His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 143


When Zhang Shulin said that they were going to have dinner with Head Coach Li, Shi Guang knew that Yang Chifeng would definitely be around as well.

And indeed, it was as she had expected.

Unfortunately, this was a meal she could not push away. What she could do was merely sit there quietly and try her best not to speak.

On the dinner table, things would inevitably get quiet without alcohol. Hence, in order to liven the mood, they downed glasses of wine one after another, chatting about everything in the world.

Shi Guang merely drank fruit juice. As she claimed that she was allergic to alcohol, nobody forced anything on her. They didn’t drag her along with the conversation either, merely throwing a few casual remarks and laughs over at her side every now and then.

This meal was going way simpler than Shi Guang had expected.

After the dinner, the four of them came out of the restaurant. As neither Shi Guang nor Zhang Shulin drove over, Yang Chifeng claimed that it was on his way, and he took the initiative to insist on sending Shi Guang and Zhang Shulin home.

“I reckon it’s fine. We’ll just book a ride back on our own,” Shi Guang rejected him flatly.

“That’s right! We don’t have to bother you, Mr. Yang.” Zhang Shulin was feeling rather embarrassed as well.

“It’s hard to get a ride here.” Yang Chifeng smiled at the two of them. “Coach Zhang, give me some face by letting me send you back, won’t you?”

Since he had voiced it out as such, Zhang Shulin was unable to reject him. “You must be kidding, Mr. Yang. We’re the ones who’re troubling you by having you send us back.”

With Zhang Shulin agreeing to it, Shi Guang could no longer insist on getting her own ride back and could only follow along Zhang Shulin to hitch on Yang Chifeng.

He dropped Zhang Shulin home first before Shi Guang.

Ever since she had boarded the car, she had been silent the entire time. When Zhang Shulin was still on the car, he would chat with Yang Chifeng for a little. But now that he had gotten off, the car was dead silent.

At a traffic light, Yang Chifeng turned around and smiled to Shi Guang. “You’re a student of Ryonan?”

Shi Guang nodded her head. “Yes.”

“I know your principal. Guess we’re on rather friendly terms.”

Shi Guang replied with a single word, “Oh.”

He furrowed his brows.

He had already mentioned knowing their principal, and yet there wasn’t a single reaction from her?

Was she too innocent, too stupid, or merely acting?

As the green light lit up, he remarked as though he was lamenting casually while stepping on the gas pedal, “You’re really someone of few words.”

Shi Guang merely smiled faintly. However, it was a forced smile as she turned her head to face out of the window.

Yang Chifeng did not say anything more either. After all, this was only their first meeting.

‘Haste makes waste. These things have to take time.’

After twenty minutes, they arrived at the small neighborhood where Shi Guang stayed. The moment they reached the entrance of the neighborhood, Shi Guang said immediately, “Many thanks, Mr. Yang. You can just drop me here.”

As she requested, he stopped the car and bid her farewell.

At the same time, Chu Mubei was driving by the small neighborhood. With his sharp eyes, he caught sight of Shi Guang at the entrance immediately. “Eh? Isn’t that Little Sister Shi Guang?”

Lu Yanchen, who was sitting on the passenger seat, turned his head around instinctively and caught sight of her right away. But, Shi Guang was not the only personthere was a bespectacled man that came out of the car as well.

Chu Mubei’s voice wafted by his ears once again, “Someone’s chasing after your Little Sister Shi Guang? Hold on, that manIsn’t that Yang Chifeng? Why is he with Little Sister Shi Guang? Don’t tell me that he’schasing after her?”

With that, he turned around and looked at Lu Yanchen, whose face had turned extremely terrible looking.

‘Oh, this is the smell of jealousy’ For some unknown reason, Chu Mubei was feeling an inexplicable sense of gloating. ‘Who asked you to like someone and yet treat her so coldly and distantly? Now that Little Sister Shi Guang is being chased by someone else, serves you right to be unhappy about it!’

Only, that man was Yang Chifeng.

‘HuehueThings are going to get interesting now’

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