Legend Of Ling Tian Chapter 618

After investing an endless amount of manpower and resources, the Xiao Family finally managed to reopen the Blue Jade River. The Xiao Family’s army had also unleashed their ferocious counterattack and the Ling Family’s three armies had also been sent over.

Yu YanHai occupied the Heavenly Water Ravine Pass at the very first moment and did not attempt to risk an attack but guarded the place firmly. He only had a single goal: as long as he protected the pass, it would be his greatest victory! When the other two armies of their Ling Family arrived, the defenses of the Heavenly Water Ravine Pass would be unbreakable. The Heavenly Water Ravine Pass which originally belonged to the Xiao Family was now the number one defense line of the Ling Family!

As the weather became colder and colder, the Xiao Family army’s advance also seemed to be slowing down. After all, the winter here was colder than negative ten degrees Celsius and at its coldest, it was negative thirty to forty degrees Celsius. Fighting a war in this weather and attempting to siege a city was akin to suicide! Even if Xiao FengHan wasn’t unwilling, he had no choice but to let his soldiers rest.

After a year of chaos in Heavenly Star, millions of corpses were littered in the wilderness. As a layer of snow fell onto the continent, the continent finally regained its peace.

When spring arrived, it would also be the arrival of the generational battle between the Yu and Shui Family! This was something that Ling Tian had been looking forward to as well!

The snow drifted down!

Today, Ling Tian sat up from his warm bed and the sky was still dark on the outside. Only a small glimmer of light could be seen from the east. The first light of day! Ling Tian would wake up every day at this timing and this was an unbreakable habit ever since Ling Tian arrived in the world.

With one on his left and another on his right, there were two beautiful figures leaning on Ling Tian’s embrace. A warm smile could be seen on Ling Tian’s face. On his left was Ling Chen and with the warm temperature in the room, her face was a rosy red color and a look of happiness could be seen on her face.

On his right, Yu BingYan was curled up like a little kitten and she leaned on Ling Tian’s broad chest. After the Divine Black Negative Meridians was purged, Yu BingYan also became more cheerful. Regardless of what she did, she would always have a bright smile on her face. Her reliance on Ling Tian was also far greater than before. Finally, under the intense ‘assault’ of Ling Tian, Yu BingYan put up a weak resistance before being completely trapped in Ling Tian’s gentleness.

During their very first union, even when Ling Tian tried his best to be extremely gentle, Yu BingYan still squirmed in pain. She actually bit Ling Tian’s shoulder leaving behind a scar…

Thinking about the happiness and satisfaction that he felt during this period, Ling Tian felt as though he was living in a dream. When the snow was falling last night, it was the best time for Ling Tian to enjoy his gentle tenderness with his lovers. After a series of persuasions and sweet talking, Ling Tian finally managed to coax the two ladies into bed with him and had the time of his life. He finally managed to enjoy the legendary threesome. Ling Tian did not have such a fortune in his previous life, and while he had the fortune in this life of his, he had been restraining himself. He had only managed to enjoy this legendary feeling after such a long time.

As Ling Tian’s martial arts achieved breakthrough after breakthrough, Ling Tian’s physique also strengthened greatly. In a certain area, he was no different from a living beast. At the start, the two ladies who were extremely shy could not endure Ling Tian’s torture and had no choice but to forget about their shyness and join hands together. Even so, they were still tortured terribly by Ling Tian and they collapsed like a pile of mush. As for young noble Ling Tian and little young noble Ling, they were still as energetic as a dragon.

Seeing the two beautiful figures beside him, Ling Tian almost could not resist the temptation to lie back in bed. After forcing himself to get up with a great deal of willpower, Ling Tian put on his clothes and walked out of the room.

A piercing cold assaulted him from the outside and Ling Tian who was already impervious to the heat and cold let out a long breath. The endless snow was still falling and the world was filled with silence.

A thick layer of snow was already formed on the ground. Ling Tian walked forward silently as though he was afraid to wake the sleeping heavens and earth up. Stepping into the boundless falling snow, the drifting snow fell on him and Ling Tian felt as though he had already become one with the entire world. At that moment, he felt that his mind was completely blank and only the mysteries of the world were left.

He stood there silently and greedily felt the silence of the world. The sound of the breeze blew past his ears and Ling Tian could clearly hear the sound of the snow landing on the ground. The snow landing was like an infant diving into the embrace of his mother. Despite the scene before him being an extremely ordinary one, the mysteries of the world seemed to be contained within it. Ling Tian listened to the melody of the world attentively and could not help but be extremely moved in his heart. Unknowingly, tears began to roll down his cheeks.

After who knows how long, perhaps it was a long while or perhaps only an instant, Ling Tian finally woke up from this mysterious feeling. Only then did he realize that there was a snowman not too far away from him. Ling Tian smiled as he wondered who was the one who would pile up a snowman in front of him.

With doubt in his heart, Ling Tian looked around and was startled. The surroundings of the snowman were extremely flat and there wasn’t a sign of any snow being moved or piled up. Isn’t the appearance of this snowman too strange? Even if the one building the snowman had superb movement techniques, it would be extremely difficult to accomplish such a task! Ling Tian suddenly came to a realization and his sharp gaze landed on the body of the snowman with a knowing smile.

Walking forward to the snowman, Ling Tian patted it on the head and said loudly, “My dear snowman, open sesame. The sun is already shining on your ass and it is time to wake up!”

With a ‘peng’, the thick layer of snow on the snowman dispersed and fell onto the ground. Inside, a snow-white figure was revealed looking at Ling Tian with a bright smile. With a gentle snort, she grabbed Ling Tian’s arm and twisted it almost 180 degrees.

Ling Tian let out a pitiful groan and grumbled hatefully, “I knew that it must be you! How playful.” The person in the snowman was naturally the demoness Li Xue.

In the world today, there weren’t many who were capable of constructing a snowman before him without leaving behind a single trace. However, of all the experts in the world capable of achieving such a feat, Miss Li Xue was probably the only one who would disguise herself as a snowman!

Li Xue rolled her eyes and snorted, “Young noble Ling, you really had the time of your life last night, right?” Hearing her tone, Ling Tian was certain that Miss Li Xue was definitely jealous.

Ling Tian chuckled and he glanced at Li Xue’s beautiful figure while stroking his chin, “I did indeed have a good time but I did not enjoy myself to my heart’s content. If this peerless country toppling beauty before me is willing to take part as well, I would truly be able to enjoy myself to my heart’s content.”

“You greedy b*st*rd! You’re dreaming!” Li Xue’s face flushed red and she stomped her feet angrily. With Ling Tian’s lecherous gaze sweeping over her body, she felt as though her whole body was turning weak.

Ling Tian said lecherously, “How am I being greedy? Even the people of the Earth would know that… it is only a matter of time.” He then turned around to escape.

“You…b*st*rd! What do you mean by it’s a matter of time?” Li Xue dashed forward and threw a snowball at Ling Tian. Ling Tian burst out laughing and ran even faster.

These few days, Ling Tian was surrounded by beauties and the fire in his heart burned even brighter than before. His super-powerful physique made it such that he was unable to enjoy himself thoroughly and did not have an avenue of release. Even after Ling Chen and Yu BingYan almost fell unconscious from pleasure, little young noble Ling would still be alive and kicking without the slightest bit of weakness. This made young noble Ling extremely frustrated.

Ling Tian did not wish to touch Xiao YanXue yet because he had not settled matters with the Xiao Family fully and their families were still at war. Currently, Xiao YanXue must definitely be in a bad mood. After Ling Tian captured Xiao FengYang, Xiao YanXue seemed even busier but she never made any request to Ling Tian and had buried all of her frustrations in her heart. This truly made Ling Tian’s heart ache.

As for Shui QianRou, he naturally could not touch her right now. As for the others like Princess JiaoYue, Ling Tian still had a knot in his heart which would not be so easily undone. He did not know how he should face her at all and the only person who he could eat up right now was Li Xue. But for some strange reason, Li Xue had hidden all of her previous emotions and young noble Ling Tian would always be rejected. She would always say that she wasn’t ready and wanted to wait for their wedding night…

Ling Tian knew that this wasn’t because of her having traditional thoughts but because she was being extremely jealous. However, in this world where men had the overwhelming authority, Li Xue did not have a choice but could only whine to Ling Tian with such methods.

Ling Tian felt as though he was extremely unlucky.

There were a bunch of peerless beauties surrounding him that were all within his grasp but he was still unable to be satisfied. This was even more unbearable than being impotent. At the very least, he wouldn’t need to think about it if he was impotent. But now that he was still able and extremely powerful, he…

They always said that it was tough being a lady but in fact, it was even tougher to be a man. Especially a healthy man who was extremely vigorous but did not have an affair on the outside. Young noble Ling Tian grumbled about how a single wife was truly insufficient! Ling Tian sat in front of the window and fell into deep thought. Just how should he let Li Xue… perhaps at that time he can… enjoy to his heart’s content?

Being trapped within his fantasies, young noble Ling Tian could not help but smile lecherously.

“Young noble, a messenger from the Yu Family is here.” Meng LiGe walked in and disrupted Ling Tian’s beautiful dreams. Ling Tian who was still trapped in his own imagination and dreams flew into a rage of frustration.

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