Empress Running Away With The Ball Chapter 852

Chapter 852: Only marrying a single empress

After Empress Dowager Zhou considered it, she finally decided on having her son make the decision.

It was rare for her son to agree to getting married and the girl she picked for her son might not satisfy him, so it was better to just let her son pick. As long as her son did not marry that Chen Familys girl, she was happy with anyone.

Mothers meaning is that if your son likes her, mother will like her? Mother will agree to the one your son picks? Mo Chuans eyes lightly sparkled as they revealed a faint glow of happiness.

Empress Dowager Zhou couldnt help smiling, Chuaner, do you think of your mother as a dictator? This widow will definitely like anyone you like. This widow believes in your eyes and the girl you pick will become our West Chus future empress, she will not disappoint mother.

She looked at Mo Chuan with an expectant gaze as a flower bloomed in her heart.

Mo Chuan asked, Then if the girl your son likes has no family background, only have talent and no beauty, would mother not mind?

Empress Dowager Zhou was a bit stunned, but she then said, Of course not, as long as your heart agrees. If you feel something is off after you marry her, there are still many girls in this world. You are a countrys ruler, you can marry as many times as you want, youll find a good girl eventually.

Mo Chuans face sunk a bit as he said while shaking his head, One can take many scoops, but your son only wants to drink once. Your son is not someone who changes their mind quickly, otherwise your son wouldnt get married. Since Ive decided to marry, I will devote myself to her. Other than her, your son definitely will not marry a second girl!

His tone was firm as he spoke very clearly.

Empress Dowager Zhou couldnt help taking a cold breath as she asked, Emperor, what do you mean by this? Youll only marry one girl in your entire life? Only a single empress? Could it be you dont want a harem palace and many concubines?

She thought that the emperor had thought it through and wanted the royal family to flourish, but who would have thought that the emperors thoughts would be so different.

Only marrying a single empress?

Definitely not!

Mo Chuan said without any hesitation, Your son doesnt want it.

Empress Dowager Zhous face instantly turned cold and was prepared to scold her son, but she saw Su Jins desperate look towards her. Her heart was stunned and she couldnt say anything.

Empress Dowager, this servant has just checked the calendar and it is the Huang Dao Lucky Day three days from now. How about setting the garden party for three days from now? Su Jin respectfully asked.

Alright, set it for three days later. Empress Dowager Zhou nodded in agreement before looking at Mo Chuan.

Emperor, you have been gone for two days, there must be many matters that have piled up. You should go back and take care of it. As for the matter of the garden party, leave it up to this widow, it will certainly please you when the time comes.

Then itll be hard for mother. Your son will leave first. Mo Chuan gave a bow before leaving.

When Mo Chuan left, Empress Dowager Zhou asked Su Jin, Why did you stop this widow from speaking? If the emperor really acts like he said and only marries a single girl in his entire life, if the girl doesnt give birth to an heir, wouldnt the emperor not have any descendants? This widow will never allow it!

Su Jin Said, Empress Dowager is too rushed. Its hard for the emperor to agree to getting married, this is a very happy matter. As for the emperor marrying a few other girls, it would be best to not put too much pressure on the emperor at this time. If the emperor regrets even getting married, wouldnt this all be for nothing?

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