His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 144


After parking the car in the neighborhood, Chu Mubei got off swiftly. However, he realized that Lu Yanchen was still inside, without any intention of getting off at all.

Chu Mubei poked at him with a teasing tone, “Old Lu, you can’t be waiting for Little Sister Shi Guang, are you?”

Lu Yanchen glared at him coldly before moving his gaze over to the rear-view mirror. When he caught sight of that familiar figure, he pushed the door open and strode out with huge steps.

Chu Mubei chased after him hurriedly. “Aiyoh, you’re really not going to ask about why Little Sister Shi Guang was sent home by Yang Chifeng or how they got to know one another, are you?”

Lu Yanchen, “”

Everyday, Shi Guang would finish feeding the cat before Lu Yanchen returned home. But today, she didn’t spot Lu Yanchen’s car below. Thinking that he hadn’t returned yet, she went straight to the twelfth floor, wanting to feed the cat first before heading home.

But, when she opened the door of his place, she suffered a shock. Not only did she see Lu Yanchen, she even spotted Chu Mubei.

On the other hand, Chu Mubei thought that he was hallucinating. After focusing his gaze and looking once more, he knew he was seeing things right!

He then called out with a surprised smile, “Little Sister Shi Guang! You! You guys?”

He then pointed over at Lu Yanchen with a knowing smile. “Aiyoh, I’ve really gotten a scare of my life!”

Meanwhile, Lu Yanchen’s face was slightly dark.

Shi Guang explained hurriedly, “Don’t misunderstand now! This is the cat that I rescued together with Xiao Bai, and is currently kept at LuYoung Master Lu’s house! Because he isn’t home regularly, I’m the one in charge of feeding it, and that’s just what I’m about to do right now.”

‘Feeding the cat? Nice lies!’ Chu Mubei raised his brows sceptically up and down while shifting his head between the two accused left and right repeatedly. Based on his experience, there definitely couldn’t be nothing going on between these two.

How could he not know Lu Yanchen well enough? If he didn’t have some ideas about her, how would he allow a random woman to roam around his house?

However, what about Yang Chifeng then? Based on Lu Yanchen’s character, there was also definitely no way he wouldn’t question Little Sister Shi Guang about it.

‘As his bro since childhood, why don’t I do him the favor then?’

When Shi Guang was feeding Little Goody, Chu Mubei came over while sniggering, “Who was the man who sent you back just now?”

‘Who was he? Don’t you know who he was?’ Stunned for a moment, Shi Guang then replied with a cold tone, “You’re the gossipiest man that I’ve ever seen.”

“Now, you can’t say that, Little Sister Shi Guang. Brother here is merely showing concern for you.” Chu Mubei said with a pained expression, “I was thinking that since you and our Old Lu can’t go for a romantic relationship, it isn’t that bad for you to get into a loving affair with someone else as well, is it? So, who was that man?”

Shi Guang’s petite face went frosty entirely. “Don’t tell me that you don’t know who he is! Isn’t he the elder brother of Young Master Lu’s fiance?”

Chu Mubei felt awkward all of a sudden.

‘Just what in the world is going on here? She knows about the affair with Yang Sitong?’

Sensing the icy cold aura that was exuding forth from Lu Yanchen, Chu Mubei rubbed his nose before turning around to smile at him. The latter shot him a completely cold look. “It’s really such a waste for you to not consider changing your career path to become a paparazzi.”

Admitting defeat, Chu Mubei’s face was aggrieved. “Who do you think I’m doing it for?” He then coughed out gently, “I heard that women these days like the type of men with a decent and learned style just like Yang Chifeng. You had better be careful that this Little Sister Shi Guang of your house doesn’t get stolen away.”

His voice wasn’t all that loud, just loud enough for both Lu Yanchen and Shi Guang to hear.

Immediately, Shi Guang pursed her lips and rolled her eyes.

‘What Little Sister Shi Guang of HIS house? Just what is this Chu Mubei going on about?’

Her disapproving expression had Lu Yanchen narrowing his gaze before looking at him dangerously, “Why now? Are you agreeing with what he said?”

Shi Guang gave him a fake smile. “In any case, I won’t like someone with a cold and arrogant stylejust like you.”

Lu Yanchen’s face was indifferent. “Have you then heard ofthe wolf in sheepskinthedegenerate gentleman1?”

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