in my mouth in front of a few dozen GK employees.”

Qin Chu, “”

He looked like he had been electrified

“What else did I do?”

“Well you also ran naked on the streets, I couldn’t even stop you,” Huo Mian said slowly.

Qin Chu’s glass-holding hand trembled

His expression was as funny as could be

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