Jun Ye Can't Help But Tease His Wife Chapter 422

Xiao Yao frowned, and repeated his question, "Did you really see it with your own eyes?"

Jiang Si Cheng did not dare to look the leader in the eye, and guiltily lowered his head, nodding as though he was mas.h.i.+ng garlic, "Yes, I really saw it with my own eyes. The fifth master's attack was extremely accurate, and he was able to beat the third young master to the ground in the blink of an eye without being able to move."

"I'll let you look into my eyes and say, did you really see Xiao Ye beat Chen Hao to death?" Xiao Yao chased after him step by step.

Jiang Si Cheng staggered a step, raised his head and looked at the person in front of him, then anxiously lowered his head as though he was choosing a path.

"Could it be that General Xiao Yao wants to threaten the witnesses in front of us, the Chen family's young and old?" Old Man Chen scolded.

Xiao Yao stood up straight, his eyes still staring straight at Jiang Si Cheng, he said, "I am only investigating the truth, regardless of how important the military affairs are, they all need to pay attention to evidence, and words have no basis, you all just randomly found someone to casually speak, could it be that you have decided our Xiao Ye's crime?"

"There's a video, there's a video of a phone." Lady Chen pulled on the corner of Jiang Si Cheng's clothes, indicating that he should take out his phone.

Just as Jiang Si Cheng was about to take out his phone, he saw Xiao Yao waving his hands.

Xiao Yao said straightforwardly, "In law, we all know that videos cannot be used as evidence. If they really are to be convicted, then other than the young master of the Jiang family, they also want more evidence."

"Could it be that Marshal Xiao Yao wants to sever all relations?" Old Man Chen gritted his teeth, "Our Chen family will not let this go easily."

Xiao Yao did not mind, "Old Gramps, you have been smart for most of your life, you should be clear about the relations.h.i.+p between the young master of the Jiang family and your third young master, is his words trustworthy?"

"Why can't I believe it? He was the only witness. He knew the whole story better than we did. " Lady Chen said harshly.

"Based on Jiang Si Cheng's reputation in the circle, this person is not worth for me to trust."

Jiang Si Cheng anxiously said, "Marshal, although my reputation is not good, but this matter is related to the lives of others, I dare to speak nonsense right? I, Jiang Si Cheng, swear that if I had told a lie today, I would have been struck to death by lightning. "

"Young master Jiang can eat whatever you want and never say whatever you want. I swear I will never do anything reckless. Otherwise, if I open my eyes and kill you, will the Jiang family come and cause trouble for our Xiao family?"

"You " Old Man Chen was fl.u.s.tered and exasperated, "Xiao Yao, are you deliberately twisting right and wrong?"

"The old gramps is wrong. Everything is about evidence. You were just randomly convicted before you had any evidence. I'm a rather protective person."

"Knock, knock, knock."

Before Xiao Yao could finish speaking, guard soldier pushed open the door to the ward once again.

guard soldier said, "General Xiao Ye has arrived."

"Good, he came at the right time. I would like to ask him why he hit my son." Madam Chen glared at the person at the door.

Xiao Yao frowned, he could not hold back any longer, what was this fellow doing here at this time?

The moment Xiao Ye entered the door, he immediately felt a wave of mental pressure. He stood up straight without being servile or overbearing, and saluted.

Xiao Yao nodded, "Tell me, what exactly happened?"

"I've already heard about what happened to Third Young Master Chen. I admit that I was the one who beat him."

"It's good that you've admitted it, you executioner. Why did you kill my son? He has no enmity with you, so why did you kill my son? " Lady Chen lost control and pounced over, but was pulled back a few steps by the Chen family members.

Xiao Ye continued, "What I admit is that I hit him, I don't admit that I beat him to death. I only hit him a few times, and this little bit of damage is not enough to kill him."

"Stop quibbling here. Didn't you beat him to death? Did he fall to his death?" Madam Chen questioned.

"I can't guarantee that. Maybe the heavens truly have eyes, so he might fall to his death."

Old Man Chen glared at him, "Xiao Ye, do you dare to confront Jiang Si Cheng?"

Jiang Si Cheng's expression became cold, and he looked at the calm Xiao Ye with a bit of guilt. Although he had already thought of a foolproof plan before coming here, there was no guarantee that he would fail midway.

"I'd like to know why you hit him?" Xiao Yao asked.

Xiao Ye clenched his fists and said in detail, "He hurt my wife and children, why can't I hit him? "G.o.dfather, my child is gone. My family's An Cheng is still lying unconscious on top of the building, and my beating him was light. If it weren't for the responsibility on my shoulders, I would really want to kill him."

"You mean that Chen Hao harmed Gu An Cheng?" Xiao Yao's gaze darkened, "If that's the case, then I really need to get an explanation from the Chen family."

Although Gu An Cheng was not from the Shen Family, he was respected within the Shen Family because of the Old Lady Shen. The entire capital knew about this living ancestor and even knew that the Old Lady Shen was protecting his weakness, but he never expected that this b.a.s.t.a.r.d actually provoked this ancestor again.

A few years ago, Gu An Cheng almost killed this brat when they were in Garfield. If not for the Chen Family protecting him, even if Gu An Cheng let them go, the Old Lady Shen would not have let this matter go.

Who would have thought that this brat would continue pestering Gu An Cheng even after so many years, and even more so doing such a thing. If the Old Lady Shen found out, even if Xiao Ye didn't beat him to death, the Old Mistress would mercilessly kill him.

"G.o.dfather, I know what I'm doing, so I only punched him a few times before leaving. As for why he died, I'll have to ask Jiang Si Cheng." Xiao Ye stared at the cowardly guy in the back of the crowd.

Jiang Si Cheng was suddenly called out, and anxiously raised his head, coincidentally meeting Xiao Ye's fierce eyes.

The atmosphere suddenly changed as Jiang Si Cheng was brought up.

Xiao Ye said coldly. "Did you really see me beat Chen Hao to death with your own two eyes?"

Jiang Si Cheng lowered his head, deliberately avoiding the attack from his eyes, and nodded. "I really saw it with my own eyes."

BOOM! Xiao Ye immediately threw him onto the wall.

Jiang Si Cheng didn't expect that Xiao Ye would be so ruthless towards him in front of so many people. Before he could even react, his own throat had already been strangled.

Xiao Ye continued, "I'll follow the steps of me to beat you up like this, I want to see how he got beaten to death by me."

"Xiao Ye, are you going to rebel?" Old Man Chen roared in anger.

Xiao Ye turned around and sneered, "Didn't the old man suspect me as well? I'm going to show you the whole thing right now. "

"Xiao Ye, don't be rude." Xiao Yao stopped her, "The dead are big now."

Xiao Ye released Jiang Si Cheng, and coldly glared at him, "Jiang Si Cheng, you better think about it first. Otherwise, I can't guarantee that I won't suddenly smash my fist onto your body."

Jiang Si Cheng sat on the floor with all his might as he gasped for breath and covered his throat. At that moment, he had almost been strangled to death by Xiao Ye.

Xiao Yao opened the door of the ward, and before he left, he said, "I will investigate the entire matter thoroughly, and return my Xiao Ye a justice."

Old Man Chen heavily dropped the cane in his hand, he raised his blood pressure and fell down onto the chair, shouting, "Xiao Yao, our Chen Family will not let this go easily, I will definitely seek justice for my grandson."

Lady Chen hugged her child with sorrow as she cried bitterly. "My poor son, my son who has suffered so much. Even if I die, I won't be able to rest in peace."

Hearing the continuous crying behind him, Xiao Yao shot a glance at Xiao Ye, who seemed to not have had his fill of fun, and directly walked towards the elevator.

Xiao Ye followed behind him and repeated herself over and over, "G.o.dfather, I really didn't beat him to death."

"Even if I don't believe that you wouldn't beat Chen Hao to death when you were burning with rage, I still believe in your character, and even more so believe that you put emphasis on the overall situation, and that you would absolutely not do such a disgraceful thing."

"At that time, I did indeed have red eyes and I really wanted to strangle him. However, G.o.dfather, my responsibility. The military seal on my shoulder forced me to let go and give up on the beating. Before I left, he was still alive and well.

Xiao Yao entered the elevator and pressed the numbers, "Jiang Si Cheng would not say something like that for no reason, he must know something, investigate him properly."

"Well, I know what to do."

Xiao Yao suddenly became quiet, waiting for the elevator to open up, then said, "You don't have to be too sad about your children, you and An Cheng are still young, there will be more opportunities in the future."

Xiao Ye lowered his head, his voice becoming somewhat hoa.r.s.e. He nodded, "I'm constantly numbing myself in my heart. There will definitely be a day when the rain has cleared."

"Well, you don't have to worry about the Chen family." Well, you don't have to worry about the Chen family.

"Father, would people say that our Xiao family practices our own interests and goes back on our words?"

"I don't mind being said like that. After all, the back of one's hand is flesh, and my child cannot be wronged by others for no reason at all."

Xiao Ye looked at the man under the sunlight, and hugged him, "G.o.dfather."

"Alright, go take care of your wife. Right now, she needs you as a man to guard her and not let her have any negative emotions." Alright, go take care of your wife, right now, she needs you as a man to guard her and not let her have any negative emotions.

"G.o.dfather, I feel that you've changed." Xiao Ye straightened his body and looked at the person in front of him seriously.

Xiao Yao did not understand the meaning behind his words, "What did I change?"

If it was before, you would definitely beat me up mercilessly and then wonder if you had misunderstood me. Even if you knew then that you had misunderstood me, you wouldn't have regretted beating me up.

"Then do you want me to help you?" Xiao Yao extended his hand out.

Xiao Ye quickly replied, "There's no need, there's no need, I'm going in, you can go back."

Xiao Yao looked at the child who had ran into the hospital without looking back. He shook his head and was about to get on the carriage to leave.

"Father-in-law." shen shen feng1102 walked out of the other car.

Xiao Yao looked over when he heard it, "How did you get here?"

"Something came up and I came over."

Xiao Yao looked at the building behind him and nodded, "Are you ready to go back now?"

"I have something to say to you." shen shen feng1102 pointed to a quiet corner.

The wind blew gently, and the trees' shadows rustled. Sunlight scattered down, and the two of them stood side by side.

"What are you trying to say?" Both of Xiao Yao's hands were in his pockets, and he could smell the faint scent of the medicine in the air, so he asked again, "Have you recovered from your injuries?"

"This is only a small wound, it won't affect me too much."

"In your eyes, shen shen feng1102, is it that as long as you have a breath, you will suffer a small and insignificant injury?"

shen shen feng1102 laughed, "Xiao Jing also said that."

"Of course, we are father and daughter. We all say that our daughter follows her father."

"I wanted to tell you about the baby today." shen shen feng1102 said.

"I heard from Shen Yi Tian about this matter, this child's body is special, it is very troublesome, but he is safe now, so we do not need to worry too much."

"In the past, I was only able to experience this strange phenomenon when I grew up. The older I was, the more energy I would have. I was worried that my child would suddenly be unable to withstand this frightening power."

Xiao Yao frowned, "Do you mean to say that he might lose control one day?"

"He is different from me. I can feel that his strength is stronger than mine."

"That's strange, since you, shen shen feng1102, still have a day to admit defeat."

shen shen feng1102 raised his head and looked at the spots of sunlight that had been scattered all over the place. He said cautiously, "All these years, the military has been on guard against me, afraid that I would suddenly lose control one day, when that time comes, no one will be able to stop me, or even destroy me. I do not want my children to experience the same doubts as me, or even a restriction."

"No one dares."

"Now that you and my father are in the military, you can stop them from leaving."

"Yes, I will discuss the matter of the child with your father again. I will do my best to not let any information leak out before he reaches adulthood. Let him become a secret. When he can no longer hide it, we will see whether it is good or bad."

"That's why I have to become strong as a father."

Xiao Yao was suspicious, "Are you not strong enough?"

"Father-in-law, the people of this world are very realistic. They like to speak with their ident.i.ties, so I am weak only in my status and not in my strength."

"You want to be promoted?"

shen shen feng1102 nodded, "After I return from R Nation, I will add all of my military merits into the sum and try my best to be able to apply for it through the military."

Xiao Yao understood the hidden meaning behind his words and nodded, "For the military merits that you have hidden, forget about advancing to the First Stage, you can even go up to the Second Stage as a general."

"What I want to be is a great general."

Xiao Yao was startled by his bold words, but in the end, she only laughed, "Youngster, you are ambitious. Are you going to ride on top of my head and command the three armies not long from now?"

shen shen feng1102 blurted out, "Being young is better than being young; I believe that the future is better than the future."

Hearing his words, Xiao Yao was prepared to kill himself?

As the lanterns lit up, the moonlight slowly dimmed.

In the depths of the tranquil forest, many figures flashed past.

The top elites that he had sent out were defeated one after another. After thinking hard about it, he came up with a conclusion. It was possible that the defense line of the Shen family was too strong, which resulted in the failure of the R team.

This time, he decided to go all out next time!

He didn't believe that the Shen family wouldn't be able to charge in.

The ten-odd people were lying in ambush in front of the Shen family's mansion, all of them fully focused on investigating the movements in front of them. After confirming that the time for the Shen family's guard soldier to change s.h.i.+fts was near, Yinye waved his hand high.

A group of people swarmed forward, and disappeared without a trace under the moonlight with a 'whoosh' sound.

After xiaoqing2 finished showering, he wore a simple T-s.h.i.+rt. He casually wiped his hair and sat in front of the mirror, ready to blow his hair.

The little guy seemed to be in high spirits tonight. Even at this time, he was still not sleepy. He just lay on the bed rolling on his stomach, playing around by himself with a great deal of joy.

xiaoqing2 blew his hair, and after making sure that he had done more than enough, he tied up his ponytail casually, touched the baby's frost, sprayed some dew on it, and laid back down on the bed.

Little Treasure seemed to like the smell of the flower dew on his body, as he wriggled his way towards his mother.

"Dong, dong, dong." Shen Xiao Xiao opened the door and dragged his figurine into the house.

xiaoqing2 carried the little girl and laughed, "Can't sleep with our big sister?"

Shen Xiao Xiao threw the figurine on the bed and rubbed it coquettishly in xiaoqing2's arms, "Mother, hug me."

The little guy was lying in the middle of the bed, his two eyes fixed on the two people playing around happily. His mouth twitched, and he buried his head in his hands.

"Sizzle sizzle." xiaoqing2 saw the flickering lights and quickly placed the little girl on the bed.

However, Shen Xiao Xiao pounced towards xiaoqing2 without mercy, "Hug mother, hug mother."

xiaoqing2 still had not reacted, he looked at Shen San Fen who had crawled behind them at some point in time.

Shen Xiao Xiao turned his head and proudly hugged xiaoqing2's arm, proclaiming his sovereignty over his unembraced little brother. He stuck out his tongue and said complacently, "Mom loves Xiaoxiao, Mom likes Xiaoxiao."

The little guy reached out his hand and touched Shen Xiao Xiao's little arm.

xiaoqing2 quickly picked Shen Xiao Xiao up from the ground. The strong electric current bounced onto the bed sheets, and in an instant, a basin sized hole appeared.

In other words

"A Good Country Son-in-law "/" Harlu", by a good friend

An accident, the 21st century "Lone Star" Meng Qianyou transmigrated to the same surname and surname of the peasant girl, from then on began to enjoy the rural life. But who could tell her what the heck was this future husband of hers?

Theatre One: "Little Sister, that boy is your future husband." "Big brother Meng Xian pointed to a young man with tattered clothes and said." When Qian You heard this, she instantly felt the lightning in the sky strike.

Little Theater 2: "Little sister, your future husband has been beaten up again!" ergege Meng Qi rushed into the door in a panic and shouted to Meng Qianyou. The veins on Meng Qianyou's forehead jumped.

Small theater three: "Sis, your future husband " Before his little brother, Meng Jie, could finish his sentence, he was interrupted by Meng Qianyou, "Go and tell Father and Mother, my future husband, we will raise him ourselves!"

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