Dragon King's Son In Law Chapter 549

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Huang Xujie never imagined that Hao Ren would have such influence. To make such a scene, even Hao Ren’s dad, Hao Zhonghua, could not achieve this effect.

Lu Qi settled the members of the Go Club in the dining hall and saw that Hao Ren was still recruiting people, so he held up a big umbrella and went out to help.

This stunned Huang Xujie and the other presidents of clubs. Lu Qi, who was a proud Go genius, would hold the umbrella for Hao Ren?

“This Hao Ren Who is he? He could effortlessly win the hearts of many people!” they thought.

Students 100, 200, 300… The rainstorm continued, and the students were silently counting the number of people in the line to the Calligraphy Club through the floor-to-ceiling glass walls of the cafeteria.

The Calligraphy Club’s registration table had been moved to the shelter near the entrance of the cafeteria. There were so many students sheltering in the cafeteria that there was no place to sit. Therefore, Hao Ren did not move indoors to recruit members. Instead, he sat at the entrance of the cafeteria and sheltered Xie Yujia from the rain.

The students who were looking to register lined up along the floor-to-ceiling glass walls of the cafeteria, standing under the sloped roof.

Due to the strong wind, the raindrops still hit the students despite the roof, and they were all wet waist-down.

Despite the situation, no one had given up on registering!

Xie Yujia’s bag could not hold all the membership fees, so she had to change to a larger bag. Nearly 300 new members had brought in almost 150,000-yuan.

She did not care about the money, but she was secretly surprised.

“Gongzi! Gongzi!”

Lu Linlin and Lu Lili, holding two small umbrellas, appeared next to Hao Ren.

Initially, they held back from accompanying Hao Ren. But after watching TV for a while in their room, they finally couldn’t help but come over to check out Hao Ren’s recruiting situation.

“How come you’re here in the rain?” Hao Ren saw them and smiled.

“Staying in our room was boring,” Lu Linlin said as she got close to Hao Ren’s ear. ” Gongzi, this rain came too sudden. We sense a powerful aura nearby, and we are a little worried.”

Hao Ren released his spiritual senses but sensed nothing strange. He also felt like the rainstorm came too sudden, almost without any warning.

During their little conversation, a white umbrella appeared in the rain and fog.

“Su… Su Han…” The people standing in the cafeteria were a little surprised when they saw Su Han.

Su Han generally never left her office and rarely wandered on campus, let alone in the rainstorm.

Su Han, who was wearing a white blouse and a green dress, was approaching. Her brown sandals seemed to have no trace of water, revealing her white-jade-like feet.

When they saw Su Han coming over, the students in the line moved away slightly.

These dragons reacted to Su Han not because she was beautiful like a goddess; it was because they knew Su Han was a veteran inspector and a Qian-level master, which imposed invisible pressure on them.

Su Han was holding a white umbrella, and she came over and asked Hao Ren, “How is the situation?”

“We have received more than 300 members,” Hao Ren said.

“Eh,” Su Han nodded. “There should be a total of about 500. This year, there are about 200 new students.”

East Ocean City was a big city adjacent to the East Ocean Dragon Palace. Every year, the dragon clans sent their young generations to study in East Ocean City. This year, the East Ocean Dragon Clan had almost wiped out the West Ocean Dragon Clan, and the morale was high. Therefore, more dragon cultivators were coming to study at East Ocean University than in previous years.

Also, because of Yuhuang Mountain, the East Ocean Dragon Clan befriended a lot of forces and signed agreements with many dragon clans. Therefore, these dragon clans had sent their younger generations to train in East Ocean City, and East Ocean University, which was under Lu Qing’s management, naturally became the preferred choice.

Su Han did not care about these young cultivators on the surface, but she was actually very familiar with the cultivator scene at East Ocean University.

“How can it be”

The presidents of the clubs in the cafeteria were very surprised to see Su Han coming in in the rain. Everyone knew that the club supervisor was just an empty title, and they never interfered with club affairs.

“Who is this Hao Ren? How can he assemble so many students, have Lu Linlin and Lu Lili hold umbrellas on both sides, and get Su Han to visit personally?” A lot of questions were raised in people’s minds.

In the distance, there were still many students who were coming over.

At this moment, the rain was pouring straight down. Most of the students were looking for shelter, so this open space in front of the cafeteria had become the special recruiting venue for Hao Ren’s Calligraphy Club.

Such a scene made other clubs’ executives extremely jealous!

“Also, there is a powerful master near East Ocean University. Be careful,” Su Han reminded Hao Ren.

Hao Ren looked at Su Han and finally understood that she came over in the rain for his protection.

With the realm of Su Han and the Lu sisters, they could detect even the minor movements near East Ocean University. Although Hao Ren had the inspector’s token from the Dragon God Shrine, he could only sense the inspectors in the area. For other situations, he had to use his spiritual senses.

The rainstorm continued, and the students came one batch after another.

Although the table had been moved to the entrance of the cafeteria, blocking most of the rain, the wind blew some of the raindrops onto Xie Yujia’s body.

Xie Yujia’s hair was a little wet, and her almost translucent skin appeared extraordinarily smooth in the rain. She did not look embarrassing but very charming instead.

“I never thought that Xie Yujia could be so beautiful,” Yu Rong lamented as he stood in the cafeteria

“Su Han is more beautiful!” Zhou Liren stared at Su Han and said. The scene of Su Han standing in the pouring ring was ridiculously beautiful.

“Lu Linlin and Lu Lili are super beautiful girls,” Gu Jiadong said. The Lu sisters were playful and cute while they stood beside Hao Ren.

Most of the students took shelter from the rain in the cafeteria which was jam-packed, and some were in a long line outside the cafeteria. Between them were the floor-to-ceiling glass walls.

The clubs’ executives standing inside the cafeteria watched the students pay and leave, and they thought, “They are like automatic money printing machines. Hao Ren is simply collecting a protection fee… How could it be like this!”

Little did they know that the threshold of 500-yuan set by Hao Ren was to stop ordinary students from joining the Calligraphy Club. Hao Ren’s club simply did not want regular students!

The dragon cultivators who were living in the mortal world would not be too poor no matter where they are from! Even the smallest dragon clan had accumulated a lot of wealth, which was equivalent to an aristocratic family!

Hao Ren’s club was going to be the richest club in East Ocean University!


A lightning bolt dashed down from the sky.

Suddenly, a figure appeared on the road behind the bulletin board on the west side of the cafeteria.

An oil paper umbrella and a purple wrap-around skirt.

“Hi, may I ask how to get to LingZhao Elementary School?”

The alluring voice sounded by Hao Ren’s ear along with the gradually disappearing rain.

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