Lord Xue Ying Chapter 924


Within Blade Emperor City, Xue Ying was still guiding the talented cultivators who visited him.

“Unity realm, as the name implies, is about uniting everything as one, and turning into the ‘one’. This ‘one’ represents the limit, and is just like the point of extremity, the origin! What you need to do now is to walk down to the extreme!” Xue Ying looked at a female cultivator who had scales and a tail. He chuckled, “Do not think about ‘surpassing the extreme’. Your current realm is still too low, so don’t set your sights too far.”

“Seek to reach the extreme limit, and attain the fifth level Star Pagoda strength. Only then are you qualified to learn how to surpass the limits.” Xue Ying explained. He was also gesturing with his hands, “Look at this. Your move can be unleashed more extremely just like this”

The eyes of this female cultivator brightened as she watched.

She was ranked in the top 100 during the preliminary selections and had never sought Xue Ying’s help before. She felt that it was not worth asking the help of a Unity realm expert. But the performance of Xing Huo Xun Yi made her think twice. It influenced her to ask Xue Ying for help. In the end, she discovered that Xue Ying’s guidance on the ‘slaughter’ aspect might be simple, but it targeted the essence of the Dao. Only those who reached a deep realm could guide others better.

“Dong Bo, come over at once!” A voice sounded by the ears of Xue Ying.

Xue Ying was startled.

Inquisitive Sky Hall Master?

“We will temporarily stop here. I have some matter so you should withdraw for now.” Xue Ying stood up.

“Yes.” The female cultivator did not dare to speak. She obediently acknowledged.

Xue Ying immediately walked out of the cavern-dwelling.

Outside the front entrance of the cavern-dwelling, Xue Ying saw Inquisitive Sky Hall Master. He transmitted: “Go, Forefather asked me to bring you back to the Great Void Heaven Temple. I’ll bring you at this moment.”

“So urgent?” Xue Ying was astonished.

The Star Convention had not ended!

“Go.” In the end, Xue Ying still obediently stood up. He was having an easy time guiding those talented cultivators since there were only a total of 200 who got through. There would only be the occasional one coming to ask him for help.


The two of them left Blade Emperor City. Closely following that, Inquisitive Sky Hall Master directly teleported them through an ultra long distance, arriving at Great Void Heaven Temple.

Great Void Heaven Temple.

Within the place where Forefather Tian Yu lived, he summoned Xue Ying in alone.

‘This is truly weird. The Star Convention has yet to end but Forefather is summoning me over?’ Xue Ying felt puzzled. Walking along Forefather Tian Yu’s courtyard, no attendants stopped him and he soon arrived beside a towering tree. The hunchbacked ‘Forefather Tian Yu’ was currently seated cross-legged underneath the tree.

“Forefather.” Xue Ying greeted with a bow.

Forefather Tian Yu looked at Xue Ying. He went taciturn for a moment before stating: “There is a matter which I have to tell you. Your teacher Gu Qi is dead.”

Xue Ying was stunned. He stood at his original position in a daze.

His current mind was ringing.

His teacher Gu Qi was dead?

“This, how did this” Xue Ying could not help but ask.

“He was killed by Sacred Master. I believe soon later, the higher-ups of every holy ground superpowers would pass down this information.” Forefather Tian Yu said.

Xue Ying was currently feeling complex.

That time when his parents, brother, Uncle Zong and Uncle Tong left the world, he felt agony. When the soul of his wife crumbled and dissipated, he felt the world losing its color. In his heart, Xue Ying’s feelings towards this teacher who he had never truly meet or chatted before were much weaker.

But he still respected this teacher very much.

Strictly speaking, he had only talked to his teacher Gu Qi that time when he received the inheritance in his hometown cosmos. At that time, the incarnation of his teacher was there.

The incomparably huge Cosmos God incarnation had been long-winded then.

“I would never have expected that I, Gu Qi, would actually have a disciple.”

“This feeling of having a disciple is certainly peculiar.”

“This is also my first time accepting a disciple. Hence I do not know how to go about teaching one.”

“Right now, you haven’t even greeted me as your teacher, right? Even though I did not teach you, the “Walker’s Hidden Secret”was created by me. I’ve graced you with the favor of receiving my inheritance, and have even bestowed on you the protection treasure.”

At that time when the incomparably huge Cosmos God incarnation stared at his own disciple.

“Disciple Dong Bo Xue Ying greets Teacher!” Xue Ying had accepted him as teacher formally.

And the colossal incarnation smiled.

As a result

Xue Yin had an additional teacher on his path of cultivation known as Gu Qi. He had never seen the true body of this teacher before.

And Gu Qi also finally had a disciple. This was also his only one.

Previously when Xue Ying fought with Lei Yan and became famous, his teacher Gu Qi knew of it too. His teacher had even understood through the combat scenes that Xue Ying was cultivating the Imperial Dragon and Vermillion Nightmare inheritance. As a result, he sent over all the external materials required to cultivate these two inheritances.

He had merely left behind a recording then.

“Haha, my Gu Qi’s only disciple is so formidable. I truly wanted to brag about it with several other old men, but it’s a pity that this disciple of mine has to be kept a secret. It isn’t appropriate for me to see you as well in case my trouble is brought onto you. In the future, if we, teacher and disciple should meet, we should have a few drinks. Properly cultivate and never slack off! Alright, I shall not speak much anymore.”

This recording left behind was simple.

Xue Ying had even planned to visit his teacher once he became stronger, and that the secret of him being the disciple of Gu Qi no longer had to be kept. Xue Ying would have a good chat and drink a few cups with his teacher.

Xue Ying stood there. He felt pain in his heart. He could feel that his teacher Gu Qi was truly protective and concerned over him, and had even been afraid of implicating Xue Ying, which forced him to keep this teacher-disciple relation a secret.

This world was vast and boundless.

But how many were there who would want to protect him from deep his inner heart like a loved one?

And now, one such person was gone!


Forefather Tian Yu sighed.

There were only these few Cosmos Gods who had emerged since the primitive Ancient Sacred World era until now. Even though a few had died, the fall of every Cosmos God was a huge affair. Although Forefather Tian Yu might be stronger than Gu Qi, he was still at the third level. The two had been good friends over a long period, and the death of Gu Qi had brought sorrow to him as well.

“Weng.” Forefather Tian Yu flipped his hand, causing a golden square seal to appear.

“Dong Bo Xue Ying.” Forefather Tian Yu said, “Your teacher knows that he has truly offended Sacred Master. With the personality of the Sacred Master, it was impossible for him to let things go. Even though Gu Qi had thought of ways to survive, it was hard for him to do so once the Sacred Master goes crazy. As a result, he had left behind the treasures he accumulated over at his teacher, Void Primogenitor’s side. Even after he died, he would not want them to end up in Sacred Master’s hands.”

“He has you as his only disciple. Thus, he entrusted for all his treasures to be inherited by you should he die.”

“The Void Primogenitor has sent them over.”

“And now, it belongs to you.” Forefather Tian Yu said.

Xue Ying looked at that golden square seal in the hands of Forefather Tian Yu. He felt even more agony. His teacher Gu Qi clearly treated him as a loved one.

“It should not be”

Xue Ying shook his head, “It should not be. That time teacher has been escaping with his life, drifting around the primal chaos void. He wasn’t protected by Ancestor Sorcerer, yet he was able to survive from the clutches of Sacred Master by himself for so long! How would he die instead now that he has the help of Ancestor Sorcerer?”

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