Dragon King's Son In Law Chapter 548

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“Why are you standing here! Go pull people over!” Huang Xujie slapped this male student on the back of the head.

That male student instantly ran out.

The three students who were approaching from the direction of the dorms were all male, and they were quite burly. They looked like sports-loving guys, which were the target group of the Rock-Climbing Club.

They were not only similar in height but also in appearance. They should be three brothers of the same family, all studying at East Ocean University.

“Friends! Friends!” The member of the Rock-Climbing Club stopped in front of them and handed out three flyers. “Friends, look at this. This is the information about our Rock-Climbing Club. In school, our club is the most…”

“We are not going to join this club,” the guy in the lead replied in a low voice.

He returned the information to the member of the Rock-Climbing Club, and the two guys around him also returned the flyers.

“Then which club are you joining? Ours is most suitable for sporty guys. We regularly organize mountain climbing activities in the wilderness…” The member responsible for pulling people over to the booth got anxious.

“We are going to join…” These guys looked at the sign beside Hao Ren. “The Calligraphy Club.”

“Huh?” The member of the Rock-Climbing Club opened his eyes wide.

These muscular guys were not joining the Rock-Climbing Club but the Calligraphy Club!

The three guys strode across and went straight to the Calligraphy Club’s booth.

Zhou Liren, who was sitting behind the desk, was looking at the member of the Rock-Climbing Club who was taking the initiative to pull people over.

While other clubs were taking the initiative, the Calligraphy Club was simply waiting for interested members. Obviously, there would not be much ‘business’…

However, even if he were to take the initiative to pull over people, what could he do? Should he go up and say that the entrance fee was 500, the highest in the school?

Just when Zhou Liren felt that the Rock-Climbing Club was going to pull three more members, the three guys came to Hao Ren’s table.

“We are going to join the Calligraphy Club,” the guy in the lead said to Hao Ren.

Zhou Liren almost choked on his own breath when he heard that.

“500 entrance fee per person,” Xie Yujia said next to him.

Each of the three guys took out 500-yuan and put them on the table.

Yu Rong and the other guys were completely stupefied, especially the Class President Yu Rong who was responsible for all the errands in the class. Even the students in the class were not this clear-cut when they had to pay 30-yuan for the class fee. “How is this possible?” they thought.

Xie Yujia pushed the registration booklet in front of them, and the three guys picked up the ink brush in turn and wrote down their names.

“Damn! When did university students learn to write such brilliant calligraphy?” Seeing the three muscular guys, who had no problem being football goalkeepers, write such beautiful characters, Yu Rong and the other guys were even more dumbfounded.

Little did they know that when these dragon cultivators came out of the dragon palaces, they had to adapt to modern life while also having their own training programs. Writing with an ink brush was the most basic way of communication between them.

After paying 1,500-yuan, the three guys then walked to Clear Stream Cafeteria in the distance.

In the blink of an eye, five students had joined, and they handed over 2,500-yuan! What a steal!

Zhao Jiayi was utterly stunned, and Cao Ronghua was almost drooling. This was faster than working in terms of making money! Students were handing over money as if it was dirt, and Hao Ren was collecting money like nothing was going on!

If one followed the math, 50 students were 25,00-yuan! For ‘poor people’ like Zhao Jiayi who only had 600 to 700 yuan to spend on eating and entertainment a month, this was a considerable sum!

Not far away, Huang Xujie saw that his member had failed in pulling people over, and the three guys dropping 1500-yuan at the Calligraphy Club’s booth. He was dumbfounded as well.

It could be explained that the two girls were either admiring or interested in Hao Ren, so they joined the club. But how could one explain the fact that those three guys dropped the Rock-Climbing Club and directly went to the Calligraphy Club?

“No, no! This is definitely not happening!” Huang Xujie thought as he shook his head desperately.

“Brother Huang, I can’t pull them over!” The member of the Rock-Climbing Club returned to the club’s booth and said, aggrieved.

“Useless!” Huang Xujie shouted but immediately settled his mind. “But I don’t blame you. Those people are actors. Hao Ren must have paid them to draw everyone’s attention.”

“Oh! That’s it! Brother Huang is clever!” The member of the Rock-Climbing Club showed an admiring expression.

“Like these kinds of clubs, no one will join unless they put on a show. That is to let the passing students see that people are joining. Only a filled name list on the registration booklet will push other students to join. These small tricks cannot fool me,” Huang Xujie continued.

“Right, right, right! That’s it!” The members of the Rock-Climbing Club nodded in agreement.

They saw that Hao Ren had received thousands of yuan in the blink of an eye and got a little jealous. Once they heard Huang Xujie’s explanation, they all relaxed. “This must be the Calligraphy Club’s self-produced tricks, and we almost fell for them,” they thought.

Other clubs were also desperately trying to pull over new students, and they were all paying attention to Calligraphy Club. When they heard Huang Xujie’s analysis, they believed that the Calligraphy Club was playing tricks and gradually relaxed.

It was lunchtime, and the number of students had gradually increased in the open space in front of the Green Hill Cafeteria

“Sister, over there!”

Two other girls came to Hao Ren’s Calligraphy Club.

“Entrance fee is 500!” Zhou Liren shouted before they approached.

The two girls glanced at Zhou Liren, went to Hao Ren, and handed over 1,000-yuan before filling in their names on the booklet.

Zhou Liren ground his teeth, and he didn’t know why these girls weren’t scared away by the entrance fee. “Is it really for Hao Ren’s charm?” he thought.

The female dragon cultivators had great figures and skin due to training, and the majority of the dragon cultivators in East Ocean University were females since the male cultivators who were first in line for inheritance had to cultivate in the ancestor halls and their bases.

In fact, from the perspective of these young cultivators, they would want to join an organization to obtain protection and a network in the city.

On the one hand, they had to adapt to modern life. On the other, they wanted to establish connections with other dragon cultivators.

However, no cultivator in East Ocean University had enough charisma and influence to gather all the cultivators; even the few Dui-level cultivators could not do it. This new organization allowed the young cultivators to unite and become one group.

“Brother Hao, please look after us,” the two female cultivators said to Hao Ren after filling in their names.

“Haha, sure,” Hao Ren said with a smile.

The two female cultivators smiled and walked into the cafeteria side by side.

Zhou Liren looked at the two beautiful girls, and he was crying inside. He was already in the third year, but he still didn’t have a girlfriend.

He turned and looked at Hao Ren. In just less than half an hour, four beautiful girls already joined!

He reached for the registration booklet and saw that the first girl was in first-year, the second was a fourth-year, and the two who just signed up were a first-year student and second-year student.

“A fourth-year student! Why would she join a club when she is about to graduate? What’s going on?” he thought.

“Don’t look!” Hao Ren put away the booklet in a hurry. According to Zhou Liren’s personality, he might sneakily write down the girls’ phone numbers.

However, these girls were not the kind that Zhou Liren could mess with.

“Brother Ren! Brother Ren!” Zhou Liren begged as he stuck to Hao Ren and put his fists together on his chest. “Let me join the Calligraphy Club. We are brothers, so I don’t have to pay for it, right?”

Hearing Zhou Liren’s words, Gu Jiadong and the other guys were also tempted. The Mechatronic Engineering Program didn’t have many girls, and Lu Linlin and Lu Lili obviously were not the ones who they could catch up with.

Several beautiful girls joined Hao Ren’s club in just 20 minutes; it was the perfect opportunity!

Hao Ren saw Zhou Liren’s peevish look and felt goosebumps all over his body. He immediately shook his head. “Not accepted!”

“Brother Ren…” Zhou Liren begged. “I will do your chores for free, and I will do all the errands in the club. How’s that!”

“No, no!” Hao Ren shook his head repeatedly. Seeing Zhou Liren still hanging around, he asked, “Do you know how to write with an ink brush?”

“I am very interested in calligraphy! I can practice!” Zhou Liren said with an incomparably sincere attitude.

Hao Ren rolled his eyes and ignored Zhao Liren.

At this moment, five more students came over and signed up collectively. Hao Ren recognized one of them; he was a student who wanted to pull him into the secret club before. Back then, Hao Ren was not an inspector, but now he was respected.

Twenty-five 100-yuan bills entered Xie Yujia’s bag, and there were five more members on the list.

Yu Rong and the other guys were baffled. Were they cheating them of their money?

Standing a little further, Huang Xujie looked at Hao Ren coldly and thought, “Humph! You have got quite a few extra actors! Let’s see how many more you have!”

“Boss, that is…” The member beside Huang Xujie suddenly pointed at someone in the distance.

They saw a thin and tall guy going to Hao Ren’s desk, handing over 500 yuan, and then signing on Hao Ren’s booklet.

“Xu Minglin” Huang Xujie opened his eyes wide.

There were two clubs in school which were qualified to take students into the wild. One was Huang Xujie’s Rock-Climbing Club, and the other was Xu Minglin’s Camping Club.

This Xu Minglin was a very remarkable person; it was said that he had practiced martial arts. He looked thin, but he could cut six red bricks with an empty hand, and Huang Xujie once saw Xu Minglin punching a hole in a big tree.

Why would such a character join Hao Ren’s Calligraphy Club?

At this moment, a dozen more students lined up to join Hao Ren’s Calligraphy Club!

Just when other clubs had to take the initiative to pull over students to their booth, Hao Ren’s simple table setup called for a long line!

An entrance fee of 500-yuan These students did not even flinch!

Xie Yujia’s bag which was for collecting money soon packed up!

“Brother Huang! Brother!” A member of the Rock-Climbing Club ran over. “Xu Minglin disbanded the Camping Club and brought all the members over to the Calligraphy Club!”

“What!” Huang Xujie was so surprised that his opened mouth could fit two eggs.

He took a closer look. Weren’t those who lined up members of the Camping Club?

Further away, some students were walking over, some were approaching by bicycle, and some in small cars. Their goal was to join Hao Ren’s Calligraphy Club!

First-year, second-year, third-year, fourth-year, and even graduate students were coming to join Hao Ren’s Calligraphy Club!

Many students in line were well-known figures in the school, such as the Director of the School Radio Station, the Vice-Chairman of the Student’s Council, a fourth-year student who ran a flower shop near the school… In the blink of an eye, the number of people who signed up broke through 50!

Zhao Jiayi and the other guys stood up in vain and hid in the cafeteria. Although they were willing to gamble and lose, walking up-side-down in front of the cafeteria was still too shameful.

“Hell!” Huang Xujie saw a line of 50 to 60 people gathered in front of Hao Ren.

However, Hao Ren did not accept every student. Some of them even offered to pay the fee, but Hao Ren still did not accept!

Some students were willing to pay 500-yuan to see what the Calligraphy Club had to offer, but Hao Ren would not accept the money when he saw that the students were not dragons. After all, the decision to accept club members was the President’s to make!

Each club had its criteria for selecting members; it was not free for all! If Hao Ren did not accept, there was no way around it.

This completely stupefied Huang Xujie! “How could he not accept members!” he thought.

Hao Ren’s list of members soon filled two pages!

Rumble Dark clouds suddenly gathered in the sunny sky.

All of a sudden, the sky turned dark.

A gust of wind started, and it seemed like a rainstorm was about to hit.

“Close! Close the booth!” Huang Xujie shouted.

If the rainstorm fell, the things they put on the table would be all wet. Other clubs had also collected things and went to the cafeteria to hide from the rain.

Rumble A loud thunder cracked, and the raindrops fell quickly.

Hiding in the cafeteria, Huang Xujie was glad that this storm hit; it interrupted the Calligraphy Club’s momentum in recruiting new members!

Unexpectedly, under the sudden heavy rain, except for a few students who ran away from the line, the other students either held up umbrellas or waited in the rain.

A student in the front of the line rushed up to Hao Ren and Xie Yujia and took the initiative to hold an umbrella for them!

This dumbfounded all the club presidents who were standing in the cafeteria…

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