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In Another World With Just Monika summary:

In another world with the most interesting smartphone! Behold the antics of Zah Playa Von Chara, someone actually prepared for his isekai adventure, and Monika, the traumatized AI living in his smartphone. They bring a new perspective into a tired old genre! Follow them along this Reconstruction of a cliche harem isekai story, bringing their unique brand of laugh-out-loud hila...

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In Another World With Just Monika Chapters

Time uploaded
95 Prove Yourself4 months ago
94 Dogs Of War4 months ago
80 Hammer To Fall4 months ago
74 Moving Forward4 months ago
66 Mutation?4 months ago
63 The Duel 24 months ago
62 The Duel 14 months ago
60 Fade To Black4 months ago
58 Dare To Offend4 months ago
32 Epic Monika4 months ago
31 Saving Lives4 months ago
29 Ambush Battle4 months ago
17 Baring It All4 months ago
16 First Battle4 months ago
13 Char The Grea4 months ago
7 Twins They Were4 months ago
6 Lets Be Heroes4 months ago
5 Power Dressing4 months ago
4 Rolling With I4 months ago
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