Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 139

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Under the instructions of the Special Ops Unit, all of the screens displaying the area Gao Peng was in were locked.

Because Gao Peng had only exhibited his Shifting Constellations ability and had not yet used his Elemental Barrier skill, others were led to believe that Gao Peng had already used his sole survival ability.

“But captain, this guy Isn’t he behaving a bit too cowardly?” asked a large bald male in the room.

“Zhou Lei, this isn’t cowardice! It is strategy!” the captain said seriously. “Knowing when to advance or retreat, understanding when to give and when to take, that is the most important factor for a successful individual! Every great general has lost a battle. Even if he were to think that he’s invincible, he would eventually lose because of his own arrogance.”

Looking at the seriousness of the captain, the others in the room were amazed. It was the first time that they had seen him being so stern. It seemed as though he had a story of his own

Dumby’s retreat seemed to have triggered the monster in the woods. It was unable to contain its impatience anymore, and it charged out from the trees!

It looked like a stick insect that had ballooned to ten thousand times its original size.

Before the Cataclysm, the record for the world’s longest stick insect had belonged to the Giant Huaxia Stick Insect. Back then, it’s length could reach over two feet, the length of a grown man’s arm. Out of over 80,000 insect species discovered by humans, it had been the longest insect ever recorded.

Of course, with so many species of stick insects within Huaxia, it was impossible to say whether this stick insect had evolved from the Giant Huaxia Stick Insect.

[Monster Name]: Dream Stick Insect (Corpse-type Mutation)

[Monster Level]: 35

[Monster Grade]: Excellent

[Monster Ability]: Body Hardening Lv2

[Monster Attribute]: 1. Wood-type 2. Corpse-type

[Monster Weakness]: 1. Fire-type 2. Metal-type 3. Within the center region of its abdomen, there is a white spot the size of a grain of rice. Attacking this white spot can cause fatal damage to the Dream Stick Insect.

As the Dream Stick Insect charged out of the woods, Gao Peng saw that it was over 40 feet long. Every one of its limbs was at least 20 feet long, and each stride covered a huge distance.

Looking at the monster’s level and grade, Gao Peng immediately abandoned any thought of fighting it out with the Dream Stick Insect.

So what if he knew its weakness? How was he to find a white spot the size of a grain of rice on such a large body? Ignoring the fact that the location of its weak points was a problem, the Dream Stick Insect would not be stupid enough to let anyone slowly search for its weak point anyway.

Seeing its prey about to get away, the Dream Stick Insect let out an angry low squeal. With his very own eyes, Gao Peng saw the monster stop and raise one of its limbs, which then shot out like a spear. Just like a spring, it extended forward madly. Rows of the rings along its limb were stretched apart, and the bamboo-like ring patterns made a kacha sound as they reached full extension.

The pitch-black afterimage came from behind and pierced through one of Stripey’s legs. The spot that was hit broke off with a snapping sound. Stripey let out a wail as it rolled onto the ground, just like a racecar losing one of its wheels while speeding around the track. Stripey continued to roll and flip on the ground before finally crashing into a large tree with a loud bang, the impact shaking the leaves from the tree.

Stripey got up and wailed to its master, “Run, master, run!”

Then, missing a leg, Stripey turned around and glared fiercely at the fast approaching Dream Stick Insect, opening its mouth and raising its spider claws high overhead in a menacing stance.

The corners of Gao Peng’s eyes twitched. He suddenly patted Dumby’s bald head.

“We’re not running anymore, we finish it off today!” he yelled.

As soon as Gao Peng opened his mouth, Dumby let out a roar. Planting its right foot vigorously on the ground, it turned its body 180 degrees and placed Gao Peng down on the ground with his left hand. Then, Dumby charged towards the Dream Stick Insect like a high-horsepower racecar. Each step covered dozens of feet, and a gust of wind was created from its charge, sweeping up a giant wave of leaves right behind Dumby.

“Its abdomen has a white spot the size of a grain of rice. That is its weak spot.” Although he knew it was hard to find, Gao Peng still informed Dumby and the rest of his familiars about this weak spot through their Blood Contract.

Dumby raised its left hand high in the air. Its five white bone fingers opened and then clenched into a fist, a signal of determination!

Floating above Gao Peng’s shoulder, Silly also raised two of its tentacles, curling the ends into balls, just like two little clenched fists.

Dumby’s heart thundered within its chest cavity, beating madly!!!

Dumby seemed to have totally unleashed its savage nature. Leaping high into the air, a fist with overwhelming power came crashing down on the Dream Stick Insect.

The Dream Stick Insect let out a low screech and raised a bamboo-like limb that shot out upward.


The long limb went into the middle of Dumby’s empty body and straight out the other end.

The Dream Stick Insect was stunned. Before it even had the chance to react, out of the sky came a fist the size of a sandbag!


The fist struck a blow that left the Dream Stick Insect seeing stars. It stumbled, almost falling over.

The dazed Dream Stick Insect raised its limb. Although it had passed through Dumby’s empty chest cavity, the limb was like a wooden skewer sticking through Dumby’s body. As it was raised, Dumby could also be raised along with it. This discovery excited the Dream Stick Insect.

It flung its limb outward in an attempt to fling Dumby away.

But it had underestimated Dumby’s weight. The move did nothing to shake Dumby off. It simply stayed firmly where it stood.


With a left uppercut, Dumby landed another blow on the Dream Stick Insect’s head.

The stick insect was stunned. Its mouthpiece opened, giving a furious hiss. It spun around madly on the spot, each of its limbs wildly stabbing outward. One by one, large tree trunks were being pierced through, sending a tornado of wooden debris flying into the air.

Gao Peng had not expected the battle to develop in this manner. It was rather dramatic.

It seemed as though Dumby was a natural counter to the Dream Stick Insect, not in terms of attributes, but in terms of monster type. The Dream Stick Insect’s main method of attack was to use its extendable, spear-like limbs to impale enemies. But against a monster like Dumby with no flesh and blood, it would have a hard time.

“Go Dumby! You counter it! You can beat it!” Gao Peng encouraged Dumby from the bottom of his heart.

For some strange reason, Dumby felt a chill run down its spine. Its bones were rattling with a “clack clack clack” sound.

It was most likely that the Dream Stick Insect had never encountered an opponent with such an unreasonable body constitution before. But it quickly recovered its composure. It shot its free limbs at Dumby’s head, ignoring Dumby’s torso this time. It seemed to have realized that attacking that area of a skeleton like Dumby dealt little damage.

Although Dumby tried its best to evade, one of the limbs struck its head, making a small cavity on its tough skull. Small cracks began to spread out like a web from the damaged area.

But Da Zi had already taken the opportunity to charge forward, leaping straight at the Dream Stick Insect’s abdomen, sneakily trying to find the white spot that Gao Peng had informed them of.

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