Castle Of Black Iron Chapter 1416

This combat was full of twists and turns. Zhang Tie had the advantage over the ox-head demon knight when he interacted his punch skills with sword skills; the ox-head demon knight then oppressed Zhang Tie using its demon grain totem; Zhang Tie then “awakened” unrivaled double-sword bloodline and tookthe wind. When the ox-head demon knight was going to kill Zhang Tie by exploding itself, the mushroom cloud caused by its explosion slowly waned, exposing Zhang Tie with his silver secret item “shield” to the public in the end.

Nobody had everseen such a heart-wrenching fight for honor between shadow knights since the beginning of this holy war.

Over 100,000 human knights’ yells finally became two words in unison, “Zhang Tie”, “Zhang Tie”, “Zhang Tie”…

In the yells, human knights’ morale reached its peak.

Such a scene was similar to the yells of football fans when a football star on the football field scored a goal at the critical moment before the Catastrophe.

At this moment, those who werecheering Zhang Tie for killing two shadow demon knights in the public were human knights who were top talents.

Shadow knights were at least commanders of military regions in Taixia Country, who were also rare among demons.

Shadow knight was the highest-level demon knight that human knights had killed on the battlefield since demons invaded Taixia Country. Actually, Zhang Tie killed two shadow demon knights this time. What a brilliant military exploit!

At this moment, even Feng Cangwu, Zhang Tie’s old friend couldn’t help but become thrilled. Contrary to that, those disciples of Taiyi Fantasy Sect and Feng Yexiao completedly turned pale. Zhang Tie’s halowas as hot as the sun which could barely be seen straightforwardly by them. All the disciples of Taiyi Fantasy who were teasing Zhang Tie a few days ago felt their hearts racing out of tension. Not until now did they understand that there was someone that they could not offend…

“When Ilearned from Qianji Hermit by fighting him in Youzhou Province, I was defeated by the hermit.From then on, I have known that Qianji Hermit would definitely have a much brighter future than me. I’ve not imagined that I could see my old friend constantly kill two shadow demon knights near the bank of Weishui River. When Qianji Hermit returns to Youzhou Province, I will definitely invite him for a drink…” Nangong Sheng the founder of Immortal FistPosition Sect sighed with emotions as he had already forgotten about the scar of being defeated by Zhang Tie and didn’t regard it as anything embarrassing. On the contrary, Nangong Sheng treated their contest as a way of showing himself off.

Of course, after Nangong Sheng finished his words, all the surrounding knights threw more respectful glances at him. Stroking his long beard, Nangong Sheng looked like a hermit who had got the essence of theuniversal law.

In the yells, Zhang Tie silently yet rapidly refined the wind elements of that late ox-head demon knight which was going to collapse.

The moment the ox-head demon knight exploded itself, Zhang Tie had taken out the shield and locked its wind chakra using theLock of Bloody Chakraat the same time.

This fight for honor was actually a trap. Zhang Tie had too many trump cards and precautious measures. In this case, of course, Zhang Tie would pay heed to demon knights’ trump cards and precautious measures. Therefore, starting from fighting the first demon knight, Zhang Tie had been paying attention to each movement of the demon knight who was fighting him and other powerhouses next to Sagus and preparing for emergencies at any time. Therefore, the ox-head demon knight’s explosion couldn’t hurt Zhang Tie. Actually, since the ox-head demon knight lit up its demon grain totem on its head, Zhang Tie had been ready for responding to it. It was not easy for demons to screw Zhang Tie.

Before the complete collapse of the wind chakra of the shadow demon knight, Zhang Tie had refined 1/3 of its wind elements, which almost amounted to 2 times that of the former one.

After that, Zhang Tie directly declined to the ground and put away the huge ax that the ox-head demon knight had dropped just now under the gaze of all the human and demon knights.

As this huge ax was a top-notch silver secret item and Zhang Tie’s legitimate booty, of course, Zhang Tie wouldn’t abandon it. No matter how many silver secret items he had, Zhang Tie didn’t mean to leave it to others.

Watching Zhang Tie taking the huge ax of the ox-head demon knight, Sagus tightly frowned as it said,“Zhang Tie, you have amazing battle strength. I’ve got some shadow knights in their 9 change realm. If you agree, you can propose conditions at your discretion…”

At this moment, Sagus was like a gambler who had become a bit jealous after losing two rounds constantly. It was gagging to kill Zhang Tie. What mostly saddened Sagus was that the opponent’s cards were just a bit better than that of his in the two rounds. Therefore, Sagus felt very pitiful.

Sagus didn’t suggest Zhang Tie to fight a heavenly demon knight as it regarded it as a pure killing spree. Unless Zhang Tie sought for death or was slow-witted, no knight would pose a challenge to an opponent who was two levels higher than him. In order not to scare Zhang Tie away and lose the opportunity to kill him, Sagus tried to stay calm as it proposed another condition.

However, Sagus didn’t know that it had already been mired in Zhang Tie’s trap bit by bit without any precautious measures at the cost of its military resources.

Zhang Tie sneered inside while he looked solemn as if he was considering it.

“You mean any condition?”

“Just let me know…” Sagus might have already revealed a “benign smile” so as to persuade Zhang Tie to have another try, though its mask was too grim.

“How many element crystals left?” Zhang Tie asked while a “greedy” look flashed by…

“I didn’t bring too many element crystals this time. Those element crystals arefor my knights in the war. New element crystals have not been supplied. You could change one condition!” Sagus said calmly with a bit embarrassment.

“Well, I will not ask for element crystals then. Those element crystals that I got from you is enough…” Licking his lips, Zhang Tie continued, “What else do you plan to exchange for my life then?”


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