My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 1768

Qingfeng Li was way too strong. Although he was only at the hundred and eighth place on the Devil List, he was able to knock out the giant Scarface Devil, who was one place higher than him, with just one punch. His battle power was indeed incredible.

The looks all the cultivators gave to Qingfeng Li were filled with shock as well as admiration.

The gaze of the Peach Blossom She-Devil, who was still holding Qingfeng Li’s left arm, changed as well. She just sensed that this good-looking man wasn’t that simple; her half-step Spirit Monarch Realm spiritual sense attuned to the mysterious aura that he was emanating.

What went beyond the Peach Blossom She-Devil’s expectation was how powerful this good-looking man was, which made her heart race as if she was in love again.

The Peach Blossom She-Devil said, “Cute boy, you are so powerful. Please protect me from now on, and don’t ever let those devils take advantage of me.”

Qingfeng Li rolled his eyes, looking at the landlady with speechlessness. “You area half-step Spirit Monarch Realm master, why do you need my protection?”

Seeing the Scarface Devil had been knocked out by Qingfeng Li with one punch, the look on the faces of the dozens of devils following behind all slightly.

Those devils came in with the Scarface Devil just now, as they all frequented the Peach Blossom Hotel together, and thus they were aware of how powerful the Scarface Devil was.

The Scarface Devil was the Devil Boss ranked one hundred and seventh on the Devil List, however, he couldn’t even take one strike from Qingfeng Li, which made the others wonder how powerful this young man was.

Although Qingfeng Li was powerful, some devils remained unconvinced, as it was their nature to be fearless of death.

A giant man with an iron hammer walked out. This giant man was very formidable, only wearing a short top showing his bronzed skin. He seemed over two meters high, his giant figure making him an iron tower to the others.

“Iron Hammer Devil, I can’t believe that the Iron Hammer Devil showed up! He is a good friend of the Scarface Devil, so he must be here to avenge the Scarface Devil.” There was a cultivator who recognized the giant man.

Qingfeng Li stared at the Iron Hammer Devil, remaining silent.

He used his clairvoyance on the guy and found out immediately that the Iron Hammer Devil’s capability was at the peak of the Ninth Level of Supreme Realm, almost breaking through to the half-step Spirit Monarch Realm.

Although the Iron Hammer Devil was close to the next realm, the gap in between was very difficult to break through. In order to reach the Spirit Monarch Realm, one had to master the Monarch Law, which was the symbol for the realm.

The Peach Blossom She-Devil beside Qingfeng Li was halfway to the Spirit Monarch Realm, and had began understanding the Monarch Law, which was partly why Qingfeng Li wasn’t able to pinpoint her capabilities. On the other side, the Iron Hammer Devil hadn’t grasped the Monarch Law yet, so Qingfeng could see through his strength immediately.

Staring at the Iron Hammer Devil in front of him, Qingfeng Li waved his right hand and said disdainfully, “You are too weak to be my opponent. Hurry up and leave, or otherwise you will end up like the Scarface Devil.”

The Iron Hammer Devil sneered; he was confident as he believed that he was stronger than the Scarface Devil and would be able to smash Qingfeng Li without much effort.

“Gravity Spirit Hammer!”

The Iron Hammer Devil howled and used the Gravity Technique abruptly. In front of his body, a powerful black suction pressure appeared that pressed Qingfeng Li against the ground.

Meanwhile, the Iron Hammer Devil jumped high into the air, forcibly waving the iron hammer in his hand at Qingfeng Li’s body to smash him up.

Amazement appeared in Qingfeng Li’s eyes, he didn’t expect that this giant man would have mastered the Gravity Technique. However, this giant man didn’t know who he is dealing with, as Qingfeng Li had just mastered a Monarch Level Gravity Technique, which was incredibly formidable.

“Two thousand times gravity!”

Qingfeng Li yelled sharply, immediately unleashing two thousand times the force of gravity, which sucked the Iron Hammer Devil’s body from the air to the ground, making him unable to move at all.

The Iron Hammer Devil was locked onto the ground tightly by the black suction pressure. His face was covered with shock, as he felt the force from the ground was so strong that it was impossible for him to resist.

Qingfeng Li walked forward at a leisurely, saying, “I told you that you weren’t my opponent, but you still used Gravity Technique to attack me. You are just embarrassing yourself.”

Qingfeng Li stretched out his right leg and kicked at his chest forcibly. With a banging noise, the Iron Hammer Devil flew dozens of meters away immediately. What made it even more hilarious was that there was a clear footprint right on his chest.

Iron Hammer Devil’s body landed heavily on the ground with a big banging noise. His head turned to the side, and after coughing out some blood, he passed out, joining the Scarface Devil on the floor.

Woosh woosh woosh …

Everyone around took a deep breath. If what Qingfeng Li just did to beat the Scarface Devil was pure luck, then his victory over the Iron Hammer Devil had proved that his power was unbeatable, as the Iron Hammer Devil was at the peak of the Ninth Level Supreme Realm.

The dozens of devils behind were terribly shocked as they saw the Scarface Devil and the Iron Hammer Devil had been badly defeated. Their power was the same level as the Scarface Devil and Iron Hammer Devil, but they never thought that those two devils would be so fragile in front of Qingfeng Li that they couldn’t even take one strike from him.

How could this devil at the one hundred and eighth place on the Devil List be so much more powerful than them; they couldn’t believe the outcome at all.

Qingfeng Li walked up to the devils around and said, “You guys can all join those two since you are in the same group.”

“Wind Elemental Wings!”

Qingfeng Li howled and used his Wind Elemental Wings directly, two cyan light masses forming on each side of his body.

The cyan light mass formed into streaks of whirlwinds and hovered forward while binding Qingfeng Li’s body. His speed was so fast that he arrived among all the devils instantly.

Those devils tried to avoid him but realized that it was impossible. Therefore, they started to attack him using their fists, palms, knives, and longswords, hoping their large force could defeat him.

Unfortunately, they were wrong, as a group of sheep could do nothing to a tiger.

Qingfeng Li exhaled his Golden Energy, his right hand unleashing the Strangle Hell Fist while he swept all over them with his Fire Supreme Sword. After only a few punches, all of the devils were knocked out. They coughed out blood and landed on the ground heavily; they didn’t even have the strength to get up from the ground.


Dead silence.

The entire Peach Blossom Hotel fell into silence. All the cultivators opened their mouths widely, unable to explain what they just witnessed.

They were totally shocked by how powerful Qingfeng Li was. The dozens of devils didn’t even have any chance to fight back, and they weren’t just some normal people, they were all well-known devils on the Devil List.

All the devils here were ranked in the top two hundred, each of them was incredibly strong; even the one at the lowest place was above the Eight Level of the Supreme Realm with large amount of spiritual weapons on them. No one could figure out how they beaten like weak babies by Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li’s power shut everyone’s mouths.

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