Library Of Heaven's Path Chapter 63

Chapter 63: Elder Mo Xiang
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Elder Mo Xiang
In the lofty Enlightenment Will Tower.
Elder Mo, I will be depending on you this time! Elder Shang Chen looks at the elderly who is sitting by his side.
An elder from the Teacher Guild, Mo Xiang!
Elder Shang, there is no need to be so formal. After all, we are already old friends!
Elder Mo Xiang is in his fifties and a sparse gray-colored beard can be seen on his face. Worry not, if this teacher really resorts to coercion, and forces others to become his students, I will definitely report it up to the guild to strip him of his teaching license!
Sigh, it is negligence on my part! Elder Shang Chen shakes his head. With a bewailing look, he laments, When this teacher scored a zero in the Teacher Qualification Examination, I gave him an ultimatum. If he doesnt recruit any students, he would be fired immediately Perhaps due to pressure, he resorted to such means It is all my fault!
He sighs.
Elder Shang, you shouldnt blame yourself. Out of sheer kindness, you gave him another chance. Yet, this fellow knows no gratitude and, instead, he chooses to commit such despicable actions. He is truly shameless and vile! Elder Mos face darkens as he exudes a forceful aura. As a teacher, instead of pondering on how to better nurture others, he spends his time on such underhanded tricks. I would like to see who is the one who gave him the guts to resort to such means!
Elder Mo Xiang is well-reputed for his hatred towards villains and villainous acts. Upon hearing about a teacher coercing the students, he is on the verge of erupting from anger.
If it wasnt for Cao Xiong laoshis righteousness in reporting the incident to say that his student has been coerced by that teacher, even going to the extent of applying for the Enlightenment Will Trial to resolve the issue, I would still be oblivious to all these happenings.
With both of his hands behind his back, Elder Shang Chen shakes his head continuously. His contemplating eyes are directed towards the empty sky, as though he has committed the worlds greatest negligence.
If Zhang Xuan is here, he would definitely be surprised. This fellows ability at zhuangbi is far more superior than him.
Zhuangbi -> Acting cool (Putting on an act)
Although the Enlightenment Will Trial wounds the harmony and camaraderie between teachers, it is still worth it if it weeds out the poisonous ones of the lot. Dont blame yourself too much! Seeing his expression, Elder Mo Xiang is secretly impressed.
Often, a student whom several teachers favor at the same time would appear in the academy. At such a moment, everyone would try to settle the issue privately. This way, not only is the fellowship between colleagues not wounded, order is also maintained in the institution. Only when the problem is truly unable to be settled privately will they apply for such a method to resolve it.
Enlightenment Will Trial, just as its name dictates, is a test on the heart of the student, allowing him to make a choice based on his true will. However, this means that the relationship between the competing teachers will become totally hostile, thus wounding the harmonious spirit between teachers.
This is the reason why in the century since the inception of Hongtian Academy, there are only slightly more than ten applications for the Enlightenment Will Trial. They didnt expect that they would be able to encounter such an incident as well.
After feigning contemplation, Elder Shang Chen secretly chuckles upon seeing that he has managed to rile up the rage of the other party. He gestures with his hand and passes down an order, Let them enter!
Immediately after his words sound, the heavy doors slowly open and Zhang Xuan, Cao Xiong, Shang Bin, Shen Bi Ru and Liu Yang walk in.
Cao Xiong laoshi, are you the one who has applied for the Enlightenment Will Trial?
The moment everyone stops in their footsteps, Elder Shang Chen asks with raised eyebrows.
I beg of elder to redress my grievance! Cao Xiong cries loudly. This Zhang Xuan coerced my student, Liu Yang, who has already acknowledged me as his teacher, thus violating the rules of fair competition among teachers. As such, I specially applied for the Enlightenment Will Trial so as to bring Liu Yang justice. At the same time, I hope that the academy can punish this shameless fellow!
Bring justice?
Liu Yang is oblivious to what was going on as he was simply ordered to follow the group here. Upon hearing the words of the other party, he finally understands that Cao Xiong is trying to make use of him to deal with his benefactor. As such, he hurriedly sends a gaze towards Zhang Xuan, Teacher
Before he can finish his words, he sees fluster flashing across the Zhang laoshi, who was calm and formidable a moment ago in the classroom. Indignantly, he says, Cao laoshi, you are spouting nonsense Liu Yang is willing to become my student! I I had never coerced him!
His voice carries a trace of unconfidence and panic, as though his lie has been exposed.
Unable to believe his sight, Liu Yang blinks his eyes.
After two lessons, he is already completely impressed with Zhang Xuan, even to the extent of thinking that he is omnipotent. He feels that becoming his student is a result of fair competition between two teachers and that it can be explained easily. How did the situation evolve to such a point all of a sudden?
Zhang Xuans eyes are filled with fear and his body trembles slightly, as though he was caught red-handed in the bed with someone else. Liu Yang is unable to make heads or tails of the situation Which nerve of Zhang laoshis brain is convulsing for him to behave like this?
Teacher Liu Yang looks over but before he can voice out the doubts in his heart, he sees Zhang laoshi turning over to harrumph, Liu Yang, you better explain it properly. Did I coerce you or not?
As he says so, he secretly blinks his eyes.
Ah No, no! Liu Yang hurriedly shakes his head.
No matter how dim-witted he might be, it is clear to see that Zhang laoshi is trying to pull one over the other party!
It will do as long as he cooperates with him.
The both of them are aware of what is going on, but in the eyes of others, it seems as though Zhang Xuan is threatening Liu Yang to say something against his will. Otherwise, why would Liu Yang answer so hesitantly?
As expected, upon seeing this sight, Elder Mos complexion turns slightly awful.
You must be Zhang Xuan! I will give you one more chance. As long as you obediently cancel the lessons of this Liu Yang and allow him to come under Cao laoshis tutelage once more, I can choose not to proceed ahead with the Enlightenment Will Trial!
Cancel lessons? Zhang Xuan scratches his head. Liu Yang has acknowledged me as his teacher out of his own will. It would be unfair to him if I were to push him away
Unfair? Own will?
The corner of Elder Mos lips twitch.
Dont you feel embarrassed for saying these words?
You are just a teacher who scored a zero in the Teacher Qualification Examination. He cant be happier to push away your lessons, yet you speak of unfairness
Where did your self-confidence come from?
Just as he is about to continue speaking, he hears Cao Xiong and Shang Bin shouting simultaneously, Elder Mo, this wont do!
The Enlightenment Will Trial is something very troublesome. The moment it starts, someone has to be punished. Otherwise, if everyone were to follow through with this process, the academy would be unable to upkeep with the expenditure!
Initially, Elder Mo intends to have this incident resolved peacefully. Upon hearing the obstruction of the duo, he turns around and looks at them.
Elder Mo, Cao laoshi has already applied for the Enlightenment Will Trial and the academy has already agreed to it. If it were to stop abruptly at this moment, doesnt this mean mean that the academys rules are being taken lightly? Shang Bin hurriedly says.
What kind of joke is this!
It wasnt easy for them to set up this situation to push Zhang Xuan off the cliff. If they were to settle peacefully, doesnt this mean that all their efforts would be in vain?
If so, wouldnt the humiliation he was put under yesterday be in vain?
Indeed, Elder Mo. I am also thinking in the stead of the student. I hope that he can follow his own heart and choose the teacher that he favors the most, rather than being coerced into making a choice!
Cao Xiong hurriedly says. His words are righteous and emotional. If not for the crimson-red palm print from Shang Bins slap yesterday, he would surely be able to impress many.
Alright then! Upon hearing the words of the two, Elder Mo nods his head, no longer holding up the process.
Since you all have chosen the Enlightenment Will Trial, then naturally, I will have to list the rules out clearly first. After the test is completed, whoever the examinee Liu Yang ultimately chooses to acknowledge as his teacher will be victorious in this trial. Of course, the one who loses will be punished. Thus, lets clarify the punishment first!
At this point, the quiet Elder Shang Chen surveys the surroundings before saying, This time, Cao Xiong laoshi has chosen the harshest punishment, that is, upon the end of the trial, the losing side will be expelled from the academy! Zhang Xuan, do you have any objection to it?
Upon hearing that it is the harshest punishment, Zhang Xuan looks over in disbelief. With a sincere face, he says, There isnt a deep grudge between me and Cao laoshi, to have him expelled Isnt it going a little too far?
Upon hearing these words, Elder Shang and the others freezes. They turn and stare at Zhang Xuan as though they are looking at an idiot. Is there something wrong with the head of this fellow You are the one who is going to be expelled, alright?
Hmph, regardless of your opinion, you will have to agree to undertake the Enlightenment Will Trial! It is already too late to turn back now!
Thinking that Zhang Xuan is spouting rubbish to reject the trial, Cao Xiong sneers coldly.
I am really doing this for your good I still think that expelling straight away is too harsh. How about this! Zhang Xuan hesitates for a moment before saying, Why dont we drop with the expulsion. We will just strip the losing side of his teaching license then add in another hundred God Slaying Flogs!
Strip teaching license? Hundred God Slaying Flogs?
The crowd blink their eyes simultaneously and stare at one another. Every single one of them feels as though they are going mad.
It seems as though the losing side has managed to retain his position so that he wont end up jobless. However, in reality, this is much harsher than a direct expulsion.
Are you sure that you didnt misspeak?
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