Jun Ye Can't Help But Tease His Wife Chapter 421

xiaoqing2 anxiously closed the elevator, afraid that the Little Ancestor would continue playing with him.

The little guy lay back into his mother's arms, and touched her face with his little hands.

xiaoqing2 smiled, "What's wrong? Is he hungry? "

In front of the sickroom, Yan Jun was gently closing the door.

"Grandma." xiaoqing2 could already see Yan Jun, who was quietly preparing to leave from a distance.

Yan Jun heard a voice from behind him, and turned back, "You're here so quickly?"

xiaoqing2 looked at the situation inside the house through the window. The woman on the bed was lying down quietly, and the electrocardiogram was also beating rhythmically at the side. She was slightly relieved and asked, "Aunt, are you alright?"

"The current situation is still considered good. I'm just afraid that if she wakes up and finds out that her child is gone, the blow will be too heavy. I'm worried that it will affect her recovery."

"My aunt is a woman, but I know she'll get through it." xiaoqing2 pa.s.sed the child to Yan Jun, and said, "The baby might be hungry."

"Then I'll take him for some milk powder. You can sit here for a while." Yan Jun walked along the long corridor with the child in his arms.

xiaoqing2 pushed open the door, and the strong smell of disinfectant wafted into the room. She brought a chair over and sat on it, and would occasionally check the speed of the drops.

"Thud." The door behind him creaked.

Hearing that, xiaoqing2 turned his head, only to see Xiao Ye walking in awkwardly.

Xiao Ye stood two meters away from the sickroom, not coming any closer.

xiaoqing2 stood up and asked, "Why aren't you coming over?"

Xiao Ye shook his head, "I'm a little dirty."

xiaoqing2 noticed that there were traces of blood on his body, and frowned, "Did you go out to fight or do you carry out missions?"

"I'm going to fight." Xiao Ye replied without hesitation.

"Have they found the culprit?" xiaoqing2 excitedly walked forward, afraid that he would disturb Gu An Cheng, so he pulled Xiao Ye's hand and walked out of the room.

Xiao Ye leaned on the wall, and was a little dispirited, "I really want to kill that person, but I can't kill him."

"It is beyond my expectation that you can stabilize yourself. This kind of person can be dealt with by the military. There is no need to ruin your reputation for this kind of garbage." xiaoqing2 took out a clean handkerchief and wiped the dried blood on his hand.

Xiao Ye leaned his head on her shoulder, and said with a low voice, "How should I tell her, can I tell her the truth?"

xiaoqing2 raised her hand and gently patted his back. After feeling his body tremble undetectable, she softly said, "There are some things that even if we don't talk about it, she would still know.

"Do you want me to tell you the truth?"

"I don't know how to comfort her, but I know that sometimes being secretive isn't the best thing for her. Now that things have come to this, do you still want to deceive yourself and her?"

Xiao Ye hugged her even more tightly, "It's my fault. If I hadn't thought about the mission then, I would have sat with her for a while.

Even if you dodge today, there will still be endless troubles in the future. Just like officer and I, the people who want to destroy us can come at us, but we didn't stop them from dodging. "

Xiao Ye leaned against the wall, and closed his eyes out of exhaustion, "Maybe I didn't do well enough, maybe I didn't do well enough."

xiaoqing2 wanted to say something but hesitated. The former young master of the Xiao family would not be so resentful, nor would he be so dispirited and uneasy. He was proud, free and unrestrained, and was even more fearless.

But now he was like a lost child, friendless and wandering.

"Pa, pa, pa." The lights flickered between the two of them in silence.

Xiao Ye looked at the abnormal lights in the corridor and raised his hand. Looking at the lines on his palm, could it be that he was too angry to control the ferocious energy in his body anymore?

xiaoqing2 subconsciously looked towards the other side of the corridor when he saw the flickering lights.

Yan Jun was carrying the child as he slowly walked over. It was obvious that he noticed that the child was different, so he stopped in his tracks.

When xiaoqing2 heard the sizzling sounds in the air, he knew that it was not good. He raised his head and saw that the light bulb above Xiao Ye's head had already started to crack.

She wanted to jump over and pull this decadent man away, but as soon as she took a step forward, she heard him speak with a depressed expression.

Xiao Ye said, "Don't come over, I can't control myself anymore."

xiaoqing2 was surprised, what could he not control?

Xiao Ye looked at the light bulbs on the ceiling that were ready to move, closed his eyes, and raised his hands up high, "There seems to be a power moving within my body. My body, my arms, my hair all seems to be trembling."

"..." Could it be that this child had been struck too hard and had become a r.e.t.a.r.d?

Xiao Ye listened to the increasingly loud voice in the air, and for some reason, he could clearly feel the air above him boiling, as though in the next moment, this power would ignite the light bulb above his head and allow him to completely unleash his power.

BOOM! The light bulb exploded, and the pieces fell like scattered flowers.

xiaoqing2 retreated two steps back and looked carefully. Xiao Ye was struggling to keep his arms open, as if he was enjoying this scene.

"..." The child was truly foolish.

Yan Jun walked up quickly, and watched Xiao Ye, who was holding open his arms with a face full of enjoyment, with a frown, "What happened to him? "Aren't you afraid?"

xiaoqing2 thought for a while, trying his best to be tactful, "It's possible that I've been provoked, my mind is in a bit of a mess."

The little guy twisted his body, wanting to jump into xiaoqing2's embrace. He pouted his little mouth and continued to hug her.

Xiao Ye opened his eyes, his gaze deep and sharp looking at the two who had yet to react, he waved his hand, "Don't say anything, I don't want to reveal myself."

The little guy gnawed on his hands and stared fixedly at the man who had the most arrogant expression on his face. He raised his head, and his large eyes landed on a spot on the top of his head where lightning was still flas.h.i.+ng.

xiaoqing2 seemed to have sensed the power the child released and anxiously shouted, "Xiao Wu, dodge!"

Xiao Ye raised his hand, with the center of his palm facing xiaoqing2, he said, "Don't say anything, I know that you all may have discovered some sort of difference, but those are all illusions. Don't keep them in your heart, and even more so, don't mention them to anyone."

With a "Pa!" sound, a spark flew out in an instant, and before Xiao Ye could even react, his entire body seemed to have been penetrated by something. His blood boiled in the blink of an eye, and he could almost feel the fire that was about to burst out in his heart when his blood boiled as he opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of white smoke.

"Cough, cough." He coughed, faced the two people in front of him who were rendered speechless, and continued, "We have reached an agreement, no one is to speak of it."

With that, he pretended to be enigmatic as he walked towards the ward. Perhaps it was due to the electric shock, but his body was a little stiff. He tried very hard to walk his small steps into the ward.

Yan Jun looked at xiaoqing2 and understood the meaning of her words.

xiaoqing2 looked towards the ward and hugged the child with one arm, saying, "Aunt hasn't woken up yet, so I'll be taking the child back first. I'll come over later to check on you."

"You don't need to come over, I'll just watch from here. At night, the madame will come over, and you can take good care of the child at home for two days. Recently, his mood has been a bit unstable, as if he knew you were leaving again."

xiaoqing2 lightly pinched the little fellow's nose and nodded, "Then I'll come over after aunt has woken up."

As the car drove onto the main road, the sunlight fell on the windows as the two cars pa.s.sed each other.

xiaoqing2 turned to look at the car that pa.s.sed by him, and anxiously shouted: "Stop."

The driver pulled over, and just as he reached the side, he saw the door open.

xiaoqing2 walked out of the carriage and looked at the car that was speeding away. After confirming that it was officer, he took out his phone and dialed a number, and the car drove back.

shen shen feng1102 opened the car door and looked at the little soldier who was standing by the side of the road with his arms around his child, waiting for him.

"My aunt hasn't woken up yet. I'll carry the child back first so that he won't be unhappy and play around with the whole hospital."

shen shen feng1102 nodded, "Then go back first. Be careful on your way back."

"Yes." xiaoqing2 looked at the car that disappeared once again, and returned to the car with the child in his arms.

The car started on the road again and steadily entered the flow of traffic.

The moment shen shen feng1102 got off the car, he saw an ambulance parked at the entrance, followed by many other cars parked at the emergency entrance.

The doors of the ambulance opened and the medical staff raised the oxygen mask high up in the air. Everyone quickly ran into the hospital.

It was possible that shen shen feng1102 did not see clearly who was lying on the carriage, but he recognized the group of people that followed afterwards.

The Chen family's old man walked unsteadily into the hospital, not falling down with the support of the two men.

Everyone rushed in.

shen shen feng1102 closed the car door. He had just received news that Gu An Cheng had met with the Chen family's third young master in private before the incident.

At the instant he saw old man Chen, he wondered if it was Chen Hao lying in the ambulance, and for some reason, a bad premonition arose within his heart.

In front of the operation room, a group of Chen family members walked back and forth, blocking the entire emergency pa.s.sage.

The old man sat down on a chair with a tired expression, both hands on his walking stick as he waited for news.

shen shen feng1102 stood at the corner and sized up the group of people in front of him without batting an eyelid, but one of them was a little out of the blue.

The young master of the Jiang family, Jiang Si Cheng, lowered his head in remorse, then handed the phone over in his hand over, "This was taken by my nanny, when I first heard about it, I immediately rushed out, but it was already too late, I could only watch as Xiao Ye arrogantly left, I'm sorry, Old Master."

"You and my third brother have known each other since childhood. I know the friends.h.i.+p between the two of you, so you will not just stand by and watch me die." Lady Chen bit her handkerchief. "Such a ruthless heart. Why are you treating my son this way?"

In the end, he angrily threw down the cane in his hand and roared, "Although my Chen family can't compare to the Xiao family, it can still be considered to be a family with a lot of reputation in the capital. No matter how useless my Chen family's children are, they can't be beaten to death by others, immediately notify Xiao Yao that I will seek justice for my grandson no matter what happened today."

"Yes, old man, I'll do it now." A person hastily ran through the corridor.

"Ding." The operating room door was wide open.

When the group saw this, they hurriedly ran over.

Old Man Chen was waiting for the doctor's good news.

The doctor took off his mask and said gravely, "I'm sorry, we did our best. The third young master broke his ribs, but unfortunately, his lungs were punctured and bleeding profusely. By the time we sent him the medicine, it was already too late."

The Chen family's old patriarch could only feel the world spinning around him. He lost his balance and fell to the ground.

"Lordmaster, lordmaster!"

shen shen feng1102 walked into the elevator and looked at the rising numbers, his brows knitted uncontrollably.

In the ward, the humidifier was working quietly.

Xiao Ye sat by the side of the sickbed, and looked at the woman lying on the bed, almost without even blinking his eyes.

"Knock, knock, knock." shen shen feng1102 pushed the door and entered.

Xiao Ye stood up, "Why are you here?"

"Come out with me." shen shen feng1102 stood at the window with his back facing Xiao Ye, who was following behind him.

Xiao Ye walked to his side, overseeing the courtyard full of figures laughing merrily, he pinched the bridge of his nose, "Did you specifically come here to find me?"

"I originally thought that you didn't know, so I came here to tell you who was the one that harmed An City."

"I know, I knew it since early morning."

"So you went and beat up Chen Hao?" shen shen feng1102 went straight to the point.

Xiao Ye did not plan to hide anything, he nodded his head and agreed, "I did indeed beat him up, but I realized that even if I did, I would not be able to vent my anger. I wish I could kill him off."

"He's dead." shen shen feng1102 interrupted him.

Xiao Ye was startled, he did not understand, "Who did you say is dead?"

shen shen feng1102 turned his body to the side, and his two eyes met each other as he once again repeated, "Chen Hao is dead."

"Hahaha, this is retribution. The heavens were right, how did he die? Did he get hit by a car? Or did a brick suddenly fall from the sky and kill him? However, this is a bit too easy for him. People like him should be tortured to death. "

"You beat me to death." shen shen feng1102 said without changing his expression.

Xiao Ye's smile suddenly stopped, "Impossible, although I am angry in my heart, I will definitely not beat him to death, I know what's important and what's not."

"But he died after you beat him up."

"How do you know?" Xiao Ye asked.

"He's downstairs. The doctor just announced it."

Xiao Ye frowned, "That won't happen, I control my own strength, so it's impossible for me to kill him so easily."

"Now, that Jiang Si Cheng from the Jiang Clan has pointed out that you beat Chen Hao up, and the cause of his death was indeed due to the heavy blow that penetrated his lungs, causing him to die from suffocation and bloodshed. And you did indeed beat him up."

Xiao Ye laughed bitterly, "So you also believe that I beat him to death?"

shen shen feng1102 shook his head, "We are soldiers, and I know the place that these two words place in our hearts. Even if we are angry, we have to control ourselves.

"But why did he die?"

shen shen feng1102 raised his hand and placed it on the windowsill, the sunlight just so happened to land on his fingertips. He looked at the figure that walked out from the courtyard, then raised his hand and pointed at that person, "Ask him."

Xiao Ye looked in the direction of his finger, and quickly walked over with his phone.

"He's the only one present." shen shen feng1102 said openly.

Xiao Ye's hands grabbed onto the window sill, his gaze darkened, "I understand what you mean."

"But now that the Chen family is angry, they might not believe you, and you have a motive, don't they? So compared to your words, Jiang Si Cheng's words are more honorable. The current situation is not suitable for your side. "

"Ding " Just as Xiao Ye wanted to say something, his phone suddenly ringtone interrupted him.

He looked at the number on it and smiled bitterly, "I'm afraid I'll get beaten up this time."

A car was parked in front of the hospital.

Xiao Yao walked out of the carriage with a serious expression, and walked straight into the hall of the hospital.

When he received the call from the Chen family's old patriarch, he had a complete understanding of what had happened and let his people check the situation. Xiao Ye had indeed gone to the Jiang family's private residence.

In the deathly still room, although there were over 10 people standing, no one spoke.

The old man sat by the sickbed, looking at the child covered in a white cloth. His right hand was clenched into a fist.

"Marshal Xiao Yao has arrived." guard soldier opened the door to the ward.

Xiao Yao entered the sickroom, looking at the Chen family young master who no longer had any chance of survival, his heart tensed up.

Old Man Chen gave a self-deprecating sneer, "Our Chen family can be considered as a loyal family. From top to bottom, we have to serve the nation and our people. Even though my grandson is a bit cynical, he didn't offend your Xiao family's Fifth Master."

"Lordmaster, is there some kind of misunderstanding?" Xiao Yao said.

"Misunderstanding? My grandson is already dead, what do you want me to misunderstand? are you trying to use his death to scam your Xiao family? "

"Don't get excited, I just want to find out the truth."

"The truth is that Xiao Ye beat my grandson to death!" The old man stood up excitedly as he glared at Jiang Si Cheng with bloodshot eyes.

Jiang Si Cheng trembled and anxiously replied, "Yes, what I said with my own eyes, my home's nanny even recorded it, it was indeed Little Fifth Master who killed Third Young Master, it was extremely fierce, he spat out a few mouthfuls of blood on the spot, and even said repeatedly that I will kill you today, if I don't kill you, my surname is not Xiao."

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