Lord Xue Ying Chapter 925


He was able to survive after escaping for so long by himself, yet he died under the protection of Ancestor Sorcerer?

“This is the truth.” Forefather Tian Yu softly shook his head, “Ai, your teacher was heavily injured then and was escaping for his life. Sacred Master pursued after your teacher multiple times, yet he failed to kill your teacher. At that time, Sacred Master thought that your teacher would die given how heavy his injuries were. He wasn’t willing to pay too huge a price. Nevertheless, your teacher is a Voidwalker and had a great life force. Thus, he recovered over time.”

“There are a total of three Cosmos Gods belonging to the two great religions, but it was only Sacred Master who could genuinely threaten the life of your teacher. Your teacher wasn’t willing to remain on alert all the time, and that was why he finally asked Ancestor Sorcerer for help.”

Xue Ying was carefully listening.

Of the two great religions, the Ancestor Mother Religion only had a single Cosmos God, ‘Ancestor Mother’. But that was an existence secondary to Sacred Master and could directly fight against him.

The Ancient Sacred Religion had another Cosmos God, ‘Thunder God Master’. Thunder God Master was eternally loyal to the Sacred Master and was also the only one amongst many cultivators to become a Cosmos God. Of course, he was merely at the third level, and his threat to other Cosmos Gods was low.

“At that time when your teacher was fleeing for his life, he had to maintain alert all the time.”

“The moment he felt he was being attacked, he would immediately activate his protective treasure before using an ultra-long distance void teleportation.” Forefather Tian Yu said, “Even though there was a huge gap between his strength and the Sacred Master’s, Cosmos Gods usually had two protective treasures. Those who did not have could ask Ancestor Sorcerer for help to refine it. Hence, it was possible for most Cosmos Gods to withstand for a few instances.”

“He had become a Cosmos God in the Voidwalker lineage, and regarding his control of the void, only Void Primogenitor is better than him. Naturally, it was beyond Sacred Master’s.”

“Thus, your teacher was able to resist against multiple ambushes by Sacred Master before escaping by teleporting through an ultra-long distance. He was considered quite formidable in escaping.”

“But not being able to relax all the time was too tiring.” Forefather Tian Yu sighed.

“He eventually decided to ask Ancestor Sorcerer for help.” Forefather Tian Yu said, “Ancestor Sorcerer is the number one array specialist in the world. He had constructed an array for your teacher, and even if Sacred Master wanted to break through it, he would have to spend a few breaths of time. And the Myriad Ancient Sacred World was created by Ancestor Sorcerer and World Ancestor, which meant that Ancestor Sorcerer could immediately arrive if the array were being attacked. With the help of Ancestor Sorcerer, it was presumed that Sacred Master could no longer kill your teacher.”

“According to this logic, your teacher should be very safe.”

“It’s a pity”

“That your teacher had greatly offended the Sacred Master. Sacred Master did not mind paying the price, consuming the origin source energy of his ‘Ancient Sacred Incarnation’ to refine an ‘Underworld Jade Pike’. The Underworld Jade Pike could immediately pierce through the array constructed by Ancestor Sorcerer, easily penetrating into the body of your teacher.” Forefather Tian Yu shook his head, “Everything happened in an instance. Even the protective treasure your teacher activated had been pierced, and he died at that time.”

“Ancient Sacred Incarnation, Underworld Jade Pike?” Xue Ying asked.

“These things involve something secretive. Only some Primal Chaos experts know about it. “Forefather Tian Yu said, “You should have heard that Sacred Master started several wars before, but he had to defend his own territory, the ‘Ancient Sacred World’ since Thunder God Master could not defend it by himself. If his true body was fighting outside, who do you reckon is the one defending the Ancient Sacred World?”

Xue Ying was startled.

That’s right.

With the enmity between the three great sacred worlds and the two great religions, if the Ancient Sacred World were not defended by an expert, it would have been exterminated.

“We will be talking about the ancient cultivation technique the Sacred Master has.” Forefather Tian Yu said, “There are strong and weak innate skills amongst ancient cultivators. The innate skill of Sacred Master enables him to turn an incarnation into the core object for the entire religion to believe in. It is able to convert belief energy into primal chaos void origin source energy. The origin source energy is an energy more frightening than the cosmos god energy. Over the long years, he had converted many belief energy to strengthen that incarnation of his. His true body would also become stronger as a result. According to our judgment, that incarnation of his is comparable to the strength of his true body.”

“This incarnation is condensed from a huge amount of origin source energy. It is also the core object of belief for the entire Ancient Sacred Religion, and is known as the Ancient Sacred incarnation by us.”

“The Ancient Sacred incarnation would always be emitting light and illuminating the entire Ancient Sacred World, forcing all beings living in the world to believe in the religion. He has even practically become one with the Ancient Sacred World, becoming stronger inside. We can’t destroy the Ancient Sacred World as a result.”

Xue Ying nodded.

“And the Sacred Master has an extremely formidable move which is to utilize the accumulated origin source energy from the Ancient Sacred incarnation to refine weapons and treasures. Naturally, these weapons and treasures are one-use items. Using them once will consume all origin source energy within.” Forefather Tian Yu said, “The Underworld Jade Pike is also a famous technique. A single Underworld Jade Pike would easily consume 10% to 20% of an Ancient Sacred incarnation. You must know that the Ancient Sacred incarnation must maintain at least half its origin source energy, else its strength would deplete.”

“This 10% to 20% origin source energy has been accumulated by the Sacred Master for a long time.”

“He had no other ways too, and truly hated your teacher to the core. That was why he chose to do this.” Forefather Tian Yu shook his head.

“Why so?” Xue Ying could not help but ask.

Forefather Tian Yu hesitated for a while because this involved too many secrets. He still said vaguely: “This involves too many things. You should know that he has completely destroyed the scheme of Sacred Master. In the past, Sacred Master wasn’t too willing to use his origin source energy, but after the failure of his scheme, he decided to vent his anger by using the Underworld Jade Pike, destroying the array of Ancestor Sorcerer just to kill Gu Qi. Clearly, Sacred Master was no longer that patient anymore.”

“Alright, I’ll not talk about this anymore. This is what your teacher left behind for you. You should keep it well.” Forefather Tian Yu caused the golden seal to fly towards Xue Ying with a thought.

As Xue Ying saw this golden seal coming, he took it and refined it immediately.

As he refined, he heard a voice by his ears.

“Disciple, this time, I should really be dead. You shouldn’t be too sad either. I’d always been hiding in the array constructed by Ancestor Sorcerer, and the Sacred Master would have to pay a huge price just to kill me.”

“And you should remember, you must never think of trying to avenge me or what. With your little strength, the Sacred Master is able to exterminate you with a single puff.”

“I, Gu Qi, only has you as the only disciple. You should properly cultivate and help me gain some respect. Wait until you become a Cosmos God, and when you are at the second level. By then, you can announce to the world that you are the disciple of me, Gu Qi!”

“Before this, you must remember to keep the whole matter about being my disciple a secret.”

His voice dissipated.

Xue Ying held onto the golden seal for a very long time.

‘There will be a day when all cultivators in the five great sacred world and primal chaos void know that I, Dong Bo Xue Ying, is the disciple of Voidwalker Gu Qi!’ Xue Ying declared in his heart, ‘Also, I will definitely avenge you. I understand that my current strength is weak, but there will be a day I become strong, and that will be the day that I fight against the Sacred Master.’

He checked through the golden seal.

The golden seal was originally a cosmos-graded Eden treasure. There were many precious materials placed within. After all, these were treasures left behind by a Cosmos God. Even though Gu Qi was a third level Cosmos God, and was weaker regarding strength and foundation as compared to Forefather Tian Yu and Void Primogenitor, his treasures still added up to a total of 360,000 Origin World Rocks according to Xue Ying’s judgment.

That was a genuinely frightening figure.

“Forefather.” Xue Ying waved his hand, causing a glossy black stone and a fiery-red armor to fly out. The glossy black stone was the size of a palm. Its appearance caused the surrounding space to collapse immediately. At the same time, the scale of the collapse was still extending in all directions. Xue Ying immediately controlled his law domain to suppress the power emitted by this piece of stone.

And after the fiery-red armor appeared, Xue Ying extended his hands to catch it. This armor seemed ordinary, but it was cumbersome. With Xue Ying’s strength as a Voidwalker and someone who cultivated the Imperial Dragon inheritance, his arms were shaking after grabbing it. If this armor were any heavier, he would likely not be able to hold it.

“These two treasures are the most precious ones. I do wish for Forefather to help me keep them. If I, Dong Bo Xue Ying, were to lose my life carelessly, I do not wish to let my enemies get these treasures.” Xue Ying said. These items were what Cosmos Gods used. It was pointless for him to bring them along.


Forefather Tian Yu nodded, “How about this, I’ll help you keep these. These two items are worth about 300,000 Origin World Rocks. In the future when you purchase treasures that are too expensive, and it isn’t appropriate for you to be present, you can directly approach me to purchase it. These will be pawned for 300,000 Origin World Rocks.”

“Many thanks Forefather.” Xue Ying immediately answered.

That day.

Inquisitive Sky Hall Master brought Xue Ying back to the Blade Emperor City. Being a teacher of the convention, he still had a responsibility to fulfill.

Within Blade Emperor City.

There were many cavern-dwellings. These were places where Blade Emperor City reserved especially for the important guests to stay at. Primal Chaos giants usually lived around this place too. Xue Ying also stayed here.

When Xue Ying returned with Inquisitive Sky Hall Master.

“Inquisitive Sky Hall Master, Elder Dong Bo, quickly come over.”

There were three Primal Chaos giants currently drinking on top of a small mountain peak. As they saw Xue Ying and Inquisitive Sky Hall Master flying over, they immediately called them over. Xue Ying and Inquisitive Sky Hall Master naturally could not treat it like they saw nothing, and descended over.

“Inquisitive Sky Hall Master, have you heard about it? There was a huge matter which happened earlier on. Senior Voidwalker Gu Qi is dead. He is killed by Sacred Master.”

“What? Senior Gu Qi is dead?” Inquisitive Sky Hall Master was shocked. Even though he brought Xue Ying back, he did not know about this matter.

“Senior Gu Qi was protected by Ancestor Sorcerer in the Myriad Ancient Sacred World. Why would he die?”

“I do not know about many things now. I just heard of Senior Gu Qi being killed. As for how Sacred Master killed him, I am unsure as of now. He should have paid a huge price.”

Inquisitive Sky Hall Master and these three Primal Chaos giants were discussing amongst each other.

They were making all sorts of guesses.

Xue Ying stood by the side without intervening. He only listened on silently. The four Primal Chaos giants did not really mind about it since they felt that Xue Ying who was at the Unity realm and had cultivated for a short period understood too little about battles between the final realm existences.

But what they did not know

Was that this Xue Ying who stood beside them was the only disciple of Gu Qi.

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