God Emperor Chapter 481

Pei Ji sneered. “I would also like to ask who you are. You can control space to display space warps and space tears.”

Zhang Ruochen smiled. “If you can catch me, I will tell you.”

“Do you think that since you can control the Power of Space, I can’t deal with? You want to know my identity, right? I’ll tell you now.”

Pei Ji spread his legs and began to run his strength. The blood in his whole body quickly flowed and buzzed.

His skin turned completely blood-red.

All his bones protruded.

His fingernails became sharp claws, and two pointed fangs grew in his mouth.


Two bulges appeared on his back, stretching out to become a pair of giant Blood Wings.

When Zhang Ruochen saw Pei Ji’s true body, he took a deep breath. “You are one of the Immortal Vampires.”

“Haha! That’s right, I’m an Immortal Vampire!” Pei Ji laughed.

Zhang Ruochen said, “If I remember correctly, the clansmen of the Immortal Vampires were all expelled to Chiji Island by Emperor Ming 800 years ago. Emperor Ming sent people to seal the island. How could there be a clansman from the Immortal Vampires in Kunlun’s Field?”

Immortal Vampires were not actually immortal, but they could absorb human blood to prolong their lives.

The average lifespan of ordinary people was only 60 to 70 years.

However, if an Immortal Vampire absorbed enough blood, it could expect to live 200 years. Legend went that once superiors of the Immortal Vampires absorbed enough Holy Blood, they could even live for 1,000 years.

Emperor Ming had expelled them to Chiji Island, a place far from Kunlun’s Field, because he did not want to see innocent people die for their blood.

800 years had passed, and the clansmen of the Immortal Vampires had unexpectedly appeared again.

Pei Ji smiled. “You indeed are very knowledgeable. There’s no harm in telling you. The Immortal Vampires have broken the seal of Chiji Island. And soon, we’ll return to Kunlun’s Field and find the people of Ming Hall. We will avenge ourselves for what happened eight hundred years ago.”

Zhang Ruochen hummed coldly. “You are quite ignorant to oppose against Ming Hall.”

“Ming Hall is tiny now. It is not the previous Sacred Central Empire that it once was. Even if the Sacred Central Empire hadn’t been destroyed by Empress Chi Yao, as long as Emperor Ming is not here, Immortal Vampires can still destroy it.” Pei Ji laughed evilly.


After morphing into his true Immortal Vampire body, Pei Ji’s speed improved considerably. He flew over Zhang Ruochen’s head in the blink of an eye and waved the Bluewater Dragon Patterned Sword to attack Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen exchanged a blow with Pei Ji and then turned backwards to flee into the distance.

“Haha! You can’t escape!”

Pei Ji flapped his Blood Wings and laughed loudly. Soon, he caught up with Zhang Ruochen and pierced him with his sword.

Unavoidably, Zhang Ruochen had to fight with Pei Ji again.


The two men began to fight and attack at an extremely fast pace.

Their every move sent out countless sword Qi. Some of them flew to the sky and other sword Qi slashed towards the ground.

At the same time, their movements were constantly changing, forming more than a dozen shadows.

After 23 strikes, Pei kicked Zhang Ruochen in the stomach.

There were five Bloody Golden Ring on Pei Ji’s fist, and they left five holes in Zhang Ruchen’s lower abdomen. Blood was flowing out from the wounds.

However, Zhang Ruochen was not injured under the protection of Dragon Pearl. The five blood holes were not deep and he did not suffer internal injuries.

“It was still the power of space that helps you escape my strike,” Pei Ji snorted and said.

He had meant to hit Zhang Ruochen in the heart, but Zhang Ruochen had shifted so that the blow hit his lower abdomen.

“Let’s fight again!”

Zhang Ruochen’s eyes sank. He controlled the Abyss Ancient Sword using the Heart of the Sword to display the Sword Defending Technique. His sword turned into sword radiance and flew to Pei Ji.

Meanwhile, Zhang Ruochen raised his arms and quickly played movements of Dragon and Elephant Prajna Palm.

“Elephant Galloping.”

“Dragon in the Sky!”

“Dragon and Elephant Returning to Earth!”

“Dragon Shape and Elephant Shadow.”

“Nine-folds of the Elephant Power!”

“Divine Dragon’s Steal.”

The six handprints helped Zhang Ruochen inspire the power of the Dragon Pearl. His body was covered with golden Dragon Scales and a pair of golden dragon wings grew on his back.


Zhang Ruochen also flew up.

He controlled the Abyss Ancient Sword and displayed sword technique to contain Pei Ji. He mobilized his Spiritual Power and drew thunderbolts.

“Zhang Ruochen is both a cultivator of Heart Integrated into Sword and a Master of Spiritual Power. If I fight with him from a distance, it will be too difficult. I have to get closer to him and fight a quick battle to win.”

Pei Ji closed his wings and quickly fell to the ground. He rushed rapidly at Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen fluttered his wings and flew further away. He did not give him the opportunity to come close.

In this way, the two men, one after the other, kept chasing.

Zhang Ruochen used Sword Defending Technique and the power of thunderbolt to contain Pei Ji from afar, so that he could never get close.

Time lapsed, they both rushed into a strange forest.

In the forest, the giant trees there were all black. The thinnest one was as thick as a bucket. The thickest one would need several people to get their arms around it.

On the trunks, were dense blue vines, like cobwebs, one attached to the other.

Zhang Ruochen realized that the situation was not good as he rushed into the forest. He wanted to retreat, but Pei Ji had already followed him. He could only bite the bullet and continue to rush further in.


A vine, as thick as a wrist, flew up from the thick fallen leaves. Like a viper, it wrapped around his feet and dragged him forward.


The Abyss Ancient Sword issued a sound and flew from above to cut the vine.

However, just as Zhang Ruochen stood up, all the vines in the forest moved quickly.



The facial expressions of both Zhang Ruochen and Pei Ji changed. They realized that they had entered a place where they should not be.

They stopped fighting. Simultaneously, they extended their wings and rushed towards the sky.

The giant 233-meter black tree next to them seemed to be alive. A huge mouth grew on its trunk. It began to speak. “Stupid humans. You want to leave after entering into the Blackwood Field?”

A stout branch, like a big hand, chopped towards them. It hit Pei Ji in the head and knocked him to the ground.

Another branch swept past Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen immediately exerted his Space Moving to jump forward. He passed through the branch and flew skyward. He rushed into the air and narrowly escaped the black forest.

“So this is the Blackwood Field.”

Zhang Ruochen had seen the “Blackwood Field” on a map. It was one of the most dangerous places in the Primitive World of Wood Spirit.

In Blackwood Field, a large number of theindigenous inhabitants of the Primitive World of Wood Spirit, Blackwood Spirits, lived here. They were also called “Blackwood Treemen”.

What Zhang Ruochen and Pei Ji had just encountered was a Blackwood Treeman who had grown for thousands of years. Its strength was parallel to the strength of a Monk in the Fish-dragon Realm. In Blackwood Field, Millennial Treemen could mobilize a large amount of the aura of wood nature and the power erupted was fairly horrible.

If a Monk in the Second Change of the Fish-dragon Realm encountered a Millennial Treeman, it would be hard for him to escape.


Zhang Ruochen saw the Millennial Treeman underneath actually fall down.

“Pei Ji is so powerful that he can cut down a Millennial Treeman.”

Zhang Ruochen did not stop. He flew away as fast as he could.

Shortly afterwards, Pei Ji rushed destructively out of Blackwood Field. He did not see Zhang Ruochen. He sniffed in the air, and soon smelled a hint of aura left in the air.

“Zhang Ruochen, you can’t escape!”

Pei Ji extended his Blood Wings to fly into the sky and chased after him.

Zhang Ruochen knew that Pei Ji would catch up to him.

After flying 50 kilometers or so, he returned to the earth. With a loud splash, he jumped into a large river in hopes of diluting his aura.

When he reached the bottom of the water, he entered the internal space of the Time and Space Spinel. He took a healing Pill and began to quickly run the Scripture of Emperor Ming’s Empyrean.

“Pei Ji is so strong! Only by breaking into the Final State of the Heaven Realm can I defeat him.”

Zhang Ruochen treated his wound while he broke through the realm.

The Time and Space Spinel followed the water flow and rushed downstream.


Pei Ji closed his wings and fell from the sky. He stood by the river and watched it roll by. He frowned. “Zhang Ruochen jumped into the water, it’s not easy to track him! Well then, I’ll go to deal with Ao Xinyan. Zhang Ruochen has saved her life twice already. If I capture her, Zhang Ruochen will definitely show up.”

Pei Ji left the river and went back the way he had come to track Blackie and Ao Xinyan.

Blackie and Ao Xinyan had long fled 500 kilometers away. They were recuperating in a tree hole.

Ao Xinyan slowly woke up. Just one move of her arm pulled her wound, and she felt a tearing pain in her chest and abdomen.


She looked pale. Her muscles convulsed. She ran her Genuine Qi to cure the wound, but found that half of her Meridians were broken. She could not even finish a systemic circulation pathway.

She was almost a waste.

“How… could… could this happen…”

There was nothing but fear in her heart. It was as if her heaven had collapsed. She fell into despair.

Glittering tears flowed from her eyes. She began to cry bitterly.

For a warrior, especially a genius, becoming a waste was more anguishing than being killed.

At this moment, she heard a familiar voice, “Three ribs broken, a lung lobe punctured, the heart was wounded, and 17 Meridians were broken. Oh! You can survive after being severely injured like this, the half-dragon body is so amazing.”

Ao Xinyan opened her eyes and the big face of a cat came into view.

Her blouse had been unfastened by the fat cat. Her clothes, divided on both sides, were covered with blood.

Blackie was looking at her wounds with its big round eyes. It seemed to be studying something.

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