My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 1767

Ya Yun walked up to Qingfeng Li, lifted up her head, and said, “No wonder the landlady could block Mengyao Xu’s attack. It’s because she is the legendary Peach Blossom She-Devil.”

Qingfeng Li looked at Ya Yun with a puzzled look. He had no idea who the Peach Blossom She-Devil was, he assumed that she would be someone brutal and fierce, but how could she have such a gorgeous face.

Qingfeng Li asked Ya Yun, “What is the Peach Blossom She-Devil’s rank on the Devil List?”

Ya Yun responded with a light voice, “The Peach Blossom She-Devil is at the fiftieth place on the Devil List, which is fifty-eight places higher than yours. She is very formidable, and her weapon is just a branch of a peach blossom tree.”

Qingfeng Li nodded, his gaze at the landlady who stood in front revealing his shock. It was beyond his expectations that this charming and gorgeous lady could be a brutal devil who committed innumerable murders.

However, Qingfeng Li soon felt free as he thought of the four million cultivators he killed.

After thinking for a moment, Qingfeng Li figured that it was better not to stay in this hotel, as this was where all the devils gathered. Who knows what would happened if they stayed here.

Qingfeng Li had noticed that the dozens of ferocious-looking men and women who had just walked in were also devils, most likely devils who were on the Devil List too.

Qingfeng Li waved his hand at the landlady in front and said, “We better leave since there is nothing available here.”

But unexpectedly, the landlady didn’t allow Qingfeng Li to leave even though he wanted to. She stepped her foot forward and turned into a windspout that arose instantly beside Qingfeng Li.

The landlady reached out her right hand and immediately grabbed onto Qingfeng Li’s arm, her action looking extremely intimate. She said to Qingfeng Li, “Cute boy, I think it’s better for you to just stay here.”

Ya Yun and Mengyao Xu were annoyedas they saw how intimate the Peach Blossom She-Devil was with Qingfeng Li. So were all the ferocious devils who just came in, anger appearing on their faces as they were all admirers of the Peach Blossom She-Devil.

A giant fellow with a scar on the face took a step forward, leaving the ground trembling. He threw a cold look at Qingfeng Li and said, “Who are you? You’d better get the hell out right now or I’ll chop you in half with my knife.”

Seeing the Scarface Devil, all the cultivators around were shocked. As soon as some of them recognized him, their faces fell and their bodies started to tremble.

“Did you see that? The fellow with the scar on the face is called the Scarface Devil who ranks at one hundred and seventh on the Devil List. His strength is now in the Ninth Level of the Supreme Realm and he has killed countless people without mercy.”

“Obviously I have heard about him! He is the brutal devil who killed five million cultivators.”

“That cute young guy is screwed, where did he get the guts to get close with the Peach Blossom She-Devil? There is no doubt that he will be killed by the Scarface Devil.”

All the cultivators looked towards Qingfeng Li with mockery. They believed that Qingfeng Li overestimated himself way too much this time and that he would be killed very shortly.

Apparently Qingfeng Li heard what those cultivators were gossiping about. He felt annoyed when he looked at the Peach Blossom She-Devil, as she was still holding onto his arm even at this awkward moment. She was aware that what she was doing would bring trouble to him, but she did it anyway.

Qingfeng Li shot a glance at Peach Blossom She-Devil who was holding onto his arm and asked, “Still not going to let me go?”

The Peach Blossom She-Devil responded with giggles and then said, “Cute boy, you are so good-looking, stay here tonight and let me take good care of you.”

The Peach Blossom She-Devil’s words pissed off the Scarface Devil badly, so he decided he had to unleash his rage onto Qingfeng Li as he knew he was not the Peach Blossom She-Devil’s opponent.

The Scarface Devil started walking towards Qingfeng Li, his murderous aura intensifying with every step he made.

The giant knife in the Scarface Devil’s hand started trembling as well. It was a class nine supreme realm spiritual weapon; its surface had turned dark red because the blood from the countless amount of people he killed had soaked into the blade.

The Scarface devil waved the demonic blade in his hand and hacked it at Qingfeng Li. The demonic blade’s power was so strong that it cracked the air wide open and spread in all directions like a spider web, as the blade instantly appeared in front of Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li’s left arm was still being held by the Peach Blossom She-Devil and he wasn’t able to pull it out at the moment, but he didn’t really care about that.

Qingfeng Li activated the Mortal Purgatory Body inside his body, then his entire body radiated golden rays. He vigorously threw out his right fist forward, clashing against the black sword spirit. Following an ear-splitting noise, Qingfeng’s fist immediately crushed the sword spirit into pieces.

Astonishment appeared in the Scarface Devil’s eyes, the look on his face turned quite awkward. He never expected that his sword spirit would be broken easily by Qingfeng Li, embarrassing him in front of everyone present.

The Scarface Devil looked at Qingfeng Li and said in a cold voice, “Not bad dude, I’m surprised t that you can take my sword spirit. Now it’s time to show you the power that earned me the one hundred and seventh place on the Devil List.”

The Scarface Devil stepped his feet forcibly on the ground, his body soaring high up in the air. His speed was so fast that it created shockwaves.

The Scarface Devil rushed in front of Qingfeng Li instantly, flourishing his long knife and using his Devil Knife Techniques. The knife transformed into a devil spirit and hacked at Qingfeng Li to cut him in half.

Qingfeng Li paused for a second, scorn flickered in his eyes, as he didn’t give a damn about this Scarface Devil.

Qingfeng Li started channeling his Mortal Purgatory Body and Gold Dao Seed , his right fist radiated rays that contained golden and black colors. Two kinds of rays interweaved, containing enormous power and hitting the demonic blade.


With a huge cracking sound, the demonic blade in the Scarface Devil’s hand was cut in half, and an enormous power was emitted from the demonic blade.

The tremendous power forcibly sent the Scarface Devil’s body flying dozens of meters away. Then he landed on the ground heavily and coughed out a huge gush of blood.

“Piece of trash, how dare you to challenge me,” Qingfeng Li spat at the Scarface Devil disdainfully.

The people around were all shocked to see this scene, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

“What did I just see? The Scarface Devil was knocked out and his class nine supreme realm demonic blade was broken with one shot.”

“Who is the young man and how can he be so powerful?”

“Let me think, I think I have seen this young man somewhere, but I can’t remember right now.”

“Does this guy look like Qingfeng Li?”

“You know what, he does look like Qingfeng Li! The guy who is ranked at the one hundred and eighth place on the Devil List, right?”

All the cultivators around were discussing quietly, some of them recognized Qingfeng Li, which gave rise to the crowds’ shock.

Some female cultivators were even throwing burning-hot looks at Qingfeng Li.

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