Fishing The Myriad Heavens Chapter 522

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Although it took some time to describe the events, everything had happened in the time it took to blink an eye. The exhausted gangster rabbit did not have the ability to react at all before a ray of silverish purple light appeared on its forehead!


The gangster rabbit froze as if it’d been hit by a body binding spell. A loud squeak rang out from the gangster rabbit’s mouth, but it seemed somewhat empty.

A blood-red light floated out of the gangster rabbit’s body, blocking the Thousand Crane mark from entering into its forehead.

“It has to succeed!” Bei Feng muttered to himself. He’d already done everything he could, and right now, he could only wait. Even with Bei Feng’s usually calm mentality, he still felt extremely nervous right now.

Inside his soul, the originally eye-glaring Star Palace now looked like a decrepit old thing, without much energy left.

“The Thousand Crane technique uses too much stellar energy; the entire Star Palace has dimmed so much… without at least a month of recuperation, it will not be able to return to its original state.

Bei Feng felt a great heartache; fortunately, he’d not hurt his foundations. If the Star Palace had collapsed by a level, Bei Feng would spit out a mouthful of blood in regret.

Time flowed by slowly, and the silverish purple Thousand Crane mark sank bit by bit into the gangster rabbit’s forehead. The red light in front of it also began to dim.

“The Celestial Emperor Bamboo has slipped out of my fingers.”

Bei Feng walked over to where the Celestial Emperor Bamboo had been previously, and looked gloomily at the huge hole there. After expending so much effort, the treasure had still been stolen under his nose.

‘The Dao of formation was the deciding factor in this incident. It’s because the other party was controlling such a formation that my actions became so limited.’Bei Feng analyzed quietly. Shui Yuntian had used this formation to trap everyone together so as to kill them like a school of fish in a net.

‘And then, he’d made off with the Celestial Emperor Bamboo while the gangster rabbit was distracted with me. While the formation was restrictive to others, it would not hinder the movements of his or his men at all.’

Bei Feng felt somewhat unreconciled with such an outcome. Such a valuable spirit herb had actually been stolen right in front of his eyes. In that moment, he could not help but sigh. “If I had a Star Stone with me, the situation would have been entirely different.”


Just then, a tiny purple light near Bei Feng’s feet shone out, catching his eye. With a soft gasp, he directly jumped into the pit.

“This should be a strand of Celestial Emperor Bamboo root hair. It’s also not a bad natural treasure.”

Bei Feng shook his head lightly. This fellow has dug rather cleanly, huh… only a single strand of root hair had been left for him.

But, for a high grade spirit herb like the Celestial Emperor Bamboo, even a single strand of root hair was more valuable than ordinary spirit herbs.

Bei Feng stabbed his finger into the soil like a sword, and the loose soil around the root hair began to crumble.

“Hm? This root hair is actually so long?”

In a short time, Bei Feng had dug out a tunnel long enough for two people to travel abreast. The root hair that was exposed had stretched out over a dozen meters long. Yet, there still didn’t seem to be an end in sight.

Bei Feng did not get annoyed; in fact, his actions became even more gentle as he carefully dug around the root hair.

Two hours passed, and Bei Feng was still walking slowly in the pitch-black tunnel. His finger stabbed forward again, and suddenly, he saw a purple light bursting out from under his fingers.

Bei Feng looked up in shock, but his face quickly transformed into a wide smile. “I had some suspicions at first, but it seems that I was right!”

How could he still not know by now? This was in no way just a simple Celestial Emperor Bamboo root hair. This root hair actually linked to another Celestial Emperor Bamboo!

The soil before him crumbled apart to reveal a small, three meter space. The Ling Qi in this place was rich, and even Bei Feng’s mental power was roused.

In the middle of the three meter space, there was a fist-sized purple bamboo shoot about three meters tall!

Tens of transparent thin roots could be seen sticking out from it. The Heaven Earth Lingqi surrounding it far surpassed the Ling Qi in the surroundings.

Bei Feng carefully placed a palm on the Celestial Emperor Bamboo, and in an instant, a System message popped out in his mind.

“Ding! Mark 5 Treasure discovered, Celestial Emperor Bamboo! (This bamboo is 5998 years old; according to legends, the Celestial Emperor Bamboo are divine bamboos that grew in the gardens of Gods. Consuming its fruit will extend one’s life by 10,000 years! The effect will only work once for a person. Different grades of Celestial Emperor Bamboos will open up different levels of space to derive its nutrition. The higher the level of the space, the faster the Celestial Emperor Bamboo will mature!) Experience gained: 0!”

In that moment, Bei Feng realized that he’d still vastly underestimated the Celestial Emperor Bamboo. Just consuming a single fruit from it would extend one’s life by 10,000 years! This was simply a terrifying matter.

“Normal people need to fight and kill, cultivating bitterly just to attain a slightly longer lifespan. But, just a single fruit from this Celestial Emperor Bamboo would extend a person’s life to 10,000 years… this is simply leaping to the heavens in one stroke!”

Bei Feng shook his head with exasperation. As the saying went, constantly comparing oneself to others would cause one to die of anger. Besides, the fortune to find a Celestial Emperor Bamboo fruit would require great luck, and was a miracle in itself. After all, the time it took for the Celestial Emperor Bamboo to grow and bear fruit was too long.

“Even so, just the Ling Qi in the high grade spaces that the Celestial Emperor Bamboos create is already enough to be a sect’s main treasure! This Celestial Emperor Bamboo has been growing here for 5,998 years. In other words, it would only require two more years before it could break out of the ground!”

Bei Feng felt somewhat comforted in his heart. This Celestial Emperor Bamboo was obviously an offspring of the other matured Celestial Emperor Bamboo. With this in hand, he would not be leaving empty-handed, after all.

Without any hesitations, he carefully dug around the Celestial Emperor Bamboo, unearthing it together with the soil around it. Then, he took a light green spirit herb storage ring.

This ring did not look any different from his spatial ring; the only thing was that one was green, while the other was silverish white. Both were storage rings.

However, the difference between the two was extremely huge! Spatial rings could only store nonliving things, and any living things would either be suffocated to death in the ring, or would directly collapse the space inside and break out of the ring if they were too strong.

Even if a spirit herb was covered in soil and placed into the ring, although it might still look fine when it’s taken out, there would still be no way to plant it again.

Spirit herb storage rings were very different. Although animals couldn’t be kept inside it, spirit herbs would not suffer any damage when placed inside. The plants would not die, and could be replanted again. In fact, some high grade rings would even produce beneficial effects for the spirit herbs stored in them.

Only after he placed the Celestial Emperor Bamboo into his spirit herb storage ring did Bei Feng heave a sigh of relief.

Celestial Emperor Bamboos were normally extremely reserved; if Bei Feng had not discovered its root hair and followed it, he would most likely have missed it as well.

The moment he crawled out of the tunnel and back into the open, he roused some of his recovered blood Qi, and with a smash of the Bear Form Style, the tunnel collapsed and the ground split apart.

After the dust settled, the entire area was in ruin. There were completely no signs of the tunnel that Bei Feng had dug.

Now, he was finally able to place his attention on the gangster rabbit. The Thousand Crane mark had seized an extremely advantageous position; only a small part of its tail remained outside.


A bright crane call rang out, piercing through the clouds!

Some time later, the last bit of tail finally entered the gangster rabbit’s forehead, turning into an extremely exquisite, proud, and mysterious tattoo.


The gangster rabbit’s breathing grew heavier, and its eyes snapped open abruptly. A bright gleam flashed across its pupils, and it seemed to be struggling with something as it raised its head up and squeaked.

At the same time, as soon as the Thousand Crane mark sank into the gangster rabbit’s forehead, he instantly felt a strong link with the gangster rabbit. It was as if the rabbit was a close kin of his.

This was a forbidden technique of the Yin-Yang School; the very fundamentals of this technique went against the order of the heavens, which was why each disciple of the Yin-Yang School could only use it once.

The technique worked like some form of spiritual contract; however, it was many times more binding than a spiritual contract. If the owner of the mark died, the contracted creature would also die. But, if the contracted creature died, the owner would only suffer some essence Qi backlash.

The being that was planted with the Thousand Crane mark would slowly have their mind subjugated, causing them to feel closer to the owner of the mark as if the latter was their own family. At the same time, their potential would be unleashed!

Even if the contracted creature one day reached a high enough level to forcefully break the technique, they would still not do anything that would betray or harm the owner.

In that moment, Bei Feng did not care about his image as he grinned from ear to ear, whooping with glee. “I’ve picked up a huge treasure this time! It’s only at the first layer of the Thousand Year King realm, but it’s awakened four different spirit power abilities!”

As soon as the Thousand Crane mark appeared on the gangster rabbit’s head, a whole chunk of information appeared in his mind.

The greatest difference between the Thousand Year King realm and the Hundred Year realm was spirit power abilities. Spirit power abilities were the true killing techniques of the Thousand Year King realm!

No matter how compatible a martial technique was to a cultivator, it would at most be able to amplify one’s abilities by one to two times. Unless it was the kind of martial technique that followed the martial Dao.

However, spirit power abilities were different. Spirit power abilities were born from one’s own body, and were naturally the most compatible techniques to the individual. They could easily increase the individual’s strengths by many times.

Some heaven-defying spirit power abilities were so powerful that even a First Layer Thousand Year King could slay peak level Thousand Year Kings with them!

There were even some heaven-chosen geniuses who could challenge experts of a higher realm while in the Thousand Year King realm!

Most Thousand Year Kings would only have one spirit power ability upon their breakthrough. A scarce few geniuses might be able to form two, maybe three!

Of course, that was not to say that those who could only form one spirit power ability were not strong; there were experts who were extremely powerful and domineering just by relying on their one spirit power ability as well!

The only thing was that this was quite a rare thing. The more spirit power abilities one had, the more options and battle variations they would have in battle.

At the sixth and tenth layers of the Thousand Year King realm, one would have two more chances to awaken their spirit power abilities. These two chances could be used to enhance their existing spirit power abilities, or, if one was not satisfied with their original spirit power abilities, they could birth new ones using those chances.

As for this gangster rabbit, it’d just broken through to the Thousand Year King realm, but it’d already awakened four spirit power abilities. Furthermore, all four abilities could be said to have immense potential!

The first one was the blood-red bell, providing it with shocking defensive strength.

Then, there was the blood-red eight-sided sword, granting it powerful offensive ability.

The third ability was the blood control skill. Although it was currently only good enough to use as a disruptive skill in battle right now, if this ability could grow to eventually become capable of controlling the blood in the opponent’s head… or if it could instantly drain a person’s blood… that would be truly terrifying!

The fourth spirit power ability was the most heaven-defying one; a death substitution ability!

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