Evil Emperor's Wild Consort Chapter 1462

“I never thought that the Heavenly Moon Empire’s Competition would draw the attention of the Underworld.”

Zuo Shangchen raised his brow as a peculiar light flashed across his eyes. “However, I don’t know what the Underworld plans on doing here. As long as their objective is not the Moon Soul Herb, everything will be fine. If they are after the Moon Soul Herb as well, I’m afraid that things will become troublesome for us.”

Ever since Gu Ruoyun had known Zuo Shangchen, this man has always been fearless. This was the first time he had ever said such a thing.

If the Underworld was an organization which even Zuo Shangchen would dread, their might could not be ignored.

“However, that probably isn’t the case.” Zuo Shangchen’s expression gradually returned to his calm air as a seductive smile crept up from the corners of his lips once again. “The cultivators of the Underworld stand out amongst the rest so this Moon Soul Herb is not at all useful to them. Besides, these people from the Underworld are at the refined state. It’s only one Moon Soul Herb so it won’t be worth it for them to make a big fuss over it.”

Gu Ruoyun did not say anything as she stared quietly at the Left Protector who was seated amongst the judges. A somber light flashed across her eyes.

The Left Protector, who had been conversing with the Heavenly Moon Emperor, obviously sensed her gaze and turned to look at her. She then frowned and asked, “Your Imperial Majesty, this young lady is…”

“She’s Gu Ruoyun.” The Heavenly Moon Emperor felt mildly astonished but replied her in the end.

“Gu Ruoyun?”

The Left Protector smiled indifferently. “So, this is the Gu Ruoyun you’ve been talking about.”

She does not know why but she does not have a good impression of Gu Ruoyun and felt a sense of hatred towards her too.

Even the Left Protector herself could not understand where this feeling had come from.

“It’s almost time.” The Heavenly Moon Emperor did not ask any more questions. He turned his eyes at the large number of geniuses who had joined the competition and remarked in an aloof manner, “Everyone, We are honored to have so many young geniuses in the Heavenly Moon Empire so We’ve organized this competition. Anyone who wins will receive a generous gift from the Heavenly Moon Empire! Of course, since blades have no eyes, We still hope thatyou will be able to understand what this means. The Heavenly Moon Empire does not wish to lose any of Our talents!”

His words were clearly directed at Su Lin and Gu Ruoyun. After all, it was impossible for him to be unaware of such a huge matter which concerns them both.

Su Lin scoffed icily when she heard the implications behind the Heavenly Moon Emperor’s words. She turned her eyes, which were filled with hate, at Gu Ruoyun and raised the corners of her lips as she said, “Gu Ruoyun, youpreviously had my father’s support but in this competition, no one can help you. By then, I want you to kneel and beg me or die!”

That day, after signing the life or death contract with Gu Ruoyun, she had been scolded severely by the Regional King upon her return.

The Regional King obviously knows about Gu Ruoyun’s power which was why he had scolded Su Lin. After all, Su Lin’s agreement with Gu Ruoyun was no different from digging her own grave.

However, in Su Lin’s heart, she believes that the Regional King was biased towards Gu Ruoyun and was afraid that Su Lin would hurt her. That was why he had scolded her.

It was also on that day that the Regional King’s image had crumbled in Su Lin’s heart and she began to secretly hate him.

The unfortunate Regional King, his painstaking efforts had been misunderstood and even his daughter has begun to hate him!

“If everyone is ready, the competition by the Heavenly Moon Empire shall begin!” The Heavenly Moon Emperor’s deeply profound voice carried a stern air. His handsome face was as cold as ever. “Next, We shall explain the rules of the competition!”

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