Castle Of Black Iron Chapter 1414

After being penetrated through by the long spear, Zhang Tie’s shoulder spilled out blood heavily, tinting Zhang Tie’s whole body red. With such an extremely severe wound, Zhang Tie looked pretty miserable.

If the head of the long spear was 3 cm rightward or a bit downward, it would penetrate through Zhang Tie’s fatal parts such as chest or heart. Any other knight could sense the “risk”. Zhang Tie just made a “narrow victory”.

In fact, Zhang Tie’s wound was not that severe.

Zhang Tie could actually block or dodge awayfromthe long spear; however, he frankly accepted that strike. When the long spear penetrated through his left shoulder, Zhang Tie had had his muscles and blood vessels expand automatically so as to minimize the wound.The greater part of the blood was pushed out by Zhang Tie himself.

Besides the wound on his left shoulder, Zhang Tie pretended to spurt out blood after colliding with the shadow wing demon knight in the end.

The combat was real; however, the result of the combat contained a bit “performance”. At this moment, Zhang Tie manifested his “performer” talent perfectly.Any ancestral bloodline and ability would play a great role as long as it was put in the right place.

‘If not suffer a wound, bleed or behave in a tough and miserable way and bring hope to Sagus, how could Sagus and demon shadow knightsswallow the bait?’

This was how gamblers thought, whether it was a sage-level knight or middle-aged women on the roadside, in lanes or gambling houses.

He might not encounter the same opportunity of having Sagus assign a shadow demon knight along with a bonus in the public. Therefore, Zhang Tie could afford such a bit payment, even only for the value of the 120,000 crystals of four elements.

Not only that, when nobody could see and sense it, Zhang Tiehad already triggered the secret skillLock of Bloody ChakrainBloody Soul Sutraandlocked the water chakra of the shadow demon knight when hekilled that shadow demon knight. Therefore, its wind chakra would not collapse immediately; Zhang Tie could still refine a part of its wind elements.

Zhang Tie mastered the secret skill Lock of Bloody Chakra first after promoting to the shadow knight. This secret skill would not be exposed when it was triggered closely before the death of the demon knight. With the help ofPurgatory Samsara Method, Zhang Tie could maximize the profit of the death of the shadow demon knight stealthily in the public.

The legendary fight for honor shocked the entire battlefield. Closely after that, Zhang Tie took out two vials of senior recovery medicament, drinking one and daubing the other on his wound.

After daubing his wound with the senior recovery medicament, Zhang Tie’s wound was soon healedat a speed visible to the naked eye. In the air, Zhang Tie made use of this short period of healing to refine the broken wind chakra of the late shadow wing demon knight inPurgatory Samsara Method.

If that shadow wing demon knight was still alive, Zhang Tie could completely refine its wind chakra. However, it was dead; even if its wind chakra was locked by Zhang Tie’sLock of Bloody Chakrabefore death, the shadow wing demon knight’s wind chakra was still disappearing and collapsing rapidly. Zhang Tie could onlyrescue it like rescuing materials from a sinking ship. Finally, he only got 1/3 of its wind elements.

Perhaps someone would guess and worry that Zhang Tie’s battle strength would be weakened by the wound.Actually, Zhang Tie had completely recovered as his wounds gradually healed. In addition, he had gained a lot of wind elements. Even though it was only 1/3 of the wind elements of the shadow wing demon knight who was in its 3 change realm, Zhang Tie was delighted.

‘A shadow knight, a mountain of element crystals, space equipment, silver secret item; and a target for Purgatory SamsaraMethod. My God! What a rare chance! That’s too crazy!’

Zhang Tie revealed a bit of arrogance and relaxation after victory; he also looked somewhat solemn. If not, Zhang Tie was afraid that he would have burst out into laughterand the cat was out of the bag.

After losing a shadow wing demon knight, Sagus looked a bit colder and pitiful. If the head of the long spear was a few centimeters away on Zhang Tie’s chest, the result would be different.

However, the death of the wing demon knight didn’t stop Sagus from aiming to kill Zhang Tie; conversely, this thought was simmering in its mind.

‘This human knight has to die. Otherwise, when he promotes to a shadow knight or a heavenly knight in this holy war, he would cause hundreds even one thousand times more loss to demons. Therefore, Zhang Tie has to die.’

People always had shortcomings, which could beutilized. This was how demons felt humans. In the eyes of Sagus, Zhang Tie had two shortcomings: conceit and greed. ‘It’s just a bit element crystals and some silver secret items. As long as you dare continue to bet it with your life, it would be fine…’

“It was splendid combat. During this process, our demon knight displayed its bravery and strength. Even though it has fought to death, it deserves it!” Sagus’voice drifted over the entire battlefield as it gazed at Zhang Tie’s face with sharp eye light from over 60 miles away, “Human knight, do you want to continue?”

“He cannot!” Zuoqiu Mingyue’s voice reached with asigh of feeling, “Zhang Tie, you don’t have to continue. You’ve already been able to be renowned across the world and have a bright future after this combat. Don’t have to prove anything…”

A faint struggle and hesitation flashed across Zhang Tie’s eyes, which was very vivid with the effect of his “performer” talent.

“I’ve got a great handful of element crystals, silver secret items and jewelry from the underground world. If you could continue, we could negotiate with the condition…” Sagus started to lure Zhang Tie.

“Zhang Tie, as long as the green hills are there, one needs not to worry about firewood…” Zuoqiu Mingyue reminded Zhang Tie, “Demons want to catch this opportunity to kill you, watch out…”

After a short struggle, Zhang Tie finally appeared to have made his decision as he told Zuoqiu Mingyue in an impassioned way, “Thanks, commander-in-chief; but I feel that I have spare efforts to continue. Only in such life or death situations could I tap my potential and sharpen my battle skills; as a human knight, I’m committed to even fight to death on the battlefield. I would not feel pity about that…”

Zuoqiu Mingyue sighed with emotions and didn’t say anything else.

However, Sagus laughed loudly, “Hahaha, that’s the way how knights preserve their dignity and honor!”

“I could continue to have another combat…” Zhang Tie said as he watched the demon campwith a solemn look, “You could assign another shadow demon knight in its 3 change realm…”

“In the former combat, you’ve already proved your battle strength. It’s already meaningless for you to fight another shadow demon knight in its 3 change realm…” Sagus refused Zhang Tie’s proposal without demur. Otherwise, instead of killing Zhang Tie, the second shadow demon knightprobably be killed by Zhang Tie again. Of course, Sagus would not agree with suffering such a loss.

“How about a shadow demon knight in its 4 change realm…” Zhang Tie asked “meticulously”.

Sagus shook his head as he pointed at a 2-3 m high ox-head shadow demon knight and said, “This isUrigaus, my bodyguard. He’s a shadow knight in its 6 change realm. If you promise to fight him, I could pay you 50,000 crystals of the four elements respectively, plus a space-teleportation equipment…”

The ox-head shadow demon knight panted at once as it kept its eyes on Zhang Tie like anold ox.

Zhang Tie just looked at that tall and sturdy ox-head shadow demon knight next to Sagus quietly as if he was considering it. However, only after a few seconds, Zhang Tie had made a decision, “That’s a deal; but I want 60,000 crystals of each element. Besides, I want 2 more silver secret items…”

“Hohoho…” Sagus burst out into laughter which carried endless cold. It agreed with Zhang Tie’s request almost immediately, “Okay…”

The ox-head shadow demon knight then flew towards Zhang Tie with a space-teleportation finger ring and strong killing intent.From 1,000 m away, it stopped and threw the finger ring towards Zhang Tie.

After checking the finger ring, Zhang Tie gave it to Zuoqiu Mingyue and had him keep it for him.

The second combat between Zhang Tie and a shadow demon knight soon came to a start.

The ox-head shadow demon knight who was in its 6 change realm was much more powerful than the shadow wing demon knight who was in its 3 change realm; especially that mace in its hand which weighed heavier than 2 tons. The lethality of such a weapon was self-evident in combat…

However, soon after the combat started, when the ox-head demon knight appeared to take a bit advantage over Zhang Tie, the sky suddenly changed its color while a powerful fist intention that integrated with the universe appeared on Zhang Tie.

Right then, Zhang Tie kept punching by his left hand and brandishing Devouring Dragon by hisright hand; his sword light flashed like a lightning bolt while his punches carried thunder-like sounds. The combination of punches and sword light skyrocketed his battle strength suddenly. As Zhang Tie punched out, lightning bolts kept striking the ox-head demon knight, causing its hairall over to rise…

“The interaction between heavens and human.ZhangTie has reached the realm of interacting his punch skills with the universe…” A knight in Xuanyuan Fortress exclaimed.

Sagus’ smile froze…

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