Castle Of Black Iron Chapter 1415

With the interaction of heavens and Zhang Tie, Zhang Tie instantly filled the gap of battle strength between him and that ox-head demon knight who was in its 6 change realm. His berserk sword qi and strong punch qitore the void as his protective sword wind involved in the ox-head demon knight like a skyrocketing tornado. Thunders and lightning bolts that fell off were alsoimpossible to guard against for the ox-head demon knight.

Both parties underwent the most ferocious close combat in the air. No matter how ox-head demon knight roared, it still gradually lost its advantage over Zhang Tie bit by bit.

In the beginning, all the onlookers felt that Zhang Tie’s punch was separated from his sword; gradually, they couldn’t identify whether Zhang Tie was using his punch or sword as Zhang Tie’s punch intention and sword intention had already integrated with each other.

When Zhang Tie slashed his Devouring Dragon, it would also bring dull thunders like how his punches always did.

Similarly, when Zhang Tie punched out, his punch qi looked like crisscrossing sword qi in an overwhelming way like how his sword qi always did.

However, this ox-head demon knight called Urigaus was definitely much more powerful than the wing demon knight who was in its 3 change realm. Sagus must have strong confidence about Urigarus.

Wing demons excelled at flight and could gain the maximal speed and flexibility in the air. By contrast, the ox-head demon was well-known by their demon grain totem, which was a special ability of ox-head demon. Like runes on ox-head demon knight,as long as demon grain totem was activated, it would bring a great aiding effect to the ox-head demon knight.

When the combat reached its apex, a patch of demon grain totem beneath the skin of its arm started to give out the glow, revealing a bizarre demon grain totem. Closely after that, Zhang Tie felt that the ox-head demon knight’s strength had enhanced pretty much.

Whereas, it was just a start; as closely after that, its legs also gave out the glow, bulging its flexibility suddenly; then, its frontal chest and back also manifested a wide area of demon grain totem, skyrocketing its defensive ability andaggressiveness too.

“That’s too bad. The shadow ox-head demon knight is definitely a powerhouse of its kind. It has already triggered 4 parts of demon grain totems. Average ox-head demon knight could at most trigger 2. That’s too dangerous…”One of those knights next to Zuoqiu Mingyue in Xuanyuan Fortress immediately exclaimed as he changed his face.

“Zhang Tie might have hidden some more trump cards…” Zuoqiu Mingyue said calmly as he kept an eye on the center of the battlefield and Sagus, “This ox-head demon knight must be unusual now that it could become Sagus’ bodyguard. Zhang Tie must have already realized that before fight…”

Zuoqiu Mingyue understood Zhang Tie’s disposition. When Zhang Tie saw that ox-head demon knight’s rising demon grain totems, he was not flurried, which meant that Zhang Tie had other trump cards.

With a loud “boom…”, although Zhang Tie blocked its berserk battle qi aroused by its battle ax and its crit, he was still sent flying backward. Before Zhang Tie made any counterattack, the grim ox-head demon knight had already hefted its wheel-sized battle ax and chopped towards Zhang Tie again with bloody eyes as if it was going to split Zhang Tie into halves.

The ox-head demon knight’s terrifying battle ax directly entered the range of effectiveness of Zhang Tie’s protective sword wind as it aroused shocking waves around Zhang Tie.

Zhang Tie also coordinated with the fierce attack of the ox-head demon knight by turning himself into a boat among billows.Bumping among billows, it was tossed up or pressed down from time to time; yet didn’t capsize.

Although being powerful, the ox-head demon knight still couldn’t threaten Zhang Tie’s safety. Zhang Tie coordinated with its crits by pretending to spurt a couple of more mouthful of blood. He even performed some dangerous acts by having its battle ax cut through the edge of his protective battle qi, causing his protective battle qi all over to rock…

Such scenes caused the hearts of so many Taixia knights to pound at once. The ox-head demon knight always had terrifying battle strength as it had reached 6 change realm. Nobody could imagine that it could activate 4 patches of demon grain totems.

‘Cross-level challenge is really not that easy.’

‘Zhang Tie is mired in a dilemma…’

Among human and demon knights at present, at least shadow knights could see clearly the battle process.Some earth knights could also see a part of the battle process; however, they couldn’t absolutely follow it up. As for most of the black iron knights, they were far from shadow knight’s battle rhythm.In the eyes of black iron knights, the fight was just like twoclouds of smoke of different colors colliding against each other constantly in the air.Most of the people couldn’t see the details.As for which party was more advantageous, it could only be judged by the size of “flames” which carried different colors and styles.

In the eyes of over 90% of black iron knights, the “flame” on behalf of Zhang Tie was completely oppressed by the other one.

Sagus had already revealed a smile under its mask. As for the side of Xuanyuan Fortress, Feng Yexiao looked solemn as he hid his vicious yet cool sense inside.

Nevertheless, Zhang Tie would always let down these d**chebags who hoped him to die as early as possible.

In those collisions, a brilliant light gradually appeared on Zhang Tie in shape of a huge sword pointing at the heavens. Its brilliance covered the entire battlefield. At the sight of this scene, many people among those “sword” knights at present widely opened their eyes out of admiration…

“That…that is…” Tang Bohu the elder of Yuxu Swordsmanship Sect in Zhongzhou Province stammered, “That…is a powerful ancestral bloodline of swordsmanship…”

The virtual image of the sword was full ofthe magnificent qi of aking as it covered Zhang Tie. Closely after that, the sword image divided into two and entered Zhang Tie’s body.

“That’s…unrivaled double-sword bloodline…” Ning Taisheng the employed elder of imperial households of Taixia Country couldn’t help but hold his breath on Zuoqiu Mingyue’s side.

When the two sword images entered Zhang Tie’s body, Zhang Tie’s Devouring Dragon abruptly grew more brilliant. Whenever Zhang Tie slashed his Devouring Dragon, the sword qi and light would expand by twotimes.

Twotimes! It meant that one sword qi turned into two; two sword qi turned into four; if the quantity of sword qi remained unchanged, the power of sword qi and light would grow by twotimes.

Unrivaled double swords! It meant two more times of power! The ancestral bloodline concerning this swordsmanship was called sword king bloodline in Taixia Country. There were too many ancestral bloodlines of swords in Taixia Country. Besides god-level bloodlines, there were sword-related ancestral bloodlines on eight levels, namely Heavens, Earth,Black, Yellow, Time, Space, Flood and Chaos. Those ancestral bloodlines concerning sword were weird and changeable and might increase the destructivepower ofthe sword. However, none of theancestral bloodlines could be as clear and overbearing as double-sword bloodlineincrease the power of sword by twotimes straightforwardly. This unrivaled double-sword bloodlinecarried a strong sword style and the vibe of sword kinggoing for what one needs straightforwardly in an overbearing manner and killing the opponent with two more times power.

The others thought that Zhang Tie had awakened a bloodline; however, only Zhang Tie knew that he had just activated that bloodline using the fruit of bloodline.

Soon after Zhang Tie activated his unrivaled double-sword bloodline, the ox-head demon knight was immediately involved in a sword qi storm.

It was time for the ox-head demon knight to be a boat in billows. However, the ox-head demon knight didn’t have as many trump cards as ZhangTie. After Zhang Tie “awakened” his unrivaled double-sword bloodline for half an hour, his sword qi broke the ox-head demon knight’s protective battle qi for the first time, leaving a wound on its body.

After another half an hour, the tall and sturdy ox-head demon knight was also covered with blood like Zhang Tie due to over 100 wounds, large or small.

Anyone could see the result of this duel on the premise that the ox-head demon knight didn’t have any more trump card. After “awakening” unrivaled double-sword bloodline at the critical moment, Zhang Tie had already fixed the result of this duel.

After being chopped off a horn, the ox-head demon knight’s eyes turned completely red while its scalp gave out the glow, revealing a new patch of bloody demon grain totem. Closely after that, it gave outdazzling glow all over. Zhang Tie had not imagined that this ox-head demon knight could have another trump card. When he was going to launch another round of strike, he heard Zuoqiu Mingyue’s words, “Watch out…”

Soon after Zuoqiu Mingyue’s words, the ox-head demon knight had accelerated towards Zhang Tie. Being pierced through by Zhang Tie’s longsword and bearing the baptism of Zhang Tie’s protective sword wind, it approached Zhang Tie rapidly with widely open arms and grim look as if it was going to fix Zhang Tie, “Go to hell…”

With a “boom…”, a powerful battle qi swept over the battlefield. The impact wave brought by the ox-head demon knight’s explosion could be felt by knights over 60 miles away in the air,changing everyone’s face.

In the center of the battlefield where Zhang Tie was, a purple-red mushroom composed of battle qicovering hundreds of meters was rising. Even heavenly knights couldn’t approach it.

All the human and demon knights became quiet as they were shocked by such tragic combat…

The waning purple-red mushroom cloud slowly exposed the final winnerZhang Tie who was holding a huge shield, a silver secret item, in a ball-shaped energy hood…

In a split second, the cheer of human knights in Xuanyuan Fortress shocked the battlefield.

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