Empress Running Away With The Ball Chapter 853

Chapter 853: Resolving the dead end

Empress Dowager Zhou slowly nodded and sat down before saying, Continue.

Wait until the emperor is married, Empress Dowager, you can slowly pick some girls to become his concubine. After the emperor learns the benefits of having a girl by his side, even if the Empress Dowager does not raise the matter to him, the emperor will be in a rush to marry a few more concubines.

Su Jin had been in the palace for the long time and was familiar with the royal familys past. There had never been an emperor who only married a single empress, which emperor didnt want to place all the beauties in the world in his harem.

It wasnt just the emperor, even the kings and the ministers, which one of them only married a single girl.

In the West Chu Country, men ruled and women served. Men all treated many wives as an honour, so the higher ones status, the more people they married. It was as if the number of concubines was equal to a mans face.

If the respected emperor only married a single girl and didnt take any concubines, it would be a joke if this was known.

So that was why Empress Dowager Zhou was that anxious.

But hearing Su Jins words and feeling that they were reasonable, she said, Youre right, this widow cant be anxious, this matter needs to be taken one step at a time. We cant force the emperor, otherwise he might change his mind about getting married. This widow needs to strike the iron and quickly get him an empress. Once he has a taste of having someone to warm his bed, he will slowly begin to forget her.

As for who she was, Empress Dowager Zhou and Su Jin knew in their hearts.

Empress Dowager Zhou considered some more before saying, The emperor likes girls with talents and doesnt care about the other sides background. How about this, put together a list of all the girls in the capital city who arent betrothed or married yet. As long as the girl is talented, their background can be ignored. This widow wants to pick a good empress for the emperor.

Su Jin agreed and left.

Empress Dowager Zhou sat in the chair and rubbed her temples. Without knowing it, she began to think of Chen Ning. That girls appearance was second to none in the capital and no one could reach it. Her sons eyes were indeed very good and the girl he liked was truly outstanding.

It was a pity that she had to be married. If she was just married, it didnt matter. As long as the emperor liked her, a simple decree would be enough to solve this problem. However, she had to be married to the emperors blood relative. It was fine if it was a normal blood relative, but Chu Shao Yang was also the previous emperors heir!

How her son obtained his throne, Empress Dowager Zhou was most clear on this in her heart.

If it wasnt for her supporting Mo Chuan in the past, the one sitting on the emperors throne now would be Chu Shao Yang!

But now that her son was the emperor, although Chu Shao Yang was just a king, everyone would criticize him. So no matter what, Empress Dowager Zhou couldnt allow her son to steal Chu Shao Yangs throne and his princess, otherwise Empress Dowager Zhou would not know how to face her ancestors.

Empress Dowager Zhou knew that her son was a stubborn person. Once he liked someone, he would definitely never give up. Chu Shao Yang also had to have her, causing there to be a hard to break dead end, causing headache for Empress Dowager Zhou. She was always worried that her son would be impulsive, doing something that would shame the country and the royal family. Thankfully that at this crucial moment, the East Qin Crown Prince would stomp his foot down and solve this dead end.

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