Legend Of Ling Tian Chapter 617

Ling Tian smiled coldly and looked at Ling Jian, “If you do not have the strength to protect your face, you have to protect your life first. You only need to care about your face after you have both strength and status. Your body is your own but face is for someone else! Do you think that the current you has the right to keep your face before Justice? You would only throw your face if you try to do that!”

Ling Jian stood by the side silently and he did not have a trace of embarrassment from losing the battle. “Yes.” After pausing for a moment, Ling Jian slowly added, “But there will definitely be this chance in future!”

“If you did not spit out that mouthful of blood, you would have truly lost the right to challenge me again. However, I am still extremely satisfied right now. Alright, at that time, I will wait for you to regain your face. Hahaha…” Justice let out a hearty laugh, “It is sometimes pretty interesting to kill as well right?”

Very obviously, Ling Jian’s sharp killing intent had incited Justice’s interest.

Ling Jian fell silent and looked at Justice for a while with a knowing smile.

Even if a smiling Ling Jian wasn’t as rare as the phoenix’s feathers, it wouldn’t be very much more common. Even Ling Tian, Ling Chi, Ling Chen, and the others who were extremely familiar with Ling Jian rarely had the chance to see him smile. However, Ling Jian had actually smiled to an outsider today! It was truly a rare affair!

Ling Tian was also amused by the scene before him and walked forward slowly to where the two of them were previously standing. Shaking his head, he sighed, “What a pity. My flat ground has been ruined.” As he said that, his right hand pressed down slightly and a small whirlwind could be seen spinning around his palm. The next moment, a meter-long crater was revealed. This huge crater was silently formed because the rocks within the crater had previously been reduced to dust!

There were two deep footprints where Ling Jian had been standing like it was smashed up by an ax! However, the place where Justice had been standing did not have the slightest bit of change.

Looking at the two clear footprint marks, Ling Jian let out a sigh. At the same time, he looked at Justice with a burning gaze.

This was the distance between them! It was also Ling Jian’s target!

Over the next three days, Ling Jian, Ling Chen, Li Xue, and Ling Chi would take turns to spar with Justice. They would either pair up or form a group of three. At the very end, the four of them joined hands to face Justice together but were still unable to gain the slightest bit of an advantage.

The strangest thing was that Ling Tian didn’t take action at all and Justice surprisingly did not request for Ling Tian to take action either. Ling Tian watched from the side from the beginning to the end as though he was thinking about something. At the same time, Justice spent most of his time looking towards the sky as though he was thinking about something as well. The actions of the two were extremely similar.

Three days later, after Justice drank two bottles of Ling Tian’s Hero’s Blood, he decided that it was time for him to leave. Before he left, his conversation with Ling Tian had puzzled everyone.

Justice, “I am leaving. Before the time is right, I will not return.”

Ling Tian, “Oh.”

Justice, “How long do you think you will need?”

Ling Tian, “Probably… five years. Six at the very most.”

Justice, “You’re pretty confident eh?! Five years later then.”

Ling Tian, “Okay.”

Ling Tian, “Are we friends?”

Justice, “Are we enemies?”

Ling Tian, “We aren’t friends or enemies. We are opponents and comrades.”

Justice, “Hahaha…”

Ling Tian, “What a pity, if… I were to kill you!”

Justice, “If… I were to kill you as well!”

Ling Tian, “I will wait for you to kill me.”

Justice, “Likewise.”

As the two of them were talking, Li Xue, who was the closest in realm to Ling Tian could feel that while there wasn’t an oppressive aura being emanated from Justice, a dangerous pressure was being given out by him. Someone who had not walked down the Yellow Springs road like Li Xue and Ling Tian would not be able to notice this danger. While Ling Tian did not make a special move, he was like a divine sword out of its sheath. A tyrannical aura was being given out by him as though he was attacking something.

Furthermore, there seems to be a hidden meaning in both of their words as though they were trying to fix an appointment and test something…

They were obviously fixing a time to start a world-shaking battle, Li Xue silently thought to herself. However, just what kind of a battle would it be such that even her who understood Ling Tian the most wasn’t able to tell?

Furthermore, Ling Tian who just had a breakthrough seemed to be on the losing end.

Just how high a level of cultivation did Justice have?!

Li Xue frowned and fell into deep thought. A long while later, she snapped out from her thought and a look of shock could be seen on her face. Could it be that their battle is…

Right at this moment, the two of them had finally finished their strange conversation. Justice looked at Ling Tian with a profound smile and waved his hands before drifting away without turning back. His tall figure drifted with the autumn winds and he melded together with the yellow leaves before disappearing without a trace.

Ling Tian looked at yellow leaves with his hands behind his back and muttered, “You have disappeared but I am still around. Therefore, victory will be mine.” At this moment, Ling Tian’s disposition had reverted back to his usual carefree attitude. However, the change was very subtle and in the eyes of the rest, the current Ling Tian wasn’t any different from the previous Ling Tian.

After that, Ling Tian suddenly let out a laugh and shook his head. As though he threw something away, he shook his head again and muttered under his breath, “Interesting, interesting. I… really can’t bear to.”

Ling Jian looked at the two people conversing with each other. He looked towards where Justice had disappeared and then looked at Ling Tian who had his arms behind his back. A burning excitement could be seen in his eyes!

Was this the true peak of power?!

Ling Chen and Yu BingYan looked at Ling Tian’s back and a look of intoxication could be seen in their eyes. It was as though this view alone was enough to intoxicate the two ladies…

The only one who didn’t fit into this picture was Li Xue who had her lips pursed in disdain looking as though she wanted to puke. She muttered under her breath with disdain, “Cheh… he really knows how to act cool! He just has to try acting cool regardless of where he is! This is truly unbearable… Dear heavens, if there is someone watching, please send a bolt of lightning…”

After everything had come to an end, Ling Tian stayed in the Ling Family Courtyard and began a leisurely life. He accompanied the few beauties every day to play chess, zither, paint… it was truly the perfect life!

Ling Tian ignored all of the battles that were going on outside. He left it all to Ling Chen, Li Xue, Meng LiGe, and Xiao YanXue to take care of it. His action of disregarding all of his responsibilities made everyone grumble with complaints. Meng LiGe and Ling Chen were especially tired and they would frequently grumble to Ling Tian. Ling Chen would have a broad shoulder to lean on at the very least, but Meng LiGe would obviously not receive such treatment. Even if Ling Tian was willing to let Meng LiGe lean on him, Meng LiGe wouldn’t want to!

Ling Tian’s reply was extremely simple. If I have to settle everything on my own, what is the point of having you guys? Having the few of you is sufficient and as for how tired you guys are…. what has that got to do with me? If you guys are tired, you can also follow me and delegate your jobs to your subordinates. As long as it doesn’t affect the big picture.

Hearing those words, Ling Chen would lean on Ling Tian’s broad shoulders and whine for a while and her anger would be pacified. But when Meng LiGe heard that, he rolled his eyes and immediately walked away in anger. Meng LiGe was truly extremely bold in the way he treated his master!

What a joke! If everyone was so capable, what is the point of having me around? If everyone shrinks from their responsibility like you, wouldn’t the Courtyard fall into chaos?

However, in regards to how Ling Tian trusted him wholeheartedly, Meng LiGe truly admired Ling Tian. There weren’t many monarchs who could have such a breadth of heart and every single monarch that had this breadth of heart were all extremely accomplished! Only those who could let go of absolute authority in their hands would be able to reach the peak of authority! While serving under such a master was indeed tiring, it was extremely comfortable. Just the amount of trust which Ling Tian gave him was something that no other person in the world would be able to give.

Thus, while Meng LiGe was extremely tired every day, he spent every day in joy and fulfillment.

As for Ling Jian, Ling Tian only gave him a single bit of instruction, “Didn’t you want to seek revenge against the Lei Family? Just make sure that you leave enough manpower behind. You can take the other brats out to train and you can create as much chaos as you want.”

With these words being said, apart from Ling Jian, the other eight assassins were split into two groups and excitedly took turns to go out. Especially Feng, Yun, Lei, and Dian who were truly tortured badly by Justice a while ago. This time, it was their chance to trample over others! This made Ling Jian itch as he was staying back in the Ling Family Courtyard. He hated the fact that he could not pull Ling Chi back to replace him while he went out to have his fun.

During this period of time, the Yu Family successfully wiped out the Wu Empire. Apart from the Moon Deity Empire in the extreme west, they had almost completely united their half of the continent. However, the Moon Deity Empire was too far away and a large desert separated them. Even with the Yu Family’s immense strength, they would not dare to recklessly send out their forces for now. Besides that, winter was arriving and it was time for the war to take a pause. How would Yu ManLou dare to pass through the desert during the winter? That would be akin to sending his army on a suicide mission! Settling the Moon Deity Empire was definitely going to be a long process for the Yu Family.

In regards to the Lei Family ambushing the Ling Family, Ling Tian only sent Ling Chi to give a letter to Yu ManLou. He just informed Yu ManLou that Yu BingYan was unharmed and her body was fine. He also made it known to Yu ManLou about his resolution to wipe out the Lei Family and warned Yu ManLou and his Yu Family to not interfere. Yu ManLou agreed to Ling Tian’s request without a trace of hesitation and this was something that Ling Tian had also expected. The Lei Family was already finished and no longer had any use to Yu ManLou. Furthermore, the Lei Family was still sending men to the Yu Family to complain and whine to Yu ManLou requesting for him to take revenge for Lei ZhenTian. Yu ManLou was already extremely frustrated with the Lei Family. Was the current Ling Tian someone so easily dealt with?

Thus, Ling Tian intending to wipe out the Lei Family was also what Yu ManLou wanted.

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