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Codename:phoenix summary:

Everything she held dearly was forcefully taken away from her. The birth right that was originally hers. The luxurious life she was supposed to live with. The poster family that loved her more than her own family. Her identity which could have changed the entire flow of her cruel life. Even the man she never thought will ever betray her, robbed her of her innocence and casted her away as if she was nothing but a mere plaything. Tears started to roll down her smooth cheeks as she recall all those things from the past. All the good memories from once before can never outweigh the feeling of hatred that boils inside her. "They say that the flames of one's hatred is like a double edge sword. It can reduce your enemies to nothingness but it can also burn you into ashes. Haha! Too bad, I am a phoenix. I do not die from my own flames. I instead undergo rebirth. Which simply means that in this ultimate battle of power and influence, I, Wang Reiji, will be the only victor!"

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Codename:phoenix Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 79: Meow!6 months ago
Chapter 72: Fair?6 months ago
Chapter 51: Geek10 months ago
Chapter 11: HOME11 months ago
Chapter 9: Retired11 months ago
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