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Before You Leave Me summary:

Scottie try“s to cover up his troubled past with late night parties and drugs. The only thing that“s keeping him together is his girlfriend Daisy. Until she breaks the news to him that she wants to break up. Feeling like he“s at his breaking point, he contemplates suicide. Until Lola comes into his life and makes his pain turn into happiness and love.

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Before You Leave Me Chapters

Time uploaded
24 Chapter 242 weeks ago
23 Chapter 232 weeks ago
22 Chapter 222 weeks ago
21 Chapter 212 weeks ago
20 Chapter 202 weeks ago
19 Chapter 192 weeks ago
18 Chapter 182 weeks ago
17 Chapter 172 weeks ago
16 Chapter 162 weeks ago
15 Chapter 15a month ago
14 Chapter 14a month ago
13 Chapter 13a month ago
12 Chapter 12a month ago
11 Chapter 11a month ago
10 Chapter 10a month ago
9 Chapter 9a month ago
8 Chapter 8a month ago
7 Chapter 72 months ago
6 Chapter 62 months ago
5 Chapter 52 months ago
4 Chapter 42 months ago
3 Chapter 32 months ago
2 Chapter 22 months ago
1 Chapter 12 months ago
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