Legend of the Asura Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Space and Time Rings

A black and a white ring appeared in Feng Xiaos hand, it was the rings the Purple Lightning Qilin had given him before.

Rings that have secrets that can shock the heaves, what effects will it have?

Sealed Time Ring: Spiritual Equipment

No masters, cannot be used.

Sealed Space Ring: Spiritual Equipment

No masters, cannot be used.

Its actually two Spiritual Equipment, not bad, not bad. The only ranking that didnt change was the equipment rankings, this showed just how precious and hard to obtain Spiritual Equipment were.

Putting a drop of blood on each ring, he completed the process of having them recognizing him as a master. The rings had a faint glow restored, but the strange thing was they didnt release the red glows of Spiritual Items. The Time Ring released a strange black glow and the Space Ring released a white glow.

Sealed Time Ring: Spiritual Equipment

Ring passed down from ancient times that seems to be hiding a very large secret. This item is currently sealed and only has a portion of its original strength.

Effect: The user can use the incomplete forbidden time spell Absolute Time Domain two times a day, which will stop time in a 20 meter range for three seconds.

Sealed Space Ring: Spiritual Equipment

Ring passed down from ancient times that seems to be hiding a very large secret. This item is currently sealed and only has a portion of its original strength.

Effect: The user can use the incomplete forbidden space spell Infinite Space Gate that can cut through space and allow the user to teleport wherever they want to go. This is invalid for places that are sealed and places within cities.

Feng Xiao was stunned...

How is this a Spiritual Equipment. This effect..its simply Divine Equipment!!

Im rich, Im rich. All these life keeping magic, its hard to die from now on..Ha, ha, ha, ha!

But what is with these forbidden space and time spells? Could there be other hidden space and time spells?

Feng Xiao had read up on these two types of magics on the official website before. Mages after reaching level 50 and going through their second job advancement could use teleport spells, but it was only for a small range and it would cost a lot of mana. It could not compare to Infinite Space Gate at all.

As for time magic, magic that could control magic, this was too terrifying. Would there truly be the existence of something that could destroy the balance like this? It would only exist on certain items.

When she was called by Feng Xiao, Rou Rou had been timidly hiding behind the door. The various sounds coming from inside made her heart beat fast.

Ding, congratulations playing Wind Spirit, your Sealed Time Ring has entered the equipment rankings. Do you wish to hide your name?

Ding, congratulations playing Wind Spirit, your Sealed Space Ring has entered the equipment rankings. Do you wish to hide your name?

No to it all!

As Feng Xiao expected, the two rings occupied the fifth and sixth spots on the equipment rankings.

There was a large change to the level rankings. Feng Xiao was still first and second was Hen Tian at level 18, tightly chasing after him.

Level Ranking: (Same levels are ranked by experience)

First Place: Name hidden

Level 20 Asura

No guild

Second Place: Hen Tian

Level 18 Warrior

No guild

Third Place: Hand of God

Level 16 Thunder Attributed Magician

No guild

Fourth Place: Heavenly Demon Wind Clouds

Level 16 Assassin

No guild

Fifth Place: Scarlet Flames Burning the Heaven

Level 16 Warrior

No guild

Sixth Place: Wild Demon Wolf

Level 16 Knight

No guild

Seventh Place: The Devil is Smiling

Level 16 Fire Attributed Magician

No guild

Eighth Place: Maple Leaf Roaring Waves

Level 16 Wind Attributed Mage

No guild

Ninth Place: Seductive Rainbow

Level 10 Archer

No guild

Tenth Place: Whistling Moon

Level 16 Archer

No guild

There were several new faces on the level rankings, especially Hand of God who had rushed to third place. As the game carried on, different equipment and quests would appear, causing the level rankings to split apart.

Prestige Rankings:

First Place: 2740 - Name Hidden

Second Place: 804 - Hen Tian

Third Place: 6?? - Hand of Apocalypse

[TL Note: Author forgot all numbers after 6.]

Fourth Place: 672 - Hand of God

Fifth Place: 655 - Scarlet Demon Flames

Sixth Place: 615 - Whistling Moon

Seventh Place: 572 - Heavenly Demon Wind Clouds

Eighth Place: 530 - Wild Demon Wolf

Ninth Place: 522 - Soul Destroyer

Tenth Place: 502 - Seductive Rainbow

Feng Xiaos 2740 Prestige was high up in first place, there was no one that could shake it for now.

Prestige was mainly used to form guilds. When ones Prestige was above 300 and they found a Guild Formation Token, as long as they payed a set amount of gold coins to the Heavenly Dragon Imperial Court, they could buy a piece of land and form their own guild. How many people could be in the guild depended on its Prestige, with the max limit equaling Prestige times ten.

The Guild Formation Token would only drop from strong bosses and had a low drop rate, so no one had found one just yet.

Wealth Rankings:

First Place: Money Seeker - 9087 Gold Coins

Second Place: Little Blade - 5889 Gold Coins

Third Place: Hand of Apocalypse - 5355 Gold Coins

Fourth Place: Wild Demon Wolf - 4765 Gold Coins

Fifth Place: Scarlet Demon Flames - 4265 Gold Coins

Sixth Place: Blue Starred Maple Leaf - 3955 Gold Coins

Seventh Place: Name Hidden - 3890 Gold Coins

Eighth Place: Soul Destroyer -3699 Gold Coins

Ninth Place: Merchants True Self - 3689 Gold Coins

Tenth Place: Name Hidden - 3623 Gold Coins

The names Money Seeker and Little Blade attracted Feng Xiaos attention. Although they were not as well known on the level and Prestige rankings, being able to collect this many gold coins in this short period of time, they were not simple people.

Pet Rankings:

First Place: Nether Five Elemental Saint Qilin

Fifth Grade Pet

Owner: Name Hidden

There was only Feng Xiaos pet on the pet rankings, looking lonely and dazzling.

Closing the main rankings, Feng Xiao began to size up this young masters room Rou Rou had told him about.

It was plain and elegantly decorated with an antique flavour to it. The space was not considered big, but it gave a person a warm feeling. What was even more unusual was that there was a bed, sheets, cabinet, desk, shelves, mirror, pen, ink, and various other things that one would expect to find in the real world. There was even a bathroom.

Can you also take a bath in the game?

Feng Xiao looked at his play time and saw that he had used seven hours today. There was only barely an hour left to complete his plan.

Although each player could play for nine hours each day in Rebirth, he only played eight hours each day. This was because there would be a small notification every five minutes after eight hours that made him feel very uncomfortable.

But even like this, he was far above those people that wildly leveled up to the final second.

When the door opened, Rou Rou holding the hem of her clothes was surprised. Her face turned red and she quickly lowered her head as she said, Master, do you have any orders?

Rou Rou had been Princess Shui Yues maid since she was young and had never served a man before, so she didnt know how to serve a man at all. Not to mention the fact that Feng Xiao was not courteous with her at all. Facing Feng Xiao, she felt a flustered and helpless feeling.

What can you do? Feng Xiao asked with a smile.

The old emperor was not cheap with me. Houses are very expensive this time of year and he give me this giant villa, as well as a young maid that would do whatever I wanted. Un, this is what she said.

Young miss..I can clean the rooms. I..I can clean the entire yard. I can plant flowers, rub ink, help young master change clothes and take a bath..

Rou Rous voice stopped and did not dare continue as her face turned red like the sunset. The person she had helped changed clothes and bath before was Princess Shui Yue and she had mentioned this while she was flusteredly thinking.

Ke, ke, very good. This young master will go out first, you just do what you want. Be careful of bad people when you go out..

Rou Rou secretly though: I think the baddest person is you.

Yes young master, Ill just stay at home. Ah!~~

A hand already grabbed her left breast and squeezed a few times. The hands master gave a few loud laughs as he left the Feng House.

Rou Rou watched Feng Xiao leave with a complex expression. She was in a daze for a while before muttering, His looks, his aura, and his ability are one in ten thousand. Only this person is worthy of Princess Shui Yue, but its a pity the princess

If only he wasnt that bad..How should I report to the royal father.. The little girls face was red with embarrassment, but she also found that her heart was inexplicably beating fast.

She had grown up in the palace and had rarely come in contact with young men from the outside.

The eunuchs were not men!

This little girl is not simple. Shes so timid and weak, it actually makes me want to bully her. Feng Xiao talked to himself while thinking of the rich feeling in his hands. He kept making a tsk tsk sound with his mouth.

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