Library Of Heaven's Path Chapter 40

Chapter 40: The Master is Here
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The Master is Here
Give me a punch? The vendor doesnt know what the young man is up to.
Indeed! Zhang Xuan nods his head.
You are trying to make a fool out of me! Seeing the serious look on the other persons face, the vendors rage come surging out and he sends a fist towards Zhang Xuan.
He had seen crazy people before, but he had never seen such a crazy person. You still want me to let you give me a punch? Why dont I beat you up to death instead?
Putting all of his strength into his punch routine, the wind rustles from the force of his blow, thus exposing his level of cultivation. Fighter 3-dan Zhenqi realm primary stage!
Not bad!
Smiling faintly, Zhang Xuan moves his body slightly to dodge the attack.
He has already reached Fighter 5-dan Dingli realm pinnacle. Naturally, the strength of a Fighter 3-dan primary stage cannot hurt him!
He assumed that the young man is here just to cause trouble, so he thought that he would just be a delinquent without cultivation. However, upon seeing him dodge his attack easily, he immediately realizes that the young mans cultivation is on a higher level than his. The vendor stops as bewilderment overwhelms him. A fellow who has at least reached the level of Fighter 3-dan cant possibly be really trying to buy stuff with just 8 gold coins
If Im not wrong, you are from Xia Pingyi!
The moment the vendor made a move, a book on him is compiled in the Library of Heavens Path. Getting what he had intended for, Zhang Xuan smiles faintly.
How How did you know? The vendor is taken aback.
Xia Pingyi is one of the provincial cities around Tianxuan Royal City. It isnt a large city and there are at least eighty of such cities around the capital. The vendor is puzzled by how Zhang Xuan could pinpoint it out accurately.
He couldnt resist looking down to study his appearance, but there doesnt seem to be any defining traits on him that would reveal his place of origin!
It doesnt matter how I know it! Zhang Xuan activates this acting cool mode. He looks at the other party once again in a calm and dignified demeanor, Half a year ago, you probably met with danger in Tianxuan Forest and was bitten by a Cold Bamboo Snake! Although you managed to escape with your life, your kidneys were damaged. If Im not wrong When you are doing that, it is difficult for you to showcase your masculinity!
You You
The vendor staggers backward. His eyes are widened so large that they are on the verge of falling to the floor.
It is true that he was bitten by a Cold Bamboo Snake in Tianxuan Forest half a year ago! After which The latter half of Zhang Xuans words are true as well.
However, other than him and the lady from the brothel, he had never talked about it with another person. How did this young man know about it?
Could it be that he is a seer? Someone who is capable of divining the future?
The vendor is still filled with disbelief.
Why? Are my words wrong? Seeing the expression on the other partys face, Zhang Xuan knew that what was written in the Library of Heavens Path isnt wrong. Thus, he expresses a look of pity and says, If you find what I have said inaccurate, I can do without the medicinal herb and leave right now. However Your only chance at treating your problem will disappear as well! Sigh, you wont be able to be a man from now onward, dont blame me for not reminding you now
I Gongzi, dont go!
Gongzi -> Gentleman
Hearing that the other party is capable of treating him, the vendors body trembles in agitation as he hurriedly takes a step forward, You Can you really treat me?
To a man, nothing is more pathetic than losing ones potency. These days, he dares not respond to the invitations of his friends, afraid that his problem would be exposed in front of them. Suffering silently, he had looked for many different physicians, but they all came to the same conclusion, that his symptoms are hard to treat and the only solution is amputation
He dares not believe that a casual buyer would point out his problem directly and even claim that he is capable of treating it.
I wont force you to believe me! However, since I am able to tell what is wrong with you, naturally, I have my own ways to treat it as well! Zhang Xuan declares.
Gongzi, I plead you to help treat me. As long as you can treat me Not just that single stalk of Frigid Sun Grass, you can take all of my herbs! The vendor lunges forward in a panic, the plea in his eyes clear to see.
There are too many incredible people in the world. The words of the young man are logical since he is able to see through his problem, he definitely has a way to treat it!
Besides, he has no choice to grasp onto every straw of hope that he could find. After all, this concerns his future happiness
Un, you were bitten by the Cold Bamboo Snake. This creature inherently possesses cold attribute. When you were bitten by it, cold energy irrupted into your body, causing you to lose your physical function! Furthermore, it is unable to dispel by any medicinal herb, thus even quite a few apothecaries will find themselves helpless before it!
However, what is bizarre about this snake is that even though its entire body is cold, its gall is warm. As long as you find another snake, kill it and consume its gall, you are able to expel the cold energy from your body completely. Your damaged kidney would gradually recover and you would be able to showcase your masculinity as a man once more!
Zhang Xuan says.
There are many antidotes to the poison of the Cold Bamboo Snake, but the best antidote of all lies on its body. Its gall is the crux to counteracting its unique cold energy.
This is written on one of the manuals in Hongtian Compendium Pavilion. Upon the thought of Cold Bamboo Snakes, this information pops up into his mind.
This is also precisely the reason why he only mentioned the gall bladder of the Cold Bamboo Snake. Otherwise, with the Library of Heavens Path capability of displaying innumerable flaws, there is a multitude of remedies he could provide him, he need not specifically choose this one.
Eating the snake gall of a Cold Bamboo Snake? The vendor is still in a state of disbelief.
So simple?
If this is true, why did none of the many physicians he had visited say so?
There should be Cold Bamboo Snakes on sale in this commercial city. If you doubt my words, you can buy one of them and try it right now. I will only leave after we verify it! Zhang Xuan says.
Medicinal herbs arent the only things on sale in Tianyu Commercial City, there are also all kinds of treasures, savage beasts and animals. Cold Bamboo Snake is one of the lower tier savage beasts. Although it contains lethal poison within it, it can be used in concocting medicines, so there are people selling it here.
Fine, wait for a moment
After hesitating for a moment, the vendor turns around and leaves. A short moment later, he returns with a cage and a Cold Bamboo Snake is coiling around in it.
As a Zhenqi realm fighter, as long as he is prepared, killing a Cold Bamboo Snake isnt a difficult task. It didnt take long for the snake gall to be extracted. Without any hesitation, the vendor swallows it directly.
Soon, the vendors eyes light up.
The vendor seems to have already gotten an answer to whether the remedy works or not.
I thank gongzi for your help. These Frigid Sun Grass are all yours! With his eyes glowing with excitement, the vendor nearly kneels down in gratitude from the joy surging through him.
This was a problem that had been plaguing him for a long time. In fact, there was even a period when he didnt want to live anymore. In order to treat this deficiency of his, he spent several years of his savings and never would he expect for it to be treated just like that!
See, I didnt lie when I said that you would give them to me for free!
Zhang Xuan helps himself to the generous gifts of the vendor and grabs the box filled with Frigid Sun Grasses.
Knowledge is a type of wealth as well. It is natural for Zhang Xuan to receive some compensation from the vendor after solving the illness that was plaguing him.
Gongzi, I apologize for my inadequacy for not realizing your capabilities I beg for your forgiveness! The vendor scratches his head in embarrassment.
Just a moment ago, he was still declaring resolutely that if he were to give the Frigid Sun Grasses to Zhang Xuan for free, he would call him grandpa. Never would he expect for Zhang Xuans words to truly come to be
Its nothing! Zhang Xuan casually waves his hand to show that it was a small matter. Just as he is about to leave, a crowd of people suddenly dashes forward, their faces red from agitation.
Quick, Master Mo Yang is here!
One would be able to prosper through the guidance of Master Mo Yang. This is an opportunity not to be missed!
This time, as long as it is a treasure Master Mo Yang appraises for me, I will buy it no matter how much it costs!
Indeed, I felt regretful after missing that opportunity by the previous time

The crowds discuss as they ran over.
What is happening?
Seeing how the crowds are agitated as though a star has arrived, Zhang Xuan is puzzled.
Master Mo Yang has come! Even the eyes of the vendor are glowing with excitement.
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