Fantasy System Chapter 269

Dawn broke through the clouds and illuminated the castle hidden inside the mountains. The eerie and quiet atmosphere made it seem as if it was abandoned; the whistling wind helped no more than to deepen the impression it gave off. The birds flying around the mountain all avoided the top and made sure that not a squeak escaped their beaks. Large predators hunted in total silence, and even the prey dared not make a sound even whilst being killed. Inside of the red mansion, the Blood sect's master kept on scratching the scar that seared and burned on his face.

He seemed out of it, his mind was long lost, and his body lost control of the Qi inside of it, so much that the amount leaking out caused the whole mountain area to become silent from the fear.

Suddenly, a group of youngsters entered the innermost room of the middle mansion, and one of them said, "If you keep at it, you'll end up drawing blood, dear grandfather."

It was Johan, who had just returned from his battle against Hayato and the others.

"Ah, you're back," Erykytos said as he snapped out of his trance. Almost instantly, noise filled the mountain again; it was as if it came back to life. "Did you finish your mission?"

"Unfortunately not, hahaha," Johan said as he scratched his head. "They escaped."

"Did they? Or did you let them escape?"

"Of course not," Johan was quick to deny. "One of them kept holding me off until the others prepared the escape. He was quite strong."

"And where were your friends, when you were fighting?" Erykytos asked.

Johan decided to act as if he heard nothing and instead turned his gaze towards the ceiling.

"Never you mindYou've just come back, however, you'll have to leave again. We're going to regroup with your father."




In another battlefield, a conclusion had yet to be reached. Unlike the first two, this one was the calmest, yet at the same time, the bloodiest. Piles of dead bodies spread all over the green plains, which had turned scarlet long ago. The stench of decay and disease filled the air, but it stopped none of the soldiers. Why? Because they all knew that they were the bulk of the two forces. The first army belonged to Blood sect, while the second army belonged to Avalon's allied forces.

Inside of a tent, all sorts of sect Elders and Masters gathered around, discussing the future moves, when suddenly, an informant entered. Quickly, another followed. They looked at each other and wondered which one should have the right to speak first.

"We don't have the time for you to admire each other, so will either of you hurry up and speak?!" Dean, the general of Scale kingdom was quick to lose his temper with the two of them, who trembled in their places, as the one on the left took the chance to relay his news.

"A group of people joined the army! It was an old man with a scar across his face and a group of young people that accompanied him!"

"That's your information?" one of the Elders said. "We thought it would be a reinforcement of at least a 100000 soldiers!"

"But sir! Every one of those youngsters is Immortal Establishment!" the informant's words shocked the people inside into silence.

"That can't be!" Leonard shouted. "We don't have the power to fight them off if they joined the battle right now!"

"Sir," the second informant started to speak. "Sarin, the Poison sect's master has been spotted as well. He looked injured, but still well enough to join the battle as well."

"Does none of you have any good news?!" Audun took the chance to shout his fill this time.

"No need to scream so hard, you'll hurt your lungs," a voice spoke inside of the tent. Before anyone noticed it, another man had joined in on the conversation. It was Ed.


The same thing was shouted again and again inside the tent, as people couldn't hide their pleased faces or voices. Even Arthur, the leader of the allied forces, showed a hint of a smiling face upon seeing his son well.

"We don't have enough time," Ed said. "The war can't go on for long, or we'll lose. All our forces have gathered here, as well as the enemies. Which means that the next couple of days will decide the outcome. For now, however, I need you all to leave. I wish to speak with my father alone."

"Is it one of your wicked strategies again, boy?" Stephanie's grandfather said as he smiled. His old body seemed like it couldn't take another day in this world, but he still chose to stay and fight.

"Something like that, yes."

"Then, I'm not leaving. I look forward to hearing what you have to say, ho ho ho!"

"Fine by me. However, I'll only allow one you. Too many ears in one place is never a good thing," Ed said.

The others left reluctantly.

"Thanks, old man, you helped me with your quick proposition."

"It's no trouble. I could see it in their eyes, they all wanted to stay and listen. You can't blame them; however, we're all itching for some good news."

"I know, and I understand. But, it's just a formality. Most of them won't even have a part in the action, so it's better not to include them from the beginning."

"Well, I better get going then. Don't worry, I'll find a way to sneak out without them noticing me."

"Why would you do that? I was serious when I said I would allow you to stay and listen. After all, you're one of the only people whose face changed when they mentioned a man with a scar on his face. When I met my grandfather, I had him tell me everything about Blood sect's master. One thing that stuck in my mind was the fact that he was slashed across his face during one battle."

"So, it is true then. The Blood sect master is here for us," Arthur broke his silence.

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