My Mcv And Doomsday Chapter 614


“Brother Jiang, my comrades will help you split up the mutant beast. I noticed that your tour bus is not suitable for storing the bloody parts. We have to small cars, so if you need them, I can give them to you,” said Jiang Chen.

Jiang Liushi watched as Jiang Chen’s were removing the huge pangolin’s huge tail, head, limbs and everything else that could be consumed or was useful. In fact, it was challenging dissecting, as well as transporting such a huge monster.

Jiang Liushi paid attention to a 1,9 meters tall man who was trying to cut off the pangolin’s scales with a hacksaw. Many people were assisting him, while others were dealing with other matters.

Earlier, six people lost their lives; four men and two women. One of the slaves Jiang Liushi had purchased had also miserably lost her life. When Jiang Liushi saw the bodies wrapped in white cloth, he sighed. Unfortunately, it was impossible to avoid wounds and death in any battle. However, the living had no time to grieve and for the fallen nor take care of their bodies properly. They had to get rid of them quickly to prevent other mutant beasts from attacking them.

In Jiang Liushi’s mind, he was responsible for those people’s deaths. If he had not bought Ye Yuekong, the mutant pangolin would not have attacked them. Moreover, the fact that the pangolin had wounded and killed Long Teng’s main force made Jiang Liushi feel guilty.

At that, Jiang Liushi waved his hands and said, “Just use your truck to transport it. I only need its mutant nucleus. The rest of the mutant pangolin belongs to you. You can distribute it with your comrades, as well as the fallen’s families. It’s the least I can do for their sacrifice.”

“Really!?” Jiang Cheng was flabbergasted. “It’s at least 12 tons! Moreover, you were the one that saved us, Brother Jiang. If not for you, we’d all be dead…”

Jiang Liushi patted Jiang Cheng’s shoulder and said, “Say no more. We were the ones that attracted the pangolin, not you.”

“No, no, no. Brother Jiang, you can’t be like this. Fighting is our bounden duty. Since we came here, we were already prepared to face death. If not, we would have stayed to our face, avoiding any danger,” said Jiang Cheng sincerely.

Suddenly, Jiang Liushi stared at Jiang Cheng. He could tell that Jiang Cheng was honest, so Jiang Liushi admired his mindset and disposition from the depths of his heart.

“I’d like to go back with you,” said Jiang Liushi suddenly.

“Oh, nice! You’re welcome to visit our base Brother Jiang,” replied Jiang Cheng happily.

“By the way, I’d like to know some more details about the Sword Club,” added Jiang Liushi. The best way to know about one’s opponent was naturally to ask their long-time enemies.

“Of course!” replied Jiang Cheng immediately.

After that, everyone quickened their pace and loaded the pangolin’s parts on the truck. Jiang also got the pangolin’s mutant nucleus For Jiang Liushi, level-2 mutant nuclei were of utmost importance. Meanwhile, the mutant pangolin was a top level-2 mutant beast, so its nucleus should be at least a high-quality one.

As Jiang Liushi held the crimson-red mutant nucleus, he could feel the blood in his body boiling and speeding up. It was as if the mutant nucleus had made the blood excited.

‘This’ Jiang Liushi suddenly thought of something, so he placed the mutant nucleus on his forehead. Shortly after, he could feel the nucleus’ energy sipping out of it and that his body was constantly absorbing it.

Before waking up, Jiang Liushi’s body had absorbed several level-1 mutant nuclei in order to complete his evolution. Although he had obtained the blue energy, Jiang Liushi clearly sensed that his body had no use for the energy of level-1 mutant nuclei anymore. No matter how much he had tried, his body did not absorb their energy.

However, it seemed that level-2 mutant nuclei were different. The level-2 nucleus’ energy was soundlessly and slowly absorbed into Jiang Liushi’s body. Jiang Liushi stretched out his hands, gathering a blue cluster of light above them. The blue cluster of light resembled a miniature blue sun, which was slowly getting bigger the more energy was being absorbed. Undoubtedly, as long as Jiang Liushi absorbed the energy from level-2 mutant nuclei, the blue energy would increase, which meant that his overall strength would improve exponentially.

‘Sigh, how many level-2 nuclei will I have to absorb?’ Jiang Liushi could not help but feel a little worried as it was not that easy to gather many level-2 mutant nuclei. Even so, Jiang Liushi decided to try his best. After all, he couldn’t underestimate his enemies and improving his abilities was the best way to deal with them.

“Brother Jiang, Long Teng City is just in front. Well, it cannot really be regarded as a city,” said Jiang Cheng while pointing in front of them.

Long Teng City was built in the countryside, and it was protected just by a three-meter-high wall made of stone and wood. It could not be compared with the Sword Club at all.

“It’s okay. Staying here must be quite difficult,” replied Jiang Liushi casually.

At that moment, Ran Xiyu’s voice sounded. “Brother Jiang, look!”

“Eh?” Jiang Liushi stared at the front immediately and found that something was amiss. Occasionally, one or two gunshots could be heard.

“What happened?” Jiang Cheng’s expression also changed.

Jiang Cheng’s team sped up swiftly. Ever since they had set up their base, it had been peaceful. He didn’t expect that they’d be attacked today of all days.

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