Genius Doctor Black Belly Miss Chapter 2084

Watching Qiao Chu run amok, Hua Yao and the others embarked on a free killing spree and the enemy human spirits just wanted to weep.

How were they expected to fight? A bunch of human spirits with rather good powers, battling several monstrous grade pugilists.. even if they dragged it out to tire them, there were still a horde of Beast Spirits eyeing them predatorily at the side. They would definitely be bashed till there was nothing left!

Initially, they still had the advantage of numbers, but with the addition of the highly powerful Plant Spirits, the human spirits immediately felt that the situation had taken a turn for the worse. Though the Weapon Spirits were not weak, but they were basically smaller in size, and the Double Headed Bone Snake was the most natural enemy against Weapon Spirits, its unmatchedly steel hard bones all over its body not chipping off a single bit when the sharp blades hacked upon it. A large number of Weapon Spirits were swarmed around the Double Headed Bone Snake which drew away a large part of the fire away from the battle.

Among the six companions, Fan Zhuo was the only one who possessed a Weapon Ring Spirit. The Sword of Annihilation in his hand was unrivalled, and any Weapon Spirit that went against them had only come to face the fate of breaking into pieces under Fan Zhuo's slashes.

Moreover with the addition of the brawny and muscular Plant Spirit with a hide and bones like steel, just these few entities alone had drawn the attention of quite a lot of the Weapon Spirits, greatly reducing the amount of reinforcements that could support the human spirits.

The Weapon Spirits were all not that strong in their ability to think, where they basically were very much one tracked mind, not giving up once they set their eyes on a target, which just drew more and more Weapon Spirits to them, and they were just not unable to take down their target, which further drew away their might.

When the human spirits saw the Weapon Spirits fighting so unintelligently, all of them wanted to curse all their mothers. But their current situation would not allow them to have an acrimonious falling out with the Weapon Spirits at that moment so they could only choose to silently curse at their allies who were dumb as pigs as they themselves stood in resistance against the Beast Spirits.

In actual fact, compared to the Weapon Spirits, the Beast Spirits would have been much more suitable allies, and that was the cry that was rising within the minds of all the human spirits!

However, all of them had no other choice.

Wu Jiu was held back by Nalan Shan, unable to go into the main battlefield.

Nalan Shan's powers were in fact basically inferior to Wu Jiu's, but this time, Nalan Shan's heart was filled with so much hatred and vengeance where he had embraced the determination and resolve to fight this battle to his death. Every stroke he executed was pushing ahead in an attack, without putting up any kind of defense, paying no heed to the fact that his body had become battered and worn under Wu Jiu's strikes, the blazing fire in his eyes did not dim, but burned more ferociously under the stimulation of pain, pushing him to execute an even more maniacal attack.

A man who pays no regard to his life, against a man who had so much on his mind, it already created a great chasm of a disparity from that difference in mindset.

"Nalan Shan, you're really courting your own death! Because we had been fellow disciples for so many years, I have shown you mercy in so many instances but you still do not realize what's good for yourself. Do you really want me to have you slaughtered! ?" Wu Jiu was gradually being pushed into anger by Nalan Shan and the viciousness in his eyes was growing more and more intense. He had not wanted to bother wasting his time on a moron like Nalan Shan but he was being hounded doggedly by Nalan Shan, unable to extradite himself.

"Keep your deceitful lies to yourself Wu Jiu. I already know what kind of person you are and I will not believe a single word you say. You've committed such an unpardonable crime of deceiving our Master that destroyed the ancestors' name, I will never let you off scot free. Today, it's either I kill you, or you will have to kill me, and there will not be a third possibility!"

Nalan Shan's body was covered with wounds and even if he was not Wu Jiu's match, he would still not retreat by even half a step. Not to mention the amount of hatred there was between him and Wu Jiu, but just by way the current circumstances stood, he knew he must not let Wu Jiu enter the battle.

Wu Jiu's powers seemed to have surpassed that of the previous Spirit Master at his peak. If Wu Jiu was allowed to appear on the battlefield, it was not known what kind of a massacre he would come to create!

"Pigheaded stubborn fool! Then I shall grant you your wish!" Wu Jiu said viciously, the flare of the power of the spirit shrouding around his body suddenly swelling up!
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