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Fate Shift summary:

As it has before and will again, Fate Shifts in the world of Qi. In the Heavens, Hells, and Mortal World, the Harbingers of Fate proclaim the coming of the Fate's Own and a warning to all. The Fate's Own must become one. This is a tale of reincarnated cultivators, transmigrants, intelligent beasts, angels, and demons. This is a tale of gnashing teeth, tears shed, promises broken, blood spilt, ambitions conceived, painful betrayals, love found, laughter on the wind, and so much more. This is the tale of a mythic age, with a beginning and ending. Warning: In Fate Shift I'm going to avoid explicit sex scenes, overly descriptive gore, and things of that nature. I'll try to keep things tasteful enough that teenagers can read this story. That said there will be depictions of cruelty, some foul language, and other things of that nature in the story. So on the almost unbelievable chance a parent is reading this to see if it's okay for their kid(s), I suggest taking that into consideration. Release Schedule: Seven chapters a week, I'll try to keep it to one per day but mistakes can always happen. Chapter sizes will typically be 1-2k words but sometimes they'll be under or over. If the schedule changes I'll update this synopsis.

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