Jun Ye Can't Help But Tease His Wife Chapter 420

The sound was very rhythmic, like a clock ringing in an orderly manner.

Gu An Cheng squatted down, and in the next moment when he saw the item, he turned and ran towards the main entrance.

BOOM! The huge explosive force formed a whirlpool, as if it had sucked everything in the room in an instant, before spitting it out with a scorching fire.

Gu An Cheng was unable to dodge in time, and her body was swept up high, then smashed into the wall. The flames burned down, and she felt that her right arm seemed to have been broken, following that, her right arm was flung out along with the collapsing wall.

The flames spread, and a gust of thick smoke rose.

"Cough, cough, cough." She lowered her head in astonishment, and droplets of bright red blood fell onto the ground. She didn't know if it was the blood on her arm, or some other place, but she felt a lot of pain, and from inside to outside, her entire body didn't have a single spot of safety left.

Chen San rapidly fled the apartment. He hid in a corner, watching the flames erupt in the night sky. The corners of his mouth curled up as if he was admiring fireworks.

Gu An Cheng tried very hard to crawl back up her body, leaving a line of blood below her body. The color of blood was deepening, slowly eroding away at her rationality.

I'm getting married. I'm really getting married.

I'm going to have a home, have a baby, and someone will be with me in the evening and the morning.

But it seemed to be gone again, as if it really was all gone, my home was gone, my baby was gone, the person I wanted to stay with was also gone.

It's possible that I really am an ominous person, that I really am an ominous person.

As her consciousness gradually disappeared, Gu An Cheng laid down flat on her back, and spat out a mouthful of blood. A tear flowed down the corner of her eye, the scene in front of her eyes was unreal and unreal.

Was my dream just about to wake up?

"Dong, dong, dong." The clatter of footsteps was magnified in the middle of the night.

Old Lady Shen glared at the person in front of her with uncontrollable rage. She raised her hand and was about to slap herself.

"Mother." Yan Jun stood beside her and grabbed her arm, shaking his head, "Don't be like that."

Xiao Ye lowered his head, both of his hands tightly clenched into a fist, his long nails piercing deep into his flesh. He clenched his teeth, and did not make a single sound.

"It's my fault. It's all my fault, I thought that by giving her freedom, she would be able to obtain the happiness she wanted."

"Mother, I'm already investigating. Please don't blame yourself too much." Yan Jun sat by her side and couldn't help but comfort her as he looked at her haggard appearance.

"Yan Jun, you know why An Cheng didn't return home after so many years, why are you not getting close to us? It's not because we are outsiders, but because she thinks that she is an ominous person, that she is born with a dead parent, that she is born with a dead adoptive parent, that she came to the Gu family with a dead adopted parent, and that she is an old man with a dead parent. She thinks that if she leaves, the Shen family will not meet with any misfortune.

"Mother, Xiao Ye did not know that such a thing would happen, so I don't blame him."

"Yes, it's my fault for blaming me. I shouldn't have agreed to let her move out."


"You don't have to say it." Old Lady Shen shook his head and covered his face with his hands, "I only want her to live now."

"Ding!" The operating room light went out.

Xiao Ye immediately ran over, his entire body was stiff, he took a breath, and looked at the doctor in front of him with antic.i.p.ation.

The doctor looked at the leaders in front of him and said in detail, "Miss Gu currently doesn't have any serious injuries, but the child unfortunately miscarried. Thirty percent of her head was burned from her right arm to her waist, and she suffered a severe head injury.

Old Lady Shen staggered along the gurney, looking at the tightly wrapped woman, as though he was talking to himself, "It's fine, the child is gone, there's still a chance in the future, as long as his life is still there, and he's still alive."

As Xiao Ye walked behind the crowd, he could only see the pale white face of the youth through the gaps of the shadows.

Suddenly, he stopped.

The sun outside the window was rising, and dewdrops were dripping from the window.

The birds flapped their wings and flew past the window in the early morning. A feather silently fell into the window.

"Ding " "Ding " The phone rang.

Xiao Ye closed his eyes, the time for the mission was up.

Yan Jun noticed that Xiao Ye was not moving forward, and subconsciously looked at him, saying, "Is something the matter?"

Xiao Ye nodded, "I need to immediately head to W Nation."

Yan Jun knew the importance of their mission and also knew that they could not do it. Without saying anything more, he turned and followed the old lady who had already entered the elevator.

Xiao Ye stood alone in the empty corridor, he gradually loosened his fist, then decisively turned around and walked in the opposite direction.

We are soldiers, and there are too many reasons for us to do so. Even if there is an old mother, a sick wife, and even a child waiting to be fed, as long as the a.s.sembly order sounds, we will still carry our long spears and sit in the vehicle of the expedition.

The home of a soldier was the country!

"officer." Inside the car, a soldier saluted.

Xiao Ye got in the car, looked at the building in front of him, and closed the door, "Let's go."

"officer, I just discovered something." Qi Ping spoke with a stutter.

Xiao Ye glanced at him, "If you have something to say, just say it, don't beat around the bush with me."

Qi Ping turned on the closed computer, "I was waiting in the car for you to get bored, so I helped you check the surveillance cameras on both sides of the street and found a suspicious person."

Xiao Ye s.n.a.t.c.hed the computer over, the footage was already complete and he could clearly see a sneaky figure running out of the apartment building, then sneaking into the small path, deliberately avoiding the surveillance footage on the street, just like that, he peeked his head out from time to time to look at the building.

Then there was an explosion from the building, and the force of the shock caused the monitoring equipment to vibrate uncontrollably.

Xiao Ye's hand could not help but clench into a fist once again. He asked, "Where is the monitoring system inside?"

"It's clear that this person was prepared. The entire building, including the surveillance in the elevator, was damaged by him in advance."

"Can you tune this person in more clearly?"

"I've already done it for you." Qi Ping Hu switched to another video, and the man's facial features impressively appeared in the middle of the screen.

"Third Young Master Chen!" Xiao Ye practically called out his name the instant he saw the man.

"officer knows this person?" Qi Ping asked.

"We've met before." Xiao Ye pondered about what he should do next. Do you want to carry out your mission first, or do you want to kill this b.a.s.t.a.r.d first?

"officer, we all know how you are feeling right now. We can complete this mission."

"Let me think about it again."

The car was on the highway.

The sun began to heat up, slowly evaporating the water on the gra.s.s by the side of the road.

In the quiet academy, the staff were all getting ready to go home from work.

Shen Cheng Yi stared at the little fellow who was sleeping soundly on the bed, then looked at the clock on the wall. No, when did this little guy get stuck in his own bed?

The room was very quiet, so quiet that one could hear his heartbeat.

Shen Cheng Yi carefully moved his feet, afraid that he would arouse this little ancestor with a big movement.

Shen Cheng Yi climbed down from the bed and took a deep breath. He turned around and was about to take his work clothes, but before his fingers could touch his clothes, he felt a pair of eyes staring at him with a strong and indescribable gaze.

He slowly moved his eyeb.a.l.l.s, and finally locked eyes with a pair of especially bright and large eyeb.a.l.l.s.

The little guy turned over and raised his head to look at the man who was less than a meter away from him.

Shen Cheng Yi swallowed his saliva, his right hand awkwardly hanging in the air right in front of his bed. Recently, he was still a little afraid of the electric current, so he slowly raised his right leg, and took a big step back with lightning speed.

The little guy surveyed his surroundings. In a strange environment and a strange smell, he bit his hand in annoyance.

"Sizzle sizzle." When Shen Cheng Yi heard the abrupt sound, he instinctively looked at the ceiling, the lights flickered, and finally blacked out.

"Clang, clang, clang." There was a charger on the table, a clock on the wall, a humidifier at work not far away, and everything in the room seemed to be vibrating.

Shen Cheng Yi retreated to the corner of the wall in panic, he stared at the little fellow who was trying very hard to bite his hands, feeling the killing intent coming from all directions, he calculated the distance between him and the door, from there, it would only take a second or two to get there.

He extended his right hand, and his fingertip already reached the door handle, as long as he moved a bit faster, a bit harder, and a bit more bravely, his victory would be right in front of him.

"Whap." Shen Cheng Yi instinctively turned his head to look for safety, and his eyes shrunk into a line due to his fear. In the next moment, he felt as if his body had been developed by a strong electric current that had flowed in all four directions, as if even his soul had been drawn out of his body.

Shen Cheng Yi could clearly feel his soul flying up, it was as if he could see a strand of golden light s.h.i.+ning down on him, this was the sound of him trying to ascend to the Immortal Realm.

"Second brother, are you awake?" I was too sleepy last night so I left Little Treasure with you. " Shen Cheng Huang pushed open the door to his room, and a ray of lightning flashed before his eyes.

The moment he felt the bolt of lightning, he subconsciously closed the door with his right hand.

Shen Cheng Yi laid on the ground, his mouth releasing white smoke, his eyes unfocused as he stared at the door that was once again opened, his body reflexively stretching out his hand. He was in the middle of begging for help.

Shen Cheng Huang noticed that the little fellow who had once again fallen asleep was squatting down. Originally, he was going to push his dumbstruck brother around, but after sensing the remaining electric currents in his body, he took out his pen and poked him with it.

"Cough, cough." Shen Cheng Yi sat up in shock, while speaking, he was puffing out white smoke. He twisted his neck, and smiled, but it was unknown if it was because his face was too black, making his teeth appear white, or because the mouth itself was white. In short, his current white teeth was dazzling.

Shen Cheng Huang coughed lightly, "How did you end up provoking this little ancestor?"

A severe tinnitus sound came out from Shen Cheng Yi's head, he could only see his big brother opening his mouth and saying something, but he was not able to hear a single word.

Seeing him smile foolishly, Shen Cheng Huang lightly patted his back, "Do you still remember who I am?"

Shen Cheng Yi did not reply.

"Forget it, I'm too lazy to ask you these foolish questions." Shen Cheng Huang stood up, and walked over to the big bed in a probing manner. After he confirmed that the child was asleep, he then picked him up.

Shen Cheng Yi instead hugged onto his big brother's thigh with a 'putong' sound.

Shen Cheng Huang did not understand his words, and asked: "What do you want to say?"

Shen Cheng Yi grinned.

Shen Cheng Huang sensed an ominous premonition from his smile. As expected, before he could even finish his next sentence, he heard this prodigal thing shout out with a shameless roar.

"Shen San Fen, your mom doesn't want you anymore. Shen San Fen, your mom doesn't want you anymore."

Shen Cheng Huang thought about kicking the b.a.s.t.a.r.d away, but before he could kick the b.a.s.t.a.r.d away, he felt that the person in his embrace was not a child, but a MT that could explode at any time.

"Do you want to die?" Shen Cheng Huang roared.

Shen Cheng Yi smiled even more maliciously, "Let's die together."

"Alright, I'll help you." Shen Cheng Huang crouched down and hugged his second brother.

Before Shen Cheng Yi could react, a powerful light burst out from his and his brother's arms, and all of a sudden, the entire world became white.

"Knock, knock, knock." When xiaoqing2 woke up early in the morning, he heard the commotion from the two rooms next door and tried knocking on the door.

However, the person inside did not respond to her. She undid the door lock.

The moment the door opened, a strong gust of wind blew in front of her. She was still a little confused.

After the light faded, he saw two people lying motionless on the carpet. A small figure was trying its best to wiggle in their arms.

Shen San Fen had smelled his mother's scent and struggled out of the arms of his two uncles. He then unsteadily crawled towards the door.

xiaoqing2 crouched down and hugged the little fellow who was flying towards him, then wiped his little flowery face with an aching heart.

Shen San Fen leaned on her shoulder, feeling wronged. He wanted to say something, but he couldn't, so he just nudged her in her arms while babbling.

xiaoqing2 held the child steadily, walked to the front of his big brother ergege and whispered a question, "Are you guys alright, Big brother ergege?"

Shen Cheng Huang sat up on the ground, his head still did not seem to have recovered yet, as he sat there in a daze. His eyes were surrounded by pitch black smoke, his mouth seemed to be holding back a mouthful of smoke.

"Cough, cough." Shen Cheng Yi blinked his eyes, he seemed to have recovered back to normal, as though he was used to being electrocuted. He supported himself up on the table and pointed at his big brother who was still in the midst of being electrocuted, laughing at him, "Hahaha, hahaha."

The moment Shen Cheng Huang heard the laughter, he jumped up from the ground and then reflexively threw a punch at it.

BOOM! Shen Cheng Yi fell to the ground once again, lying on the ground and struggling to not be able to get up.

Shen Cheng Huang touched his face, then shook his head.

xiaoqing2 paid attention to the two of them and was about to say something, but before he could say anything, he heard his big brother flinging his sleeves, as if he was not worried about anything.

"I still have some official matters to attend to, so I'll be leaving first. I'll leave this place to you guys to handle."

xiaoqing2 watched his big brother leave, watched his limping back, and still silently swallowed back down his words.

Shen Cheng Yi leaned on the table and slowly stood up, and also proudly shook his sleeves, "I'm going to wash my face."

xiaoqing2 carried the little fellow and walked out of the room, and pretended to be angry, "How can you shock uncles?"

The little fellow didn't understand, and continued to twist its little body in xiaoqing2's embrace.

xiaoqing2 was a little ticklish from his actions, he could not help but say: "Alright, alright, Mommy will hug you a little."

shen shen feng1102 stood in the room and had already put on his clothes.

The instant xiaoqing2 pushed open the door, he saw the well-prepared officer. If it wasn't for the fact that he knew how injured Yun Che was, he probably would have mistaken this for a small injury.

Seeing that she had returned, shen shen feng1102 smiled gently, "Let's go eat breakfast."

xiaoqing2 frowned, "officer, you still can't leave this place."

"I'm fine now. I need to go to the military to submit the applications that I haven't submitted in time."

xiaoqing2 walked in front of his eyes and said in a serious and serious tone, "I can submit it on your behalf."

shen shen feng1102 held her hand and said seriously, "You're injured, so you don't need to go and specially take care of this matter.

"..." xiaoqing2 felt that the position between them had been reversed. He was clearly the one accompanying the patient, he was the patient, why did he become the patient now, was he the patient?

shen shen feng1102 walked down the stairs, "What do you want to eat? How's the chaos? "

"officer, are you deliberately changing the topic?" xiaoqing2 was clear on this with a single sentence.

shen shen feng1102 pushed open the gla.s.s door and the two of them walked out.

xiaoqing2 was pulled into the car by him and asked in a serious tone, "officer, ergege said that he still needs to check it again."

"No need."


With a serious and meticulous expression, shen shen feng1102 supported himself on the carriage door with one hand, and said: "Xiao Jing, I know how to measure my strength."

Seeing that he was determined to leave, xiaoqing2 could only hug the baby and let him take action.

The car pulled away from the Inst.i.tute.

"Ding " The phone's ringtone continuously rang inside the car.

xiaoqing2 looked at the number and pressed answer.

shen shen feng1102 looked at the big and small car through the rearview mirror. The originally calm inside the car suddenly turned heavy.

xiaoqing2 put down his cell phone and looked at their officer in the driver's seat with a frown.

shen shen feng1102 opened his mouth and asked, "What's wrong? What happened? "

xiaoqing2 said with a serious expression, "There was an explosion in Aunt's apartment, and now she is being treated in the hospital, her child is gone."

shen shen feng1102's hand that was holding onto the steering wheel suddenly tightened, he turned around and headed in the other direction.

xiaoqing2 lowered her head and looked at the child who was gnawing on her hands, her voice low and powerless, as she said, "Aunt really wants this child."

"She's still young. There'll be a chance."

"officer, when the child wasn't pregnant, I was also thinking that I'm actually still young, and that there are still many opportunities left. But it's only in the serenity of the night that I know everything, that feeling of helplessness, despair, and fear."

"Xiao Jing." shen shen feng1102 called out, "I know that women are weak, but mothers are strong, but life must always come, life cannot always be forced. This is heaven's will, we can only better protect him the next time he comes, and not seal ourselves in a dead end."

"I understand all the truths you've said, but I'm afraid that my aunt doesn't."

"She's not as fragile as you and I thought." shen shen feng1102 entered the side road, "Do you know the reason? The cause of the explosion? "

xiaoqing2 shook his head, "The old granny only said that her aunt had miscarried, she did not say why there would be an explosion."

"No investigation?"

"Does officer think that Grandmother will just let this matter rest?"

shen shen feng1102 shook his head without thinking, "Wait till you accompany her, I will go investigate. Our Shen family is not someone that can be easily bullied."

"Yes." xiaoqing2 nodded his head and said anxiously, "Your injuries "

"Xiao Jing, this is only a small wound."

xiaoqing2 swallowed back his words, in officer's eyes, as long as there was still a breath of air left, it would be a small wound that was not worth mentioning.

"Gulp." The little guy spat out a few bubbles.

xiaoqing2 brought the bottle to his mouth.

The little fellow drank a few mouthfuls before pus.h.i.+ng it away. It pursed its lips and spat out bubbles. "Gulugulu."

The sunlight became denser, and the entire earth began to soar in waves of heat waves.

At the Jiang Clan's private residence, the nanny pushed open the door to prepare to dump the trash. As soon as she opened the door, she saw a person barging in recklessly.

The young master of the Jiang Family, Jiang Si Cheng, was leaning on the sofa with a lazy expression.

The Third Young Master of the Chen Clan, Chen Hao, staggered as he ran in, his speech slurred as he said, "I'm finished, I'm really doomed. I'm really doomed this time."

Jiang Si Cheng poured himself a cup of water, took a sip, and laughed: "Third Young Master, are you here to perform crosstalk at my place so early in the morning? What's the matter with you? What can anyone do to you? "Who doesn't know that our Chen Clan's Third Young Master, Chen Hao, is a great figure that we can't offend?"

Chen Hao sat down on the sofa and muttered to himself. "No, no, I'm really going to die. I'm really going to die."

Jiang Si Cheng put down the cup, "What's the end of you?"

"Maybe I drank too much yesterday. I really just drank too much. I didn't think of doing that." Chen Hao grabbed the corner of Jiang Si Cheng's clothes and said while trembling, "Help me quickly and help me think of a way."

Jiang Si Cheng grabbed his shoulder, and asked again, "You still haven't told me what exactly you have done?"

Chen Hao covered his face with his hands and said with a pained expression, "I blew Gu An Cheng up."

"..." Jiang Si Cheng thought about how he was able to blow up Gu An Cheng, this th.o.r.n.y rose. This woman was no ordinary person, he would only take her to be a joke of Chen Hao's.

Chen Hao anxiously grabbed his hand. "The Shen family has already started investigating. If they find out that I did it, I'll surely be killed by them."

Jiang Si Cheng laughed, "Alright, third brother Chen, this early in the morning, you came over to talk to me about such a big joke, how about we get down to business?"

"You don't believe me?" Chen Hao asked.

With your little guts, you dare to provoke Gu An Cheng?

Chen Hao shook his head. "I don't know if it's because I was impulsive, but I really never thought of doing this. Now that I think of the things I did last night, my back is covered in sweat."

Jiang Si Cheng squinted his eyes, seeing how silent he was, he did not look like he was joking, he asked in shock, "Did you really do that?"

Chen Hao nodded very seriously, then grabbed onto Jiang Si Cheng's leg as he pleaded for help. "Help me, I'm really done for this time."

Jiang Si Cheng stood up. Clearly, he wanted to keep his distance from this man.

Chen Hao's hand pounced onto empty air as he said in astonishment, "What happened to you?"

Jiang Si Cheng shook his head: "I do not dare interfere in this matter, if there is nothing else, please leave Chen San Gongzi, I still have to go to the company, so I will be leaving first."

Chen Hao recovered from his shock and blocked Duan Ling Tian's path in one go. "You're intending to turn hostile?"

Jiang Si Cheng sneered, "Do you think that I would still dare to acknowledge you as my brother after what has happened? "Don't be silly, we just have nothing better to do. If something really happens, we'll all leave and pretend we never knew each other."

"You "

"Chen San gongzi, you should wake up. Rather than coming here to think of a way, why don't you go back and beg your family's old man? Maybe Old Lady Shen will spare your life for your family's old man's sake."

"Jiang Si Cheng, I was instigated by you to go there. At the end, you are also an accomplice."

"Where's the evidence?" Jiang Si Cheng spread out his hands, and stretched them out, "Why do you need to add insult to injury?

"I'm talking about evidence." Chen Hao was enraged.

"Gu An Cheng and I have nothing to do with each other, why would I want to harm her? I was fed up with food that I would have instigated you to do such a thing? "Stop joking, I am a good citizen, not a general like you who fights and kills at will."

Chen Hao had a face full of disbelief. He recalled that when they were happily chatting with each other, he'd experienced many bewitchment from this person as well, and they were a group of dog friends that were well known as the Crown Prince's group within the capital.

Jiang Si Cheng laughed coldly, "Could it be that Third Young Master Chen feels that our relations.h.i.+p that is like plastic flowers is going too far? "I think that if something were to happen to me, your Third Young Master Chen would be the first to kick me out. After all, you have a beautiful name, so don't blame others for not showing mercy. Your Third Young Master Chen is a heartless person."

"Alright, I'll write down what I said today." Chen Hao kicked off the stool at his feet and left.

Jiang Si Cheng looked at the wild and unruly man who left, and after confirming that the man had left, his mouth revealed a pleased smile, and he raised his head high.

Chen Hao sat in the car and lit up a cigarette, his hands tightly grasping the steering wheel.

"Knock, knock, knock." Suddenly, someone knocked on the car window.

Chen Hao originally thought that it would be this fellow that noticed and followed him, but he never expected that it would be him.

The instant he saw Xiao Ye, Chen Hao subconsciously intended to lock the door.

However, Xiao Ye quickly opened the car door and forcefully pulled out the person inside.

Chen Hao's body hung in the air, and the two hands on his neck fiercely grabbed onto him. Gradually, he felt his body go into hypoxia and continuously shook his body.

"Cough, cough."

Xiao Ye threw him down, and then smashed his fist across Chen Hao's face, and then threw him to the ground, and stepped on the right half of his face.

Chen Hao lay on the ground and was unable to move, so he could only strenuously hold onto the sand on the ground as he bared his teeth and howled. "Xiao Ye, you dare hit me, so scram for me."

"Not only will I hit you today, I will also kill you." Xiao Ye once again pulled him up from the ground, and with just a shoulder throw, he directly flung him three to four meters away.

"Cough, cough." Chen Hao felt a sweet and fishy taste come from his throat, then he opened his mouth and directly spat out a mouthful of blood, and within the pool of blood was a tooth that was s.h.i.+ning.

Chen Hao didn't recover from the sudden series of blows, and his body once again rose into the air.

Xiao Ye forcefully pulled him to the back of the carriage and fiercely slammed him down. Chen Hao's head went dizzy and he almost fainted on the spot.

Chen Hao fell onto the ground, and a finger's width wound appeared on his forehead. Only now did he realize why Xiao Ye had gone crazy, and he smiled complacently. "Gu An Cheng is dead."

BOOM! Xiao Ye once again threw a punch in the middle of his silence, this time aiming straight at the opponent's chest, the clear sound of ribs breaking could be heard.

Chen Hao fell onto the ground on his back, and his body experienced a series of heavy blows. His pupils went dim for a moment, and his body spasmed uncontrollably.

Xiao Ye picked him up from the ground, and patted his face expressionlessly: "Are you comfortable?"

"Cough, cough, cough." Along with Chen Hao coughing, he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

Xiao Ye wiped off the blood on his hands, and stared condescendingly at the guy who was holding in his last breath, and said indifferently, "Don't worry, I won't kill you, killing you like this is already a big advantage for you. Just you wait, I have all the methods I can think of to make you beg for death."

Chen Hao gazed at the gradually fading back as he slowly propped himself up from the ground.

Jiang Si Cheng put down the phone in his hand, and looking at the wonderful scene that he recorded, he walked forward with satisfaction.

"Cough, cough." Chen Hao wiped off the blood from the corners of his mouth and glared at the young master of the Jiang Clan who approached behind him. He didn't say anything as he held onto his fractured ribs and prepared to return to the car.

"Do you want me to avenge you?" Jiang Si Cheng asked.

Chen Hao knew that this fellow wouldn't have any good intentions, so he said coldly, "Scram."

"I have a pretty good idea, I can let you wash away your shame, and let Xiao Ye kneel in front of you and call you uncle."

Chen Hao frowned. "What exactly do you want to say?"

Jiang Si Cheng crooked his finger at him, gesturing for him to come closer.

Chen Hao originally wanted to refuse this fellow, but for some reason, he was enchanted by this sentence and lost his composure long ago, then he leaned over.

"If I kill you, the Chen Clan will not let this go easily."

Chen Hao's expression went cold, and before he could even react, a foot suddenly and fiercely kicked towards his broken ribs.

BOOM! Chen Hao's body was lifted up high, then heavily smashed onto the carriage door. The enormous force of inertia caused the carriage door to deeply cave in, and his body was like a broken leaf that lost all strength as he fell down.

Jiang Si Cheng lifted her foot and crushed his body with force. Her eyes were scarlet, until she felt that the body beneath his feet had already lost all struggle.

He squatted down and looked at Chen Hao as he spat out mouthfuls of blood, then he stopped moving.

Jiang Si Cheng lifted his hand to try breathing through his nose; he was weak enough to completely ignore it.

Under the light of the sun, Chen Hao lay on the ground like a piece of trash that no one cared about. A slight breeze swept past the fine sand, whistling past his body.

People were coming and going within the hospital.

xiaoqing2 originally carried the baby and headed towards the sickroom, but the moment she entered the elevator, she was pushed to the innermost floor by the patient's family members, so much that she didn't even have time to press a b.u.t.ton to go upstairs.

The nurse was pus.h.i.+ng the gurney. In front of the gurney was an electrocardiograph monitor that monitored the heart.

The rest of the family members spoke at the same time.

Some say surgery is not recommended, since conservative treatment is now working well.

Some people say that recommended surgery, a one-time cure after better results.

xiaoqing2 tried really hard to squeeze past them and press a b.u.t.ton on the elevator door, but the group of people were like Buddha statues, causing her to be unable to move.

The patient had probably been disturbed, and his heart rate and blood pressure had risen considerably.

"Alright, alright, we won't argue anymore. I'll ask the doctor for help later. I think it's better to treat him conservatively. Big Bro is already old, and he can't afford such a severe surgery."

The little guy was woken up by the noise and rubbed his eyes.

xiaoqing2 gently shook his hand, giving him a sense of security.

The little guy licked its small mouth and stared unblinkingly at the ECG monitor.

"Beep..." "Swish " All of a sudden, the ECG monitor issued an alarm, jolting everyone from their stupor. They subconsciously looked over and saw a parallel line rolling through the center of the video.

The nurse was so scared that she hastily tore off the patient's clothes in preparation for a cardiac resuscitation.

Not to mention the nurse, even the patient himself was shocked by this sudden parallel line. Was he dead? Am I dead? But why do I feel like my body is still warm? I think I can still be saved.

"Beep..." Beep... Beep... "Beep....." It jumped up and down in a straight line, then straightened up and then jumped up and down again. In short, it scared the family so much that they didn't even dare to breathe heavily. They surrounded the gurney, and some even started crying.

"Brother, why did you die just like that? Why did you say you would die just like that? You were obviously still laughing and talking just now."

The patient stared at the elevator wall. He didn't know if this was due to his heart, but he also felt that he was out of breath. But something was not right. His hands seemed to still be able to move, and his heart was also beating.

"Ding." The elevator opened, and a group of people frantically rushed the patient towards the emergency room.

Before xiaoqing2 could react, the elevator door was already wide open, and medical personnel were walking back and forth on the corridor. She saw the 'Intensive Care Unit' written on the wall, but she only glanced at it, and then prepared to close the elevator and go downstairs.

"Not good. Someone come quickly, someone come quickly. My dad's heart stopped."

"Someone come quickly! My mother's heart has stopped beating!"

"Someone come, someone come! My aunt's heart is no longer beating. It's already in a straight line. Hurry, someone come!"

xiaoqing2 looked at the suddenly chaotic Intensive Care department, his gaze looking down, just happening to fall upon the innocent child who was twisting his head around. The child's hands moved up and down, and he was playing around extremely happily.

"No need, my dad's heartbeat has recovered."

"There's no need, my mom's heart is beating again."

"He really doesn't need to come, and my aunt is fine too. She's still laughing at us for making such a big fuss."

The elevator door gradually closed, but before it could close, xiaoqing2 heard another group of people shouting.

"I really can't take it anymore. Someone come quickly. My dad's heart stopped beating again."

"Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on!"

In other words

Hahaha, today is the day I forbid you to do so. That's why all the relatives who had cultivated in literature had to look at this.

Starting from midnight tomorrow, it'll be worth an even higher price of 150 thousand. The stats are around 31. Come and praise me, I love you guys. Monthly tickets and the like will all be thrown at you, let's have a big hug.

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